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  1. At the bottom of the save dialog, can you change the file type yourself? I have the option to change it from XML document (which is what my computer thinks it is) to "all file types" - it saves with the .gpx extension.
  2. Define "cheap." Is $350 considered cheap? 'cuz, for that you can get a netbook that'll run a desktop OS, like Linux or XP.
  3. Hmm. Is it your laptop? If you've forgotten your own admin password, there are ways to reset it, usually requiring booting from a Linux CD or an Ultimate Boot CD for Windows (UBCD4win.com). If it's not your laptop, well, that's between you and the owner...
  4. If you use the screen shot utility (can't remember what it's called now), the images it saves are much more color-saturated than what you see on your GPS screen. The vibrant yellow that you see on Garmin's web site is a dull tan on my 60 CSx.
  5. Just a shot in the dark - how much free space do you have on your hard drive?
  6. Too bad: I'm on Mac. It would be great is somebody made Mac versions of tools such as this. It would be great if there were enough Mac users out there to make it worth the programmers' effort.
  7. Do they know anything about GPS? They've been testing cars for decades, and still write stuff similar to this in their car reviews: "The Zoot-Capri 7000 sports car accelerated like a rifle bullet, and the braking and handling were top-notch. However, the ride was harsh, and the lack of a back seat makes the car impractical for family trips." or: "The Detroit Big Iron Pickup with the giant engine and towing package was a champ at pulling our fully loaded horse trailer, and its 6-wheel-drive had no trouble slogging across plowed fields after two weeks of torrential rain. The 80-liter diesel engine was loud, however, and fuel economy was terrible." In other words, CR often complains about things that are a direct result of something's intended purpose. Don't be surprised when they gripe that the Oregon needs buttons, or the 60CSx is a really nice unit, save for its lack of a touch-screen, or a unit designed for in-car use was heavier than the others they hiked with, and didn't hold up too well when they dropped it in a creek...
  8. You can include more info in a POI than you can a waypoint. Look for the thread called "Silly POI Tricks."
  9. It shows the correct altitude, or the GPS altitude? <rimshot!>
  10. My 2 cents: I have a Legend and a 60CSx. I much prefer the 60's buttons to the click-stick. I despise the click-stick, especially when trying to use the GPS on my bike. It's too easy to apply lateral pressure when clicking.
  11. You can use EasyGPS, ExpertGPS, or even good ol' Mapsource to upload your waypoints to the GPS receiver. You can select individual ones, or a set, and upload all at once.
  12. Actually, it was the Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smally. (unless someone corrects me)
  13. If all you want to do is know where you are in relation to a street map, there are free maps discussed in this thread. If you want turn-by-turn directions (i.e., routing) with your maps, you have to either buy City Navigator (which has it built in) or buy Metro Guide (cheaper, without routing enabled) and use a program called metrowizzz to "fix" the routing. CN has to be unlocked and it is only useable on the one GPS you put it on. If you buy another GPS, you have to buy another unlock code. Metroguide does not require unlock codes.
  14. You can get one from Fisher Scientific for only $482.13!
  15. The cradle is going to be the base of an external antenna holder for my Map60C. I bought one of the Gilsson external antennas (which works incredibly well but EATS batteries), and will fabricate a metal strip for the back of the cradle with a flat spot at the top to attach the magnetic antenna to. (The ground plane really does make a difference). I'm thinking that with it attached to an easy-to-remove cradle, I can just slip the thing on and off as needed, and when it's on it's not bulky and hard to handle. In fact, I may install an extra belt clip post for easy attachment to the dash of the car. Anyway, if there's really any interest, I will post pictures of the project in progress and when finished. I will probably order the GPS cradle today. I for one would like to see this...
  16. Free is one thing. Free and easy is another. Yep, you have to sign in. That's what free e-mail addresses were invented for...
  17. Web site www.vipeers.com offers an easy way to share large files. Until November 10, you can sign up for free. Use the code LIFEHACKER20 when signing up. Here's a short description of what it does, via Lifehacker Would this be a good way for the free map creators here to get their works out???
  18. I think a lot of the Garmin stuff is interchangeable, at least it appears to be. I have two handlebar mounts, one for my Legend and one for my 60CSx. The part that goes on the bars is the same for both. Perusing Fry's electronics a while back, they had an E-Trex series windshield mount, and it looked as if I could lock my 60CSx into it using the cradle from my handlebar mount.
  19. May even be more than one of the above (i.e., stupid AND lazy)
  20. Awesome work! I'm sending a link to your page to a Scoutmaster who is taking a group to Philmont next summer. Free maps are good!
  21. OK, that's just awesome. I would've paid real money for this in summer 2006 before a trip there. Too bad my employer doesn't do any business in HI, or I'd find an excuse to get back just to try these maps!
  22. There's FAQ here. Tons of threads about 60CSx, too. There's a Yahoo! group for 60CSx.
  23. The 60CSx product page still has the SiRF logo at the bottom as of now (9/9/2008 10:46 am CDT).
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