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  1. Update I wrote to Garmin re the inaccuracy of the meter when using their pre-charged batteries suggesting a software/firmware tweak They wrote back and said do a 'hard reset' having made sure I am on the latest firmware. ' that should resolve it' they said confidently! I have done that and we will see what happens. The meter seemed to stay on 100% a bit longer but I will test it over the coming weeks I did leave the unit on in doors overnight and was still on with one 'blob' in the morning after some 12 hrs Mike
  2. Hi Lee et al Like you I contacted SunValleyTek, simply because they asked me 'how was the unit for me?!' I emailed back and sent screen shots etc etc. I wont bother to set out here what I said. Anyway here is the reply, nothing really new but breath not being held! "Thanks for the reply and your efforts and time in trying to get me fully understand the situation. Actually our filehub could only read one sd card once. The two volumes on your Garmin equal to two sd cards. This is why you could only read the sd card or Garmin at one time. This occurs because of the limitation of the software and our product management center is trying to solve the this limitation. But they still could not find a method. I am really sorry about the inconvenience caused. Please retain your confidence in our product. With the development of the technology, we will find out a way sooner or later. Best regards, Sindy Sunvalleytek-UK Customer Care I had to explain to Sindy what a 'Volume' was, despite the fact that the word pops up on their own iPhone app. I think , looking at the web SunValley..... Are the marketing arm or perhaps a wholesaler based in California, US. I was not getting through to the ' organ grinder!! We will see Mike
  3. Ref the batteries I have bought the Garmin battery pack Info given above is I think is correct. The batteries are ganged together and press on a small black switch at the bottom of the battery bay This switches / confirms the precharged battery type selection This also allows batteries to be charged in the unit via the usb cable. This is a useful feature Someone elsewhere uses eneloop batteries with a piece of plastic under to cause the same effect Issues The precharged batteries drop quickly on the meter from 100% 4 blobs to 2. Blobs in about an hour Disconcerting!!! They stay on for another 8 hours at least that is as long as I have had the unit on Garmin need to tweak the battery meter Mike
  4. Thanks It seems it was at that setting anyway. No joy still Will try again tomorrow Thanks for your help and advice Mike
  5. Thanks for the tips on the 64s set up Where is the Garmin. Proprietary switch. Couldnt find it Tried using IOS filehub app. Saw two volumes both the same. Ie the sd card. Shame perhaps the last point above is the key! Lee i am really glad you pointed me to this kit. Despite the volume recognition problem for which I have a workaround , it frees me from having to have a pc Had a problem a few yrs ago with my 62s in Australia when it just didnt throw up the contents of the GPX file. It was there but had to find a pc and reload GPX FILES from a stick. Potentially it was 1000 gc's to find in Aus which disappeared overnight!!! If this was around then it would not have been a problem Look forward to hearing re first para please Mike
  6. Lee Thanks.. Have had another 'play' to no avail There is no switch go turn off the SD card, you can only turn off maps Have tried different interfaces in the 'comms' section of the 64s again to no avail ( Garmin spanner/serial etc) Have tried putting an SD card in the other slot at the same time as the Garmin. The RAV sees the two cards ie SD full size and that in the 64s I take out the mini SD with the maps and one sees the base 64s folders, which is what I want It seems that it cant deal with multi volumes on the same input point. That is SD CARD or USB input Look forward to hearing what you find Mike
  7. Hi 13371 Many thanks for pointing me off to your other posting I have since taken your recommendation and bought a RAV wifi file hub and down loaded the Filebrowser App I am getting there by trial and many errors (You will remember I didn't want to add GPX FILES. To my UK ORDNANCE SURVEY map SD CARD) So, thus far I have downloaded new GPX FILES from dropbox eventually to the 64s on the unit itself HOWEVER when I mounted the 64s to the Rav file hub with the Map SD card in it, Filebrowser only saw the SD CARD. In fact there were 2 lines of the same thing No way did it show me the Unit data with the Gpx files I then took out the SD card and remounted it and there was all the unit's folders inc GPX. I then loaded my new GPX FILE to the 64s itself I if I look at another Device , my NAS, it shows me all the folders. Strange!! Any thoughts to help me on my way. ? Please. If I can avoid taking out the mini SD card that will be good Thanks in anticipation Mike
  8. Thanks for your posts I am trying to get rid of the ' need a PC' step in terms of loading PQ's on my 64s ( i had a 62s for 3 yrs. and dropped in 5 meters of water. End of....) My current method is via a PC to download PQ to dropbox, unzip and copy it direct to 64s memory. I have UK Ord survey SD card so dont want to put PQ on that I can get the unzipped file from dropbox onto my iphone 4s. So i am intrigued by 'poster' who gets GPX files to his 64s via a kingston mobile lite unit Can i please be pointed in the direction of instructions as to how to do this ? From what i have seen it involves copying to an SD card which for me is a NO. NO. what i seem to need is an app which identifies the file on iphone and sees the target destination on the 64s and allows the transfer Is this possible or am I asking too much? Many thanks in anticipation Mike
  9. Thanks for your advice guys. I will check it all out when I get home at the w/e and have put a towel over my head to work thru your suggestions Mike BTW I have premium m'ship
  10. Update. Having loaded single GPX file in 64s it treats it like a waypoint If you hit Go it shows route and heading etc but does not give paperless GC data Bah!!!
