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  1. On the internal memory you have a 1000 waypoint limit, but that doesn't limit the number of custom poi's or gpx files with geocaches on the card.
  2. This article explains a little about what they do. NY Times article And here is one about Teleatlas http://news.digitaltrends.com/featured_article60.html
  3. From your description, it sounds like the Vista's position format is set to degrees minutes and decimal seconds(hddd mm ss.s), while you are trying to enter coordinates in a format of degrees and decimal minutes(hddd mm.mmm). You will need to change either the format that you are entering the coordinates in or change the Vista's position format accordingly from the main menu>setup>units.
  4. That is a pretty nice gps. I don't know that I want or need my gps to have a flashlight though. Like others, I have reservations about a touch screen outdoor gps. Touch screen is fine in the car, but out camping or hiking, putting it in your pocket or attaching it to your pack with a clip means the unit might recognize the screen being bumped as commands. Plus touch screen just isn't durable enough yet, but this is changing with the flexible displays being developed now.
  5. I don't have this problem on my Legend HCx with software version 2.30(I also didn't see it with 2.20 before). I asked a friend who has the Vista HCx(version 2.30) and he hasn't had that problem either. I can't duplicate this problem on my new Vista HCx. I created and deleted several waypoints and they were deleted from both map and waypoint list. I'm running version 2.20.
  6. This doesn't only pertain to the new high sensitivity etrex units, it happens with the 60 and 76 x units as well. It seems it is directly related to the high sensitivity receivers as a whole. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...ometer+gpsmap60
  7. I've only ever seen the track log elevation profile on the sensor equipped Garmin handhelds like the vista and summit. I notice that the manual lists both the Legend and Vista HCx on the front, so they are probably referring to the vista for that aspect, though it would be nice for the manual to note that in that section.
  8. Brainerd, are you sure that he was not mistaking the Vista HCx for the Vista Cx, as the most recent version for the Cx is 2.70? I would find it odd that they would be that far ahead in software versions without beta versions, as Garmin, like many other companies, release betas with changed single digits, like 2.21 instead of 2.30. Vista Cx 2.70
  9. Well, I am seeing the same thing on Topozone that I see in the new Topo 2008 at that location. Cloud Lake at Topozone.com
  10. Well I compared that same area on my old topo to my new topo, and the marked location of the mountain peak is located at the same spot on both topos. By looking at the two though, I think that the new version is a much better representation of the terrain than the old that has broken contours and less of them. Plus, I think when somebody is near the peak, it will probably stick out , so it shouldn't be hard to find.
  11. I also would not expect it to be locked as the data is USGS data. Now, if it autorouted I would expect it to be locked.
  12. As CenTexDodger said, that is probably due to the fact that many people still have units with internal memory sizes down to less than 2mb of memory.
  13. The picture on the webpage shows the shading, much better than the older version. It does show a few more roads in my neighborhood as well. The shading alone is a big improvement.
  14. I was browsing the site and saw this http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/topous.jsp Still not 24k, but says new data, shading, elevation profile capability. Anybody seen this yet?
  15. Actually, I think it got up to around $100 a share last year before the 2-1 split.
  16. And that will be adressed in the next version of "thingy software" .. remember its just a game .. <start> the SW writers write protection .. some one breaks the law/steals .. go back to <start> Fixed your post.
  17. I just spoke with someone at Garmin(a person that I trust and have recieved good info from previously) regarding their new policy. Apparently the new policy is one unlock per unit/software and no more free updates. This will affect new software purchases of the new mapping version due this year and automotive units that come with the mapping. They are going to allow 2 unlocks for the previous versions still(grandfathering basically), until you update to the new version where you will only have 1 unlock and have to purchase extras. This is standard for the software, not specific to the type of unit(i.e. auto, handheld). The only exception to this is their Bluechart software.
  18. No, the 60Cx does not have an alarm clock like the older 60C.
  19. I agree, definitely wrong. Unfortunately there is always that 10%(though it seems like more) that like to live off of doing the wrong thing. Is there any wonder why companies are the way they are now, pushed that way due to dishonesty by bad consumers/customers.
  20. Well, I still have to change the time again and again on both of my vcr's and dvd players, as well as my new dvd recorder. One of them even synchronizes it's time with the cable signal, but it didn't auto correct. My g shock watch that synchronizes with the atomic clock signal from Colorado will not get an update to correct this either. My new Sony alarm clock I think can not be updated either. So outside of my pc, pocket pc, and gps units, I have to manually change the time. It would be nice if more manufacturers had some way of either updating or manually entering variable information like this to automate the units operation. In the big picture of things though, this is what we have had to do for years already.
  21. One thing to keep in mind though, while the airlines magazine may annotate that a gps can be used, you can still have an encounter with a flight attendant that will not allow you to use it. I have had this happen a couple of times, though I fly frequently, so ultimately it shouldn't happen that often.
  22. If you want to be able to access the map data on your pc at all you really want to get the Topo software on cd and not on the preprogrammed card as the card will only work in the gps.
  23. I have tried setting it to both. Both yield the same result of no plotting. Do you have track log recording turned on? Hmm. I think I actually have that turned off. I thought that was the option to have the GPS leave a "bread crumb trail." Do I need to have that turned on? Thanks again. Yes, as that is where the unit pulls the elevation data from for display.
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