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  1. Good review - I've always wondered about those things... Peanut gallery chiming in here (albeit an Eagle Scout, Boy Scout leader, and mediocre outdoorsperson for about 35 years now). The OP and some follow-up(s) mentioned going caching, hiking, etc., into the hinterlands, alone. Rule number 1 for going into the wild: Don't go alone. Just don't. If you find yourself alone (buddy eaten by death's head moths in his sleep, that sort of thing), that's one thing. Purposefully going into the wilderness alone is an invitation for trouble. Unless you consider yourself expendable... Example: remember that guy several years ago who got pinned by a boulder and had to hack his paw off with a Swiss Army knife? He had no buddy to send for help. Sure, your Spot, PLB, or EPIRB is great for calling for help. If you're conscious and cognizant. Unconscious from falling rocks? Concussed and loopy? Can't, or can't think to, push the button. You may think, Hey, it's a fairly well-traveled trail, GZ is only a couple of miles up there, and the cache is only 50-100 feet off the beaten path. Yup, and you might never be seen over there in the bushes where you think the cache is located until someone wonders what those buzzards found. Overreacting? Maybe. But if heading into the woods alone is something I'd advise my 13-year-old against, and get mighty ticked off about if I found out his Scout troop allowed him to, why would I do it myself?
  2. So people deserve data loss if they don't back their stuff up? Must be an IT guy...
  3. I saw that one a couple of days ago via Make: magazine (www.makezine.com) - pretty neat idea, although as someone posted, the guy's obviously not a woodworker! It does get the mind thinking in new ways - I just wish I had the skills and the time to try it myself.
  4. See the link in Jotne's post - you don't have to edit your registry.
  5. From http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/navinfo/Gps/Nan...?NanuId=2009058 Jeez, I guess the sky really is falling.
  6. OK, maybe I didn't understand the problem. Is the question, "Find the center of the circle that goes through these points." or is it "Find the center of the triangle described by these 3 points. " ???
  7. Try pasting this text into the form at this page: http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/map_input?form=google name,desc,latitude,longitude A,A ,44.3107,76.56345 B,B ,44.3060333333333,76.569383 C,C ,44.3052166666667,76.556383 D,D ,44.3073166666667,76.563072 You'll see your 3 points (I hope) and the 4th averaged point in the middle.
  8. I think you can simply convert to decimal degrees and average the Latitudes together, and the Longitudes together. I get 44.30731667 N and 76.56307222 W
  9. Someone correct me if I'm wrong (I have a 60CSx, not Oregon), but you'll only be able to use Garmin compatible maps on the Oregon. You have to use Mapsource to upload maps to your Oregon - can't just copy them.
  10. I would ask why I have to rebuild the entire map dataset on my GPSr (60CSx) when I want to add maps to it.
  11. I had put my contact info into the splash screen of my 60CSx when I got it, along with the line -Reward if found- Something didn't set well with that, though, and I eventually changed it to read -Reward if RETURNED- thankfully, I've never had to test its effectiveness
  12. Woops, didn't read Moderator's note above, snarky unhelpful post removed.
  13. Sorry, what are you asking? How about listing what you want, and what you want to do with it (i.e., caching, caching + driving nav, etc.)
  14. Gotta be the Garmin Nuviphone G60. Oh, you wanted real products? Sorry...
  15. I don't use GSAK, but it sounds like maybe you're transferring them as Waypoints instead of POIs? Do you have a MicroSD card installed in your 60CSx? IIRC, POIs are loaded to the external memory card, while Waypoints are loaded to the unit's internal memory. (and I might be wrong about that)
  16. Since when is the "typical" GPS signal accurate to "about two feet" ???
  17. It's likely due to a differences in datum - is your GPSr set to WGS-84?
  18. I have an Etrex Legend, and a 60CSx. I much prefer the rocker and buttons on the 60 series to the click-stick. Think it's annoying while standing still? Try adjusting it while riding a bike!! The method of entering characters is still clunky, though. A touch-screen model (Oregon, e.g.) would be even easier...
  19. I'm not sure what the problem is. They're doing what their warranty says they'll do.
  20. Update kit "coming soon" ??? Looks interesting, but need more info. I like the user guide that points out features such as, "cool logo" and "handy loop thing."
  21. Thanks, Andy. I've found a couple of Class 2 cards on Amazon - NewEgg doesn't have anything that ancient... As for your speed issue - I think that's more a function of the maps you use. If you're using City Navigator NT, the compression makes calculations take longer, at least subjectively. I've never put a stopwatch to it, but when I was using Metro Guide (modded for routing with metrowizzz), it seemed like recalculation and zooming was a lot quicker than with City Nav NT.
  22. Now that the 60 CSx supports >2GB maps, which 4GB cards will work? I've looked at NewEgg, and all the 4GB Micro SDHC cards they have are class 4 or 6. Will a Class 4 card work, or will it not? Garmin says no...
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