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  1. Yep, Garmin uses its proprietory MapSource for maps. It is MapSource or nothing. Keep in mind that Topo mapping programs for GPSrs are based on the USGS Topo mpas. These maps are also pretty dated. Could be the maps you are seeing for your area are the most recent available. Congrats on your 30th!
  2. I had heard about geocaching a year or two ago. Did a little research and reading and thought it sounded like fun. Just could not figure out a good way to bring it up with SWMBO. A couple of months ago we were at an RV Park in CA when she met an older gent that was just returning to his motorhome. He mentioned that he had been geocaching. They talked about it for a few minutes. When she returned to our motorhome she mentioned it to me and said that it sounded like fun! Well...now, that was all I needed to hear!! Within a week of returning home I did some more research and had a shiny new Vista C in my hot little hand. We went out and found 6 caches over a couple of weeks time. Circumstances have prevented us from getting out since then, but that is going to change very shortly.
  3. I have lived in Tucson for 25 years and have yet to see a rattlesnake out in the wild. I have, however, seen a half dozen in my back yard! Anytime you are trekking through the wilds, DO NOT be quiet. Make a little noise, scuff your feet a little. This alerts the wildlife you are coming and 99% of the time they will get out of your way. For the most part, they do not want to see you anymore than you want to see them! Let common sense prevail, if you see a critter, remember who's home you are in and give it lots of room. Don't get your nose stuck in your GPSr. Look around you, especially look down at the ground in fornt of you and off to the sides of the trail. Never place parts of your anatomy where you cannot see! Probe with your walking stick first. If you decide to sit down on a rock or log, carefully examine the area first. The Sonoran desert is a beautiful place. It does have a few unpleasant denizens, but they are incredibly easy to avoid. Come on out and enjoy the area. I think you will find it rewarding! Confucious say "Cache ON!"
  4. In the part of my brain that has not undergone atrphy, I seem to remember that the Navy and Air Force were developing GPS systems (incompatible, of course) and they were ordered to converge their efforts just before the responsibility was given to the Air Force. Seems to me there was a big order for shipboard ground-to-air missles just after that happened.
  5. With one quick reading I believe I have spotted at least 5 goofs.
  6. Actually, unless they have moved Phoenix, it should be in the West and Southwest section of the forums!
  7. I have not experienced this problem with my Vista C, or I probably should say that I have not tried it in that manner. Just wanted to say that my software level is 2.50
  8. I have the Garmin eTrex Vista C. GREAT Machine! It does routing and automatic recalulation and does have geocahcing mode. See Vista C. I bought mine at GPS Explorer. They currently have them for $284.95 after a $50 rebate. You will also need either City Select or City Navigator for the mapping software. Both work fine with the Vista C and both do auto-routing.
  9. I know nothing about the 60CS, however I was just playing with my Vista C. If I select a waypoint and click on goto, I get a popup that asks me to select either "Follow Road" or "Off Road". If I select Follow Road, I get the large menu with Sight n Go available. If I select Off Road then I get a menu like you posted with just 4 selections. Looks like Sight n Go is not available in Geocaching mode. You might try it on your unit and see if it has the same behavior.
  10. I just tried transferring new mapsets to my Vista C. Just to test it, I transferred 4 different sets averaging 12MB each. Takes about 15 seconds to complete the entire operation. The erase happens so fast it is easy to miss (a second or two). I was using City Nav V6. My Vista C is running 2.50 firmware. EDIT: Forgot to mention, my Mapsource is 6.6.2 Beta
  11. NOT true. I have City Nav 6 on the Vista C and it DOES do autorouting!
  12. I have City Navigator V6 tht I use on both my StreetPilot 2610 and on the Vista C. Either one will do autorouting. I have never had the opportuinity to compare them side by side, but I have been told that Navigator does a better job at autorouting than Select does. Other than that, I think they are pretty much the same. Navigator does cost a bit more however.
  13. I must agree with gpsjeep on this one! I spend quite a bit of time outside when I throw a couple of racks of ribs on the smoker. Have to get out of my lawn chair to get a tall cool one, sit down, get up and put some smoke wood in the smoker, sit down, get up and get another tall...
  14. I am a rank beginner to this game (only 6 finds). From my limited experience I can honestly say that if swag was my motivation, my Vista C would be on eBay even as we speak. I enjoy most everything else related to the hunt - the research, the technology, getting my lazy butt off the couch, the thrill of the find , and seeing places I would never find on my own. I am in the learning stage. For the first caches I basically took something from the cache and left it in the next cache. I have done a LOT of reading in the forums and I am beginning to develop my own style for this stuff. My wife and I were never blessed (?) with kids, so I am not real sure about what toys kids would find interesting. I am tending to look for items that people need from time to time such as, first aid kits, tweezers (everything in the AZ desert has the ability to make them appreciated!), I am looking for affordable zipper pull compasses. Stuff like that. One of the problems I see for newbies is that if all you find in your first caches is geo-junk, you begin to think that is the way the game is played. Edit: This is probably a little off topic, but I see some cachers with 100 or more caches out. Assuming they are not LUMs (Lame Urban Micros), how the heck do you maintain all of those and still find time for caching?
  15. I have the Garmin Streetpilot 2610 and I LOVE it! I bought a 1 gig SD card on eBay to put in it and I can load maps for the entire country. Garmin uses a female voice for their units. My wife and I call ours "The Bitch in the Box"!
  16. I just tried a relatively simple way to do this. 1. Do a PQ for area of interest. More on this later! 2. When you get your GPX file use GSAK to export a CSV file for MS S&T. 3. In MS S&T plan your route throught the area of interest. 4. Import the CSV file. 5. Pick a point on your route (doesn't matter which one), right click on the point in the Route Planning chart and click on "Find Nearby Places" 6. In the Find Nearby Places menu, select Entire Route and the distance you are willing to travel off your selected route. You can do this at the bottom of the Nearby Places panel. Perform the new search. 7 Open the pushpin section of the Nearby Places display. This will show you all of the caches within your chosen distance of your planned route. This method works pretty well, but suffers from the limit of only 500 caches in a PQ. Ideally I would like to do a PQ for all of the caches in a state. Or, if I could get all of the caches in a given county it would also work.
  17. I am definitely a newbie also. When I go searching I carry a pocket sized micro-recorder that I already had. I find it to be more convienient for my use. That way I can record some quick voice notes on the trail and some at the cache site. When I get back home I use the tape to refresh my memory while I log and write up the find.
  18. If I subscribe to both the magazine AND the website does that mean I end up with two issues of the premier edition? How about a bundle to get both of the subscriptions without duplicates?
  19. I just went over and read all of the crap on the CourtTV forum. All I can see is that it definitely disproves the theory that natural evolution always advances the species!
  20. You might like to check this reference in the Arizona Geocaching Forums: Federal Geocaching
  21. I finally got ahold of N.G. Tech Support and they sent me some catalog files to replace the ones in my Arizona State Series. Works fine now. I am running the 3.4.3 softwarre.
  22. I have been trying to install the National Geographic State series topo map for Arizona. It seems to install ok. When I run the program, and zoom in on an area it is supposed to ask for another disk for the last level of maps. It does not do this. I went to the NG website and updated the software to the latest level (3.4.3). Same result. Anyone else have this problem with the State Series?
  23. Found this one today on the way to Two Dry Rivers.
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