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  1. I think the 2GB cards are hit and miss. Seems like I remember 1GB is the largest officially-supported size, but some users report success with some 2GB cards.
  2. I've seem them online for about that price - never used one. You can roll your own using parts from Spark Fun Electronics - www.sparkfun.com. This is somewhat rhetorical, but: Why loan your car to someone you feel you have to monitor?
  3. Thanks, that might be fine for what I want to do, we'll see. Do you know whether the elevation is recorded by the GPS or the barometer?
  4. This may be really easy, I just don't know how to do it. I've got a 60CSX with the Trip and Waypoint manager that came with it, also have EasyGPS. I went on a 50-mile bike ride with my son's Boy Scout troop and recorded a track log. I'd like to make it available to the other Scouts and their parents. I know how to save the track log and display it on Google Earth - I've done that with my ETrex Legend. What I'm not sure of is how to save/manipulate the elevation profile, to come up with something that looks like what they have on the Tour de France web site. Is this do-able? The GPSr has been off since the ride, and I haven't turned tracks off, nor have I saved the track log (I seem to remember something about it losing data when you do that, so I didn't, yet). It may be a simple case of RTFM - just point me to the correct M to R
  5. We're thinking about doing some sort of GPS scavenger hunt for our youngest, who's about to turn 11. I've got 2 GPSr's to play with (Legend and 60CSx). Anyone ever do something like this?
  6. Well, now there's an idea! My Invisible Shield is a bit wavy (actually, a lot wavy) -- I think I'll put on the replacement underwater and see if it helps.
  7. Not to pick nits, but that's not $12.00 in my book. The price to add it to my cart is $32, so that's how much it costs, with the added fun of maybe getting $20 back before Easter. Plus, it's out of stock, will ship in 1-2 weeks. $32 is a good price for 1GB Micro SD, but I don't count my MIRs before they hatch.
  8. AFAIK, Fisher is like most businesses, and will take just about anyone's money. You can set up an account on their website, use a credit card for ordering. The only thing you won't get is bulk discount pricing like a big company or institution.
  9. Don't forget the screen protector (shieldzone.com comes highly recommended) and maybe a protective case. You might also want: Car lighter power adapter Rechargeable 2500 mAh NiMH batteries dash/handlebar/windshield mount extra time off from work to play with it!
  10. I may be mis-remembering, but I think some military GPS units display coords only. But you can't buy one, and it'd cost WAY more than a Gecko if you could.
  11. Only Garmin products work on Garmin receivers, without a LOT of work. DeLorme, Magellan, etc. won't work on a Garmin, and vice-versa. You can roll your own maps, if you've got the patience. You might find TopoUSA at local computer, discount, or other stores that carry Garmin products.
  12. 1. I've got a Legend, too. It's a great start into this addiction hobby. The built-in map isn't that great, but I think you can "Lock On Roads" with that map. With the Map screen visible, pull up the menu, select Set Up Map, and select Lock On Roads. See if that helps. 2. One of Garmin's Topo products will give better detail in the boonies. I'm not sure how compatible the newer versions are with the Legend's limited memory, though. When we went on vacation a couple of years ago, I took a laptop with me. Used "Roads & Recreation" (old but small files) for highway nav, and then when we got to our destination, I swapped out those maps for Topo maps. Then the reverse for the trip home.
  13. Here's a post that shows how much info you can store in your 60 CSx. It's not much.
  14. Well, you can always get an Otterbox (www.otterbox.com) and go paperless caching.
  15. My house, my car, my money for car insurance, gas, maintenance. My kids are going to be monitored. My daughter hates that her cell phone usage is limited. Right up to the point where I suggest she buy her own phone and find a way to pay for it every month. Then, somehow, it's not such a big deal.
  16. I still have this available. Will probably put on Ebay next week...
  17. Ouch! (I just smacked myself in the head) Thanks!
  18. You misread the OP - it's his employer's PDA. Those take dropping much better than one's own PDA.
  19. Does your Pocket PC have Bluetooth? If so, there are several GPS receivers with the newest SirfStar chipsets, just like the fancy GPS receivers. There are more Pocket PC software options than Palm, so you're in luck. I have such a receiver in the GPS Garage Sale forum, a Globalsat BT-359. I'll say no more - it's still on the first page, just search for my username if you're interested.
  20. Didn't see this option in Pocket Queries - I'd like to look at an area where I'd like to place a cache, to see how many caches have been archived near this area. It's in a big-city park, gets lots of visitors. The hiding spot is in a wooded area, off the beaten path, but still in the park Do cache reviewers keep records that would let me figure out if this area is a black hole, and to find a better spot?
  21. Thanks for the clarifications. So, if I don't save the track, it retains all the "extra" info besides location. But if I save it, that stuff is lost? I guess daily track downloads are the way to go, then...
  22. I've never ordered from Buydig before. Their ratings on epinions.com and other sites have steered me away. Tons of great reviews, but enough "nightmare" reviews to make me willing to spend 10 bucks more somewhere else. If newegg.com has it, I'd buy from them without hesitation.
  23. I've got an almost-11-year-old, too, and he's pretty handy with our Legend. 'Course, he's handy with the 60CSx, too. Anything with a computer interface is a good place to start. But if my kid wanted his own GPS, I'd probably tell him he's going to need to save up and buy it himself, at least part of it. He'd probably appreciate it more, and use it longer than if it were given to him.
  24. Well, my cats like to gnaw on the cables, so you'd be surprised the amount of abuse a cable can take...
  25. I do lots of walking/bike riding in my neighborhood (or at least starting and stopping at the same place - my house). With my Legend, after a ride, I could save my track back to a certain time. As long as I did it after every ride, I usually wound up with a separate track for each ride. With my 60CSx, I seem to have the option to save the entire tracklog, or a portion. Only, to save a portion it goes something like this: Zoom in, Zoom in, Zoom in, pan pan, zoom zoom, pan pan, zoom zoom zoom... Until I can find the beginning and ending points of that particular trip. Which, if lots of trips begin and end at the same place, can be tricky. Am I missing something that'll make me smack my head and say "duh" ? Or is this the only way to deal with tracks on the 60CSx?
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