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  1. I have recently added Korea and Uzbekistan to my "countries cached in" map. It's such a thrill! I am a bit cross I didn't start GCing until 2010, because I have been to Antarctica, Germany, Argentina, Chile, UK, Outer Hebrides, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa - but all pre caching. Since caching I have managed to not cache in South Africa and Namibia - just couldn't get close to the caches due to time constraints. I very nearly didn't find a cache in Korea. I am not used to city caching and the big buildings in Seoul had me running around in circles. But I found one! My next trip is going to be based on the "Thing" series - Orkney, Shetland and Faroe Islands, UK and Scotland, maybe Denmark and Iceland if I don't run out of time. Can't wait!
  2. Mostly my caching is done in knee to waist high prickles (bless the Australian Outback....), so my favourite garment is my gaiters. I can wear either shorts or hiking trousers (jeans are too heavy when wet or sweaty), and don't have to fuss too much about snakes. Aussie snakes, though deadly, have tiny fangs.
  3. For me, it started with a hat my colleague was wearing. It was just an ordinary Kmart hat, but it had a flynet incorporated in the brim. I went and purchased one immediately, then showed my best friend, who was visiting at the time. She loved it, and we went and bought a heap more, for friends and family. Then we needed something to do outside to try them out. We had talked of trying geocaching years ago, in about 2004/5, and all of a sudden, armed with iPhones and no real idea, we were galloping about in a local cemetery. The fly net was invaluable. We traveled over 300km in the next few days, looking for caches. Totally hooked! Now I have a new 4WD, for those tricky terrain ratings (ok, I did need a new car), cycle randomly about with my iPhone and a preloaded Oregon550, and love the way my life has changed for the better. It was pouring down with rain the other day, but I was up a muddy hill, grinning insanely at peak hour traffic I could see from two bridges I had wedged myself between, having the time of my life. I fell down the muddy hill, had to wash absolutely everything I was wearing, but it was brilliant fun. My best friend and I have roped our families in too, and her son loves it. We are planning an interstate holiday around good caches. Sad, but true. I only started caching in December, but what a blast!
  4. Never mind, I have figured it out. It's not hard, just use waypoints instead, and "change location" and "change name" after saving the initial position.
  5. Hi all, this is my first post here, so I hope I don't ask the wrong things. I've done a search, but I can't find any info on saving more than one set of coordinates on my Oregon 550. It would not usually be an issue, as most GC only require one set of onward coordinates at a time, which can be entered in the GC mode. My GC friend Fich06 and I are in the middle of a 17 stage pyramid cache, involving loads of coordinates, but I only seem to be able to enter one set at once. I can't display them on the map as waypoints, which would make life easy for navigating, as one can on the iPhone. Is there something simple I'm missing? I have tried renaming, and changing the icon, but they disappear as soon as I enter then next one..... Any help appreciated. And I love the Oregon 550 otherwise, it is fast, accurate, and the touchscreen is fabulous.
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