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  1. Geoswag says they still have 3 Summer Solstice coins in stock. . .
  2. Sara Email sent: 6/8/2011 Name received: 6/27/11 Package sent: Package received: Bernard Email sent: 6/8/2011 Name received: 6/27/11 Package sent: Package received: We are excited to get started gathering goodies!
  3. Thank you, EyeD10T! This is our first cointest win! We will definitely be running this cointest, hopefully sooner than later, as fall semester brings heavy teaching loads for me!
  4. Not sure what the deal is, Claudia at Sepp and Berta will be able to tell you. No other versions have been designed yet. But the autumn equinox is Sept 21st... just kidding! E-mail sent! Thank you. That is evil to tease us like that!
  5. How about a design a new coin cointest. You could take all of the submissions and post a gallery of candidates and have a set time period for voting. Voting would occur through email, so no one in the forum knows who voted for who or the standings. I think voting for yourself would be out of the question as well. Otherwise, everyone will just vote for themselves, and a winner may not be apparent. It would be really cool to have one of the mint companies on board, to actually have your coin minted. Maybe mint for free, giving you the first one. Then, they would sell off the rest to pay for the cost?! hmmm...This would definitely take some organizing and a lot of assistance! It is not to say it can't be done though.
  6. GCF EU from Sepp & Berta. I believe it's pink and white. Other than that, I heard rumblings about Halloween and Christmas. Do you know if these will be available for purchase online or only at the event?
  7. Yes, I got 3! Hoping for some trade options!
  8. I guess it's completely up to each person as they receive it. If you want to trade it all like a traditional mission,that's great, if you want to treat it like a traveling Cache, that's great. If you want to just log the coins and send everything else on the way to the next, that's great. Make it whatever you will...it's outta my hands!! The Tag now belongs to the List. That's one thing that makes this great, I don't have to worry about it anymore Awesome! Thank you!
  9. Is that swag, where we can trade like any other cache, or is that all items for the recipient to keep and fill with new stuff for the next person? I just want to make sure I understand once I eventually receive it!
  10. Just adding some additional information that may help the people who receive our names. I (Sara) am a psychology instructor at a local college. We do enjoy receiving goodies in our packages, especially if it is a treat from your area or something you really enjoy. Our children consist of a 9 1/2 months old black lab and two cats. I think the previous information along with this info will definitely help our recipients!
  11. I..did...what? I thought that might happen, so I thought I was really careful not to get them mixed up. Looks like I have their tracking numbers written the wrong way around in my little yellow rite in the rain book. (Henry has the copper coin, I have the silver one.) So I've edited their pages, but it means I didn't dip Henry and his case into any caches over here. Oh well. You might be able to go in and "dip" him for a date prior to when I grabbed him. I am not sure if it will work out, but I am pretty sure it calculates everything by the date of activity. Just a thought, I don't know if this is a "correct" thing to do or not.
  12. Henry goes on Holiday has a different geocoin code than the one you have it registered to. The code on the coin goes to Travel Case Geocoin. Please let me know if you need any further information from me based on the coin, etc. As for my activated object, Raymond the Manta Ray Travel Tag, is off and visiting a North Carolina beach at the moment. Hopefully he won't get too cold in the ocean!
  13. With one of us being a professional photographer and the other being the unofficial assistant, our lives and hobbies (geocaching, SCUBA diving, etc.) are engrossed in photography. We realize that not everyone is a professional photographer or has formal training, but we always encourage people to pick up a camera and tell their story! Our idea for a cointest would be a picture cointest with the objective being to tell your story of geocaching in one photograph. Your creativity is your boundary with this. We encourage thoughtfulness, and we aren't looking for certain parameters. We leave it open, so you have the ability to express yourself.
  14. We definitely want to join! After the You Decided Your Mission Mission, my husband is eager to participate! We love the idea and the amount of creativity that can be involved. We will both be doing our our missions; however, we use the same geocaching name. We each have our own separate seeking lists on our geocaching.com profile. I am working on improving Bernard's list with him! We both love SCUBA diving. Bernard is a professional photographer, so anything photography related works great for him. Anything with animals or the ocean is perfect for me, as you will see from my seeking list! We are both open to international mailing as well. Sara Email sent: 6/8/2011 Name received: Package sent: Package received: Bernard Email sent: 6/8/2011 Name received: Package sent: Package received: Thank you for putting this together sheltiedogshowlover!
  15. I'm so glad this has officially started! It will be fun to follow!
  16. I think you will have to be #34. RhinoInAToga is already #33. I have added you both to the list, so it is up to date! I am glad people are continuing to join! This should be fun! #1 WRITE SHOP ROBERT #2 Team kizb #3 sdkonkle #4 Plumbrokeacres #5 TeamEccs21 #6 keewee #7 MoonCat & KDT #8 Toojin #9 LadyBee4T #10 Fianccetto #11 Sivota #12 mamoreb #13 The Fossillady #14 lularib #15 Funkmaster-T #16 L_Y_H #17 fuzziebear3 #18 Family of Goats #19 KBfamily #20 LewisClan77 #21 sheltiedogshowlover #22 enola05 #23 FLtravelers #24 MooseJawSpruce #25 the4dirtydogs #26 yanagi #27 kini_ont #28 usyoopers #29 Maine Family #30 Ashallond #31 FStop64 #32 southern_angel #33 RhinoInAToga #34 ALAUNOS
  17. I can't wait! I hope I am fast enough to get one!
  18. I agree. I have already started looking at southern_angel's page to try to get an idea! I think it will be quite some time before it gets to me though!
