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  1. Awesome! If anyone needs an invite, let me know.
  2. Tough crowd. I don't suppose some of you realize it could have been some translation error when it was mentioned that the movie was dedicated or about geocaching? Well, we all don't really know too much because we haven't seen it have we? Anyway, I appreciate the heads up Psykadelik. It's always interesting to see where geocaching pops up these days.
  3. Neat! I'll definitely keep an eye out for this one. If it's foreign, though, it might be a while until I actually get to see it after its release.
  4. Not unless it was your cache. It wasn't. Thanks for the tip.
  5. Good question. I stumbled upon one of these not too long ago. At the time I was baffled by the log entry. If I remember correctly it was something like, "Searched really hard for it, couldn't find it. But can we still log this as a found?" (And that was a found log.) I didn't do anything about it. Should I have? :/
  6. My parents got me the Garmin Oregon 450. I am in love with it. No exaggeration, I love love it! haha
  7. What you're asking for isn't such a good idea. Just my opinion. One per person I think makes it more credible.
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