  11. Just got 64s and use an iphone with basecamp mobile I download my PQ to dropbox then via pc transfer the GPX file to 64s This morning i transferred a single GC GPX to the 64s via base camp OK STEPS Go to dropboxapp Open saved file. In the -open in- section open in basecamp It will take a few moments Then transfer to device from. Base camp You need to have 64s connected via blue tooth However I then did an 800 GC PQ GPX file and it got to basecamp ok But when I asked to upload to 64s it asked me to select each GC within the PQ there is no select all option. I could have gone thru and ticked all i guess Might suggest that to basecamp developer It is moving in the right direction Mike
  12. I have an ipphone v4.5.5 app logging GC finds is ok via the phone but if I try to log a retreived TB the log wont register. I get a ' could not be sent, try later message' every time. has been like this for a few days is there an error or am I doing something wrong Mike
  13. I am in the UK and have had Prem. Membsp [PM] for the last 5/6 yrs. It costs USD30 which is about GBP18.75 depending on what Xchng rate you get from your credit card co. Is it worth it? To me yes as it saves an enormous amount of time when going out GCing. The web site says what the facilities are so I wont repeat them but the reality of PM is the time , effort and printing you could save with the right programs and kit If you are just starting I would advise waiting a while to see how much GCing you do. If for instance you are going to visit say a country park you can now print each cache page for description, coords and hints and other logs,- one by one. depending on your GPSr you can download directly the coord to your GPSr with a LOC file. This just give bare data but will allow you to find a GC. I went to the Lea Valley park In N London last week, down loaded 25 GCs , walked 5m and did 17 of them. If you only do a few each time then for a while Std membership is OK If you get into GCing your kit will aid you. I have a Garmin 62s now which allows me to add GPX files which has ALL the GC data in it and this is on my GPSr. I request POCKET QUERIES which allows me to target places and filter what GCs you want to find. Good if you go away on Holiday. I recently went to Australia and got PQ's of the areas I wanted and downloaded them direct to my Garmin.. there were 2500 of them. Didnt do them all!! I have an iPhone and download the PQ results to that and can log finds immediately from that. Geocaching.com have an APP I am now totally paperless and If I am going somewhere unexpectedly I can order a PQ and generally have ready on the iPhone and GPSr in about as long as it takes my wife to get ready!! 20-30 mins. I would suggest getting GSAK. This program allows you to manage your searches and hold data on target areas on your PC. It is free to try but well worth buying eventually So in the end it is down to how long you have at the moment togo GCing. once you get into it you will find PM an necessity as a time and perhaps papersaving facility. I you are an occasional GCer then Std membership is OK Hope this helps Mike
  14. I re-ran a PQ yesterday wherein I filtered out my finds. Despite this it shows GC's I have done in the area only just recently. It did not show those done a while ago When I look at GC Maps it correctly shows the position. Is this a glitch today? Has any one else had this problem? Mike
  15. Thank you both for your feedback & experience I tried Bullygoats method and it works. What I did by way of test was to have 1 GPX on internal memory- no SD card -GPSr read that OK then deleted that single file then put in Sd card with 3 GPX files ie the original GPX plus 2 others - booted and GPSr read all three [ for clarity I set up a new folder under GARMIN on the SD card called GPX ie GARMIN/GPX and put the GPX files in that] It seems that if there is no 'readable or existing GPX file ' on internal memory the GPSr goes to look at the SD card and reads from there. if it is set up as above Is that your take on how it seems to work? Mike As we have agreed have the GPX files on the SD card as a backup!
  16. Thought I would share my near disaster experience with the forum Just back from 6 weeks in HK, australia and thailand. loaded 8 GPX files with 2500 Gc's on to my new 62s with Opensource maps on a micro SD card. [One card for each country] I Still have a 60CSX and My wife while in Sydney asked the temperature [ near 38C it was] I recalled the 60CSX would give you the temp if you pressed on/off plus Enter. You get a whole load of basic data as well. I thought I would try it with the 62S. No temperature shown I then rebooted the 62S and soon found that all GC's on a 40 mile radius had disappeared!!!!!!!!! The 62s had lost all the data so it seemed Not realising what I had done and the impact of it I then tried the same again to check the temp. issue . Still no temperature I rebooted and found that all GC's in a 2000 mile radius had gone!!! .. Didnt have a laptop! DISASTER!!!!! A night of analysis and logic thought then followed! Found a coin slot PC and plugged in the 62s with a USB cable, went to the 'drive' with the 'GPX' folder and the GPX files were still there. They had not disappeared It seems that doing ' on/off plus enter' some how had removed a link to the GPX files so they were now seen by the 62S THE FIX I copied all the GPX files in the GPX folder to the SD card [ just another drive on the PC the drive with the maps]. I then deleted the the files from the GPX folder on the 62s.. Rebooted the 62s - no GC's as expected Re Attached the 62s to the PC again and copied back the GPX files to their original 'GPX' folder and hey presto ALL WAS RESTORED!! Moral 1.dont fiddle with 62s as I did unless you have PC handy.. 2.Make sure you have an SD card on board 3.Copy the GPX files to the SD card as well as a back up Hope this tale helps someone down the track Mike
  17. This repository of old software seems to have dissappeared I want to roll back to Garmin 60CSX v3.7 because the v4.00 is not working properly Any news on this site [ or where can I get this old software please] Mike
  18. am in the UK and had same log jam problem as everyone else I just zapped all my o/s Pq's and started again. I sent off for two They came through straight away It is 1645hrs GMT here now Mike
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