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  1. Hey, Dale, Thanks for the updates on the project. Hope everything goes OK with your dog's surgery & rehab.
  2. I thought The GPS Stash Hunt was started (5/3/2000) after SA was turned off (5/1/2000)... wikipedia link
  3. What, did you not take Algebra? 76csx - 60csx = 16csx
  4. I think I speak for more than myself when I say: 1. This is an incredible project, and an awesome thing to do for free! 2. Is there anything anyone here can do to help? Thanks for making such a great contribution to the GPS-loving world!
  5. Just saw this at Sparkfun.com, it's the "GPS Stick" (available elsewhere, too). It looks like a USB thumbdrive, but is a GPS receiver and serial comm. module, sends std NMEA strings to the USB port. Cost is about $80.00. Mfr is "Hercegov" but I can't find out much more than this: Can't figure out who the chipset mfr is - Hercegov? Might be fun to play with...
  6. I just found a package of 2 Kingston 2GB micro sd at Fry's for 19.99 (fry's online price is 17.99). That's better than NewEgg, but I think it ends today.
  7. I think he's working on a major update - you may have caught it between versions. Just a guess... Plus, isn't Utah blank anyway?
  8. Sorry, I missed the point about following the route... I can't recall, and my 60 CSx is at home, is there a more-frequent track point interval? That may be where your difference lies- the track is calculating from point to point, and if you're not exactly on the route, it could add up. That's just a guess- maybe someone else can point us in the right direction.
  9. Yes, there's a solution in the FAQ at the top of the forum.
  10. Woops. I had looked up there, but saw the "last action" as 2 Aug 2006, and knew what I was thinking of came after that - didn't realize that date doesn't change when he updates the FAQ...
  11. I remember someone recently (I'm 44, so "recent" to me may be different than some of you younger folks) posting a program that would merge/join Garmin Topo map tiles, to get around the 2025 tile limit. Now I can't find it! There have been several (at least 2) posts in the last week asking about this - it'd be good to be able to point them to this utility. Anyone remember this?
  12. What interval are you using to record track points? Are you using the WGS84 datum? Do you have "lock on roads" set to "on" maybe? Oh, and you can reset the Trip Data while keeping the unit's overall odometer.
  13. MetroGuide's not the only one with issues - City Navigator 2008 showed me riding my bike in a lake yesterday. That shoreline's only been like that since the mid-1990s. Or was it mid-1980s?... :-)
  14. There's a topo tile joiner/merger mentioned here somewhere... But it might only work for USA - not sure.
  15. CityNavigator has auto-routing built in, but only unlocks to one GPSr. MetroGuide unlocks to as many compatible Garmin units as you want, but has the routing disabled. There's a free program called Metrowizzz (www.geodude.nl) that rebuilds the routing index. Upshot: you can buy a cheaper used copy of MetroGuide and still have routing, and use it on more GPSrs for less money than CN.
  16. Probably for the same reason that Garmin units are still limited to 1000 Waypoints and 10,000 track points. Some things are too tightly ingrained in the code to change without blowing it all up.
  17. You might want to consider using Bittorrent to distribute the file, or maybe break it into pieces? Large downloads can cause major headaches, especially with lower-speed connections. I realize the project is in a state of flux, but once you set upon a "final" version with every state/map section included, I'd be glad to seed it. I'm sure there are plenty of others here who would, too. Your call - I'm not about to seed something without permission.
  18. Hi Slim! Yeah, cool off before trying again. I have a Legend but luckily my computer has a serial port. Try searching the forum for 'serial cable' or some variations - I think there are some brands that work better than others that have been mentioned here. Is your new computer a desktop or laptop? If it's a desktop, you might be able to add a serial port. But I bet someone here can get you on your way without resorting to adding hardware.
  19. Schweeeeeeeet!!!!!!! Dude, that rocks!
  20. First thing to remember is that you have to add maps all at one time. If you send a bunch of maps to your GPS using Mapsource, the next time you send any maps, it overwrites what's there. So you have to plan ahead and/or use multiple cards. You can fit a lot of map data on a 1GB or 2GB card, but you're right, you're limited by the number of tiles. I think there's someone who wrote a utility that merges Topo map tiles - I remember reading about it on this group a while back. It gets around the "number of tiles" limit.
  21. Dude, you gotta try harder! Call back and kick it up a level or two. "C'mon, dudes, any other year and the day after 2/28 would have been fine." Plus, had you known about the free upgrade, wouldn't you have waited a day? THEY OWE YOU!
  22. I'll double-vote again for Texas - it's bigger than France, it deserves maps!
  23. Awesome project! Do you have an updated list of what's included in the latest version?
  24. You still get the "GPS-compass" even if the electronic compass is off. As long as you're moving, it can tell what direction you're facing, and display a pointer that way.
  25. Awesome description of error/accuracy, OGBO. And don't forget the (in)accuracy of the map and whether you're "locked on roads," come into play, at least when it comes to drawing the "blue circle." It's a wonder we can find anything at all!
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