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  1. Is this a sign of things to come? Limited Geocaching in Canada Parks
  2. To add to that, you may also be seeing the difference in quality/scale of the map as compared to the actual location as determined by gps. Often times, when you zoom in to a particular zoom scale, you will notice where the tracks seperate from the road due to scale differences and sometimes gps accuracy.
  3. I'll second that, the Nuvi is quite a piece of work. It does seem to be missing some minor features(setup options really), but it works amazing. Just the like the M4, that sirf chip gets a signal in my garage with another floor above. And this from an auto navigation unit. I can't wait to see/buy some of Garmins new offerings with sirf and micro sd memory.
  4. I still recommend that you e-mail Garmin for clarification. AFAIK, that means for use with unlocked(non-locked) mapping products, such as Metroguide, Topo, and such.
  5. You can only use the City Select and City Navigator maps with units that can unlock them. According to Garmin, the gps12, along with many of their other older handheld units can not unlock these mapping products
  6. I am not too worried about the CS7 being discontinued. It makes sense for them to discontinue the product early. Version 7 will still be available for those newbies that buy new etrex's and map 60's and such. They now have a full year to get their next product setup or change next years version of City Nav. to have smaller map segments. I highly doubt they would not provide something for all of the etrex, 60's, and 76's so soon in their life cycle. The gps III I can understand though.
  7. CS and CN are _not_ the same, as described above. Differences can be observed on the same hardware, with or without spoken directions. They will calculate different routes and give directions with a differing level of detail on the same hardware. I agree that CS is better than CN for the handhelds with their limited memory because of their segement size. On a StreetPilot, you can double the memory for a trivial price; doubling memory on a VistaC means upgrading to a Map60. Doubling memory on a Map60 is upgrading to a Quest or a 76C. As perspective, a 2610 comes with 128MB of memory. With CN6, that would hold detailed "no excuses" maps for the primary and obvious route between Nashville, TN and either St. Louis MO or Ft. Wayne, IN without any problem. I can't recall which one it is that doesn't fit in 128MB with CN7, but I think I recall one of them nott fitting any more because you have to paint with such a wide brush. Given that a 256MB CF flash for a 2610 was $3 after rebate, that's not a big deal, but for a handheld that doesn't support memory upgrades, it's a real drag. The current situation is very odd. I am not trying to argue here, and while there are some minor differences in the routes that are calculated by the different softwares, the overall map data is the same. The differences are between the road data attributes like median information, special allowances based upon time and such. The actual searchable map data is the same in both softwares. Will a user get a different route using one or the other? Given the right circumstances(e.g. time of day, location, roads to be traveled), yes. Does that always make one route better than the other? No. It is easier to see and hear the differences when using an autorouting unit that provides voice navigation. An example I have noticed, is when coming to a roundabout, when using City Select, the prompt will tell me to take a right and another right when entering the roundabout and needing to take the first turn available. Using City Navigator, the unit will tell me to take a right and then the first exit. A little more detailed instruction without needing to look at the screen to see which exit I need. The handheld units obviously can not do this, you still only get a beep for the turn. This is what I am referring to. Plus, as noted in this thread and others, you can be more selective about the maps areas you want on your unit when using a limited memory unit like a rino or etrex.
  8. The City Select software will work the same as the City Navigator software on handheld units. From my experience, the main differences between the City Nav. and the City Select only show up when used on units that provide auto voice navigation. Plus, the City Select software is still better for handheld units like the 60's, 76's, etrex colors, and rino's due to the map segment sizes. Trust me, you are better off with the City Select for your rino, the map data(addresses, poi's, etc.) is the same.
  9. It never ceases to amaze me how people "know" how to use the internet, but can not use the internet. how to install usb drivers
  10. The City Select software is still preferable for handheld gps'rs due to the reasons listed by robertlipe. Ultimately, I feel that Garmin's standard road navigation software will be City Navigator, for a variety of reasons. In the meantime, Garmin still offers updates for the City Select software this year.
  11. You may try updating the units software, even if the unit is new from the dealer, it may be a unit with old firmware.
  12. In this case the claim is especially questionable since Garmin makes models like the SP III and 26x0 that do take memory cards and also have the same IPX7 waterproof rating as the 60cs. Yes, but I wouldn't dare treat one of those units the way I handle my etrex or 60. Also, as to the cables, All of the eTrex units use the same power/data cables. All of the 12 series units and the GPS V, as well as the 76/60(for serial and power) series units use the same power/data cable, except 1, the GPS 12. The GPS 12 was the first of any of those, and wasn't designed with an internal voltage regulator for use with external power, for this reason the power cable had to be different(the plug has the step down convertor), or the unit would get zapped with overvoltage. If you ask me, that seems like a fairly reasonable cable cross usage ratio(16 of these units use the same cigarette lighter plug and serial connection cable).
  13. The units do have the ability to use AA, they just come with the lithium battery pack, which is a pretty good deal. We get the best of both batteries. AA accessories for the Rino 510/530
  14. From what I learned from talking to a person Garmin tech is that there will not be cd versions now, or created seperately. It is strictly on dvd, which I prefer anyways, the installation was much easier. Also, a cheap dvd-rom drive can be picked up for $30-40.
  15. I might recommend to those who want to get rid of their old versions, that instead of deleting registry keys or files(which are needed to be able to install newer versions of the software), that you simply modify the installation of the original version. If you attempt a reinstall of the old version with the old discs, one of the options will be modify. You can select to modify by removing some of the regions of the old version, but keeping enough of the files and registry keys to be functional for updates.
  16. I guess you didn't look at the available accessories. They can use a AA battery pack with NIMH. Edit: The best of both worlds!
  17. Take a look at these. They look really interesting. http://www.garmin.com/products/rino530/
  18. I always find it amusing when the only thing somebody has to do is complain about FREE stuff. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.
  19. A cfque 1640?, has Garmin released an update to the 1620? Is this perhaps a sd gps unit?
  20. Carefully, with your cane at the ready!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  21. ORRRRR, you could just go to the satellite page on the unit where the gps elevation is displayed.
  22. That's probably why the unit is marketed as an automotive unit.
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