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  1. I picked up some at another store. https://www.unimarket-777.com/SHOP/O-charm-cranky.html https://l.sqlpl.us/2E6sfuT https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w400717020 https://item.rakuten.co.jp/auc-kuruma7/kc-univxx1/ However, please refrain from postings that are not related to geocaching.
  2. 公式の人ではありませんが。 https://www.geocaching.com/play/guidelines ガイドラインにお金がダメとは記載されていませんね。 日本で法令に引っかかるのは、贈与税の対象となるくらいの金額、くらいでしょうか。 (最大で110万円以上) また、貨幣損傷等取締法に当たる可能性もあるかも。 でも捨てるだけなら犯罪にはなりません。貨幣(コイン)の場合鋳つぶすなど損傷させるとNGですが、紙幣の場合は破いても焼いても捨てても罪にはなりません。 個人的には、 ・お金で釣るような行為は下品で好ましくない。 ・お金に群がるようなプレイヤーが増えるのも好ましくない。 とは思うものの、「入れるな」「期待するな」という強制力はないのかなと思っています。 しかし、現金を呼び水にして増えたプレイヤーが荒らし行為を行っているとすれば看過できないですよね。 そんな人間が多いことに驚きなのですが・・・ アメリカ等諸外国ではどのようになっているんでしょうかね? コインレベルではなく高額な現金がメジャーなのかどうかは知りたいところですね。
  3. The link you are showing is a flea market, isn't it? I can't see the content because the link is broken. Is it related to geocaching? If you want to buy Geocaching products in Japan, please refer to the site below. http://gb.0w0.biz If it's not related to geocaching, we can't help.
  4. Hello. I am smileless. I live in Yokohama(Kanagawa). I tell you about the situation of Kanagawa. Kanagawa is a prefecture in the south of Tokyo. It was hardly shook, but it was not the level that a person injured. And Kanagawa is position of 250km from nuclear power generation. There is not the danger of the radioactive contamination for the moment. I think Geocacher living in Kanagawa to be safety. A blackout is carried out premeditatedly now in each place by electricity shortage. In addition, there are some limits for the use of means of transportation. There is the uneasines, However, We can live under daily life. Kanagawa is a safe area as above. The people support a stricken area for mind of the cooperation. But some Chache has been archived. Because the ground is dangerous under the influence of the earthquak, In particula, in coastal place around Minato Mirai. The report of the earthquake situation of matz-san and strikeeagl-san is very correct. Thank you!
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