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  1. Try hovering over the icon with your mouse pointer. You should see a pop-up that explains the icon.
  2. GpsExplorer.com has the Garmin Etrex Vista C for $395, but it also has $100 in rebates, so the final cost is $295. I just bought one and I LOVE IT!
  3. Guess I am a little unclear on the differences between City Select and City Navigator. I already owned a Street Pilot 2610 with City Nav Ver 6. Last week I purchased a Vista C and got a second unlock key to use City Nav on the Vista also. I bought a copy of Topo US on eBay, so I have that capability on both units also. I guess the question becomes is City Select better, and if so, is it superior enough to justify buying a copy to replace my City Nav?
  4. Received my Vista C yesterday and just had to try it out. The wife and I went out this morning and found our first three caches! I chose some nice easy ones for our first outing. Called it a day as the temp was approaching 100 degrees (Tucson at about 10:30 am). My wife had a great time and so did I!! TucsonBill
  5. Would be nice to have an application to do the conversions on my Pocket PC. Does such a thing exist? Bill
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