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  1. I like the Lithiums in my Legend. I've had it almost a year and have replaced the Lithiums once, after an extended road-trip with the GPSr powered up and connected to a laptop for navigation. Besides, "Lithium" sounds better than "Nickel-metal-hydride."
  2. Thanks to everyone for their responses - gives me some stuff to think about. I diagree somewhat with this, though: There's plenty of personal information on the Internet that you did not put there. Our county tax rolls are online, so I can look up the property owner's name and address. Used to be able to look at a picture of the property, too, but they took that down. Reverse phone lookups let me see who's calling if all I know is the number. Texas makes license-plate lookup available for a fee (20 bucks, I think). Public records searches are available for modest fees, too. For less than $100, you could have plenty of information about someone from public agencies, even if that individual has never heard of the Internet.
  3. Thanks! That looks like it'll do the trick. I'll give it a try tomorrow on work paper and toner! :-)
  4. We are a parent-and-child caching team. My spouse and I are quite paranoid security-conscious about posting pics of our kids online, or our kids doing it. Our older child knows not to post pics on MySpace or Xanga-type sites. So, the older child was somewhat indignant when we posted a pic in a cache log entry. I explained that there's no personal info associated with our user account at all, so it would be hard to garner any stalker-type info from the pic that we posted. Still, it does seem a bit double-standardish. So, what do other parent-types think? Do your log entries contain pics of your darling kids hoisting the cache contents like the Stanley Cup, or do you play it safe?
  5. Heh! That used to be one of the standard "n00b" jokes we'd play at a bicycle shop I once worked at. "Hey, hand me that crescent wrench... No, not this one, I need the metric one, it's over there on Tom's bench!"
  6. In a real-world sense, I don't think it matters. If the buyer now has the discs, and the seller's not trying to keep using the software, the I'd say it's OK. But I don't work for Garmin, either! :-) Unless the buyer or seller calls Garmin or the BSA about it, they won't ever know. Dunno if you can get tech support for a tranferred app, either...
  7. OK, I'll add another question (probably a stupid question): I've run a pocket query. I have my GPX file (I know what to do with that). I also have an e-book .PRC file. Is there a way to open this on my PC? What I'd like to do is easily print several cache descriptions without having to open each one on my search results.
  8. OK, the first thing that came to mind when I read that was that you might not have your unit set up right. You've got to choose the right datum, and get your Legend using the same coordinate format as this website. It's somewhere in the "getting started" part of the site, but I can't find it right now! Arrgh! Dig around, and you'll find it. After that, it's like the previous poster said - you've got to start to think like a cacher (something I'm still not too good at). And you've got to get used to using the GPSr. If your Legend says you're within 10 feet, and you've got accuracy within 32 feet, you might be as much as 42 feet away from the cache! I keep having to explain this to my 10-year-old caching partner...
  9. I think you can do some of this with GPS Visualizer (www.gpsvisualizer.com) For example, this page: http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/map?form=googleearth will let you upload a file (GPX and/or LOC, can't remember now) and plot it on a map. With Easy GPS (www.easygps.com) or a number of other tools, you can work with waypoints, routes, and tracks to make the file to upload to GPS Visualizer. As far as drawing the circle with a certain radius, I'm not sure...
  10. I received a Legend last year for Father's Day (great kids!) and I really like it. My gripes are minor: I don't like the click stick, especially when the unit's on the handlebars of my bike; sometimes it's hard to read the B&W screen (distinguishing track logs from shaded areas); sometimes loses lock in tree cover. Of these gripes, the lock-losing in tree cover is the most applicable to geocaching, and I solved it by carrying a compass. Usually there's a clear patch near a cache: wait for the unit to settle down, take a bearing with the compass and pace to the cache vicinity, Orienteering-style. I would recommend the Legend as a first foray into GPS.
  11. I'm FAR from an expert, but here's my take: The satellites fly over all the world, so your GPSr will work just about anywhere it can see the sky. My Etrex Legend came with a basemap of North American roads, so that part probably depends on what part of the world you buy it in. Just make sure that you can get a basemap of where you're going that's compatible with your GPSr before you lay down the cash.
  12. OK, dumb question time. How do I download my tracklogs? I thought I had done it before with EasyGPS, but no. Any free tools for that task? -edit- Helps to use the latest version of the software. my old version of EasyGPS wouldn't, but the new version does... :-) That is too cool! Once I figured out how to work in EasyGPS, I saved my tracklog and a couple of waypoints to a new file, and used GPS Visualizer to plot it. This is probably old hat to a lot of folks, but it's like magic to me!
  13. I've got the basics of downloading LOC or GPX files for cache info to my Etrex Legend. What I would like to do is take my track logs and put them on a map, like Google maps. Is there a free (i.e., without having to buy Garmin Mapsource software) way to do this? Thanks, James Wilson Dallas, TX
  14. OK, it's not Gekos, but I was at a nearby WalMart on Tuesday, and saw the cheap Garmin Rino (110 ?) models on clearance for 80 bucks. That would give the kids an extra function to play with...
  15. This is great! I was wondering whether someone had hacked a way to avoid buying Garmin map products! I've got a pretty nice (IMO) topo map of the area we're going to hike in Taos, NM, and added roads, streams, and lakes to it. Tip: If adding details, download one at a time, so you don't forget that file 12345678.zip is your roads, while 87654321.zip is your streams, etc. And don't get discouraged - it took some trial and error to figure out which shapefile features I needed to select. Should have paid more attention in that GIS class I took a looooong time ago... Thanks for working out this procedure!
  16. Seconded (or more like thirded by now). Dispute it with Ebay and Paypal immediately. AND contact Magellan - they might want to track the unit to see who it initially went to. In any event, it is not as advertised, and the seller should return your money. If your PayPal is linked to your VISA, you may have recourse through them also.
  17. If you can't get it fixed for free, I'd suggest auto trim adhesive. 3M used to make one called Fast Tack (or a misspelling thereof). You'll have the best luck at a real paint-and-body supply house, NOT Pep Boys, Auto Zone, etc. The "good stuff" is designed to attach chrome trim, rub strips, etc. to cars - it will hold up under VERY harsh conditions. I've used this type of stuff for difficult gluing jobs, and it sometimes is the only thing that will work. A very small amount should hold the bumper just fine. They probably did use some kind of industrial-strength double-sided tape. Use 90+% isopropyl alcohol to remove the glue from the bumper; if that doesn't work, try acetone. (test both these solvents on a small area, first, to make sure they don't dissolve the bumper or plastic!)
  18. I received an Etrex Legend for Father's day (must have been a good Dad this year!) and have had a blast geocaching with it with my son. We're going to take a road trip this summer, and I am considering buying the Garmin topo map software so I can use the GPS while hiking at our destination (Taos, NM). (I've also looked up a few caches along the way, if we have time) Here's the very stupid NOOB question - if I upload a topo map of the Taos area, will it replace the base highway map? Or is the 8MB memory in addition to the base map? Thanks, James
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