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  1. I don't think anything can fix that hole. >.< Stepped right in it, didn't I?
  2. 1.4 seems to have fixed the hole that was Dallas County, TX. I have noticed, and it may be in the source data, that different counties have different levels of detail at a given zoom level. I can't give specifics at the moment (at work, maps are at home), but some counties in TX show lots of small bodies of water at a particular zoom level, while a neighboring county won't show any until you zoom in more. It may not be just ponds & the like, it might be roads, too, but the water features is what sticks out in my memory. 'Cuz looking at the map elicits something like this: "Jeez! Look at all those little lakes!"
  3. I vote for you! Seriously, though, this might be cool, if it will support maps installed on the device. If it's still streaming-data-maps only, you're still out of (map) luck if you're outside cell service.
  4. Are these available for U.S. ?? and why "Ordnance" ?? ordnance = boom!
  5. By OS, do you mean Operating System? oculus sinister (left eye) ?? Old School? Old Style? If it's Open Source you refer to, the answer is "maybe." If you mean "free" (free of charge), then yes, there are some free maps available. Here is one free map project, it's US highways & streets - not sure how many hiking/walking paths it shows. The same author, Ibycus, has free Topo maps of Canada. And IndyJPR is working on free topo maps of the U.S. Just search for their posts and you'll come across them quickly.
  6. Hmm. I just checked the 60CSx manual vs. the Colorado manual, and the 60CSx has different route-calculation options, but I didn't find them in the Colorado. Dunno if that has any effect on how quickly it recalculates when you go off-route, though.
  7. Not knowing the Colorado (I've got a 60CSx) - here's a couple of questions: What map product are you using to navigate? What was your EPE at that point? Were you "locked on roads" ?? I know my 60CSx does that occasionally, and I'm not sure why. One time it kept wanting me to u-turn to go the opposite direction on the highway, even though my destination was 100 miles ahead in the direction I was traveling. Once I sat still at a traffic light for a minute or 2, it cleared up...
  8. Zoinks! I hadn't yet done more than run the installer on the files. I just pulled up your map in Mapsource to see how a lake boundary near my house looks, and noticed a big blank spot where Dallas County, TX is supposed to be! Center of the county is approximately 32deg 45min N, 96deg 46min west. p.s. - looked around my home town, and your map has a LOT more detail than City Nav NT 2008 when it comes to ponds & smaller lakes.
  9. She probably wanted your receipt to show that you bought it new at retail, not used. As for the other guy, why didn't you ask to be bumped up to someone that cared? Didn't you want your Colorado replaced? You're going to let one guy's attitude prevent you from making Garmin enforce honor their warranty?
  10. The deal gets better when you order more - shipping is the same whether you order 1, 2 or 3.
  11. It's not the firmware, it's the map. Superimpose that tracklog on a recent sat photo (like at gpsvisualizer) and it'll probably show up in the right place. I regularly ride my bike in the water according to City Navigator and Metro Guide, 'cuz they're relying on decades-old lake boundaries.
  12. Any way to distribute the processing effort? I know you mentioned a while back that your programs weren't ready for prime time. If there was an program, or a sequence of steps, that could be performed against a data download, I'd be glad to download a big chunk, process it, and then get it to you. I'm pretty sure you'd have others here willing to give you some CPU cycles as well.
  13. Would it be better for us to list the Ibycus maps on a private tracker? I'm pretty much a bittorrent rookie, except for downloading the occasional TV episode.
  14. I'd hoped to see more seeds than that. I've uploaded over 11 GB of that file (over 10x the file size) and depending on when I check, I've only seen 7 seeders. Now I understand where the term "leech" came from...
  15. Are you connecting thru a router or firewall? I had to set up port forwarding on my router to allow traffic to uTorrent.
  16. I think the way it works is if you buy CNNT 2008 before the release of CNNT 2009 retail, but after 3/1/08, you'll get the upgrade for free. If you buy CNNT 2008 after the retail release of CNNT 2009, no free upgrade. At least that's how I understand it... And so far, CNNT 2009 isn't available except as an upgrade...
  17. In uTorrent there's a "create torrent" option (File menu, I think). I'm at work so I can't try it out. Anyway, you get to that dialog, and point to the file, put in a couple of trackers. Here's a link to a how-to at torrent freak. (can't see that at work, either...) Then you upload your torrent to one or more of the torrent sites. Now that I think of it, though, if you have downloaded the file from Ibycus's web page, I think all you need to do is put that file in your uTorrent shared folder, then go to mininova or Pirate Bay and search for Ibycus. Download that torrent, and I think it'll say you already have it. I think. I'm not quite sure how this all works, either. It does look to be spreading, though. At one point over the weekend, I saw 7 seeds on The Pirate Bay. It has made it to some of the meta-search sites, too, at least to the one I use - PizzaTorrent. If we can get a few more people to DL it and seed, it should be sustainable.
  18. OK, seeding, I think. Pirate Bay torrent link mininova torrent link I hope I did it right...
  19. OK, so if I'm counting right, there are 3 of us who would seed it: myself, CrazyOn2Wheels, and Gamma68. Is that correct? Anyone else? I think if there's only 3 seeders, there's not a lot of point to it, unless it gets picked up by the BT user community at-large...
  20. Well, if you don't need the altimeter and the compass drives you buggy (a real compass is MUCH better anyway), you might consider taking the CSx back and getting a 60 Cx instead. Same receiver, same capacities, just no barometer/altimeter and compass. Battery life's probably better, too... Oh, you can eliminate the altimeter history page (whatever it's called - can't remember now) by editing the Page Sequence in the unit setup.
  21. Dale, I hope your dog is back up and around quickly!
  22. Hey, that's great! Is this to the "old" version or the new ibycususa13.exe file?
  23. I'm not sure what tracker to use - like I said, I've never set one up. I need to do some reading. I saw something on Lifehacker about it a while back. If there's only 2 of us willing to do it, it's not worthwhile, though. I'm getting about 220 kbps from his host, we'd need to be able to combine for much more than that.
  24. My Legend used to do that when I would ride my bike with it. I assumed it was due to vibration. I gently bent the battery clips to hold the batteries a bit tighter, and added something (some thin foam, I think) between the battery cover and the batteries, to hold them down tighter. Problem went away.
  25. Anyone else interested in seeding Ibycus's maps on Bittorrent, so they're easier to get? He has given permission in his thread, as long as nobody tries to profit from them. I'd be willing to seed it, but I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. I've never set up a torrent before, just downloaded some (and then let uTorrent handle seeding what I've got). So if there's a critical mass willing and able, we might be able to give it a go. It'd take some load off his web host, and potentially download faster. Then we'd have to keep it up-to-date when he updates...
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