  19. Thank you for the explanation! Knowing your personal reasons and connections to the items make them that much more meaningful! I will definitely share the spoon history with my husband. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity in putting this mission together. Thank you again!
  20. Email sent: May 2, 2011 Name received: May 15, 2011 Package sent: May 17, 2011 Package received: May 31, 2011 Thanks again!
  21. I had a package waiting for me today!! It was so exciting! Thank you, Fianccetto! You definitely out did yourself! I loved all of the thoughtful wrapping and care you took with your mission! The contents included: - Lavender Shampoo and Body Wash - 2 neat little kids toys that were packaged in little eggs - The Union Jack Pillow (This was very interesting to read about!) - Cache Critters Moo Brown Pin - Box of Thorntons assorted chocolates - A pencil from Castell Caernarton Castle (I hope to visit one day!) - A British Notebook - Jellyatrics Candies - Kinder Chocolate Bars - A wooden heart spoon - A Curlywurly bar - A Fruit Salad bar - Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate Bar - Flumps Marshmallow Treat - A licorice bar The trackables were very generous as well: - Activated suitcase geocoin attached to a hedgehog - Hamster geotag - Micro Euro Flag Geocoin - A TARDIS (Dr. Who) coin from England The contents also included one last chocolate bar, which I love the wrapping: Thank you very much for your generosity! I have to let you know that my husband was drooling over the contents as I was opening it! He was very jealous that he did not participate. He is hooked now and wants to know when the next mission will be. He has even asked me to put a new mission together, so he can participate...we will see! I did share the goodies with him once I was done opening and admiring everything! We have many more to work our way through still, and we will savor every bite! Thank you Team Luvbassn for putting this mission together! It was my first, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it! I look forward to many more in the future.
  22. Recently, my wife, Sara, and I were out adventuring the not-so-rural landscape of the urban parks in Florida. We are natives, but still manage to find areas that we have never explored. On this hot, humid, and painfully sunny day, we found ourselves traversing the wooded area of Walsingham Park. Our finds started off slow. We figured it was going to be one of those days, especially with micros in the woods, which are not uncommon in Florida! The GPS was dead on, but we ended up taking the most difficult paths for each cache. I suppose that was mostly my fault, but who wants to stop to ask for directions? As we approached ground zero, we were confronted by a wall of thick saw palmettos. We bushwhacked our way through to find a clear path that entered the woods only a few feet from where we entered. I'll never live it down! My sights were locked on the GPS. I counted down the feet until our destination. Like usual, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. As I got within 15 feet of ground zero, my wife screamed my name. It startled me so much that I leaped backward. A snake went flying in the air! I didn't see it. My heart was racing as my wife grabbed onto me and pulled me back. My foot contacted the coiled snake as Sara screamed. My startled reaction lifted it off the ground. We quickly backed up to absorb what happened. The snake was red, orange, and brown and rattled its tail as it slithered back into the brush. I think it was as startled as I was. Not being familiar with snake species indigenous to the area, we quickly realized that this was a close call. The rattling of the tail scared us immensely as we knew other cachers had come in contact with Diamondback Rattlesnakes in this park. We knew that rattlesnakes were deadly and that my wife had potentially just saved my life. Being the stubborn man and dedicated geocacher that I am, I insisted on at least spending five more minutes in the area looking for the cache a safe distance from the snake. No luck this time. The whole encounter put a damper on the rest of the day's geocaching, but we managed to have a few more finds. After a little research, we discovered that the snake was actually a non-venomous corn snake. Although the snake was probably in more danger than I was, I learned the importance of minding your surroundings. This will be a geocaching adventure that we will never forget.
  23. #1 WRITE SHOP ROBERT #2 Team kizb #3 sdkonkle #4 Plumbrokeacres #5 TeamEccs21 #6 keewee #7 MoonCat & KDT #8 Toojin #9 LadyBee4T #10 Fianccetto #11 Sivota #12 mamoreb #13 The Fossillady #14 lularib #15 Funkmaster-T #16 L_Y_H #17 fuzziebear3 #18 Family of Goats #19 KBfamily #20 LewisClan77 #21 sheltiedogshowlover #22 enola05 #23 FLtravelers #24 MooseJawSpruce #25 the4dirtydogs #26 yanagi #27 kini_ont #28 usyoopers #29 Maine Family #30 Ashallond #31 FStop64 We will join! This sounds like fun! I think it will definitely be some time before we see any chest though!
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