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  1. Plaidguy

    HOTM 2013

    Prying Pandora and I are driving down that morning and will be there.
  2. Plaidguy

    HOTM 2013

    Prying Pandora and I will be there.
  3. Congratulations to my wife, Prying Pandora, on her 10,000th cache find at Wallula Gap Overlook (GCKVFE)! Good friends, a little bubbly, and some unbelievable wind made for a memorable day!
  4. Plaidguy


    Like many others, I was shocked and saddened to hear of Brian's passing. I can't put to words the emotions I am feeling.
  5. I'll be there. Sounds fun, and I haven't done any good hikes for a while
  6. PP may have to work, but I'll go. Sounds like fun! Maybe I can improve last weekend's score on their trivia challenge game.
  7. I have one. It froze up once, but otherwise ok. The only issue I have is the display is practically unreadable in bright sunlight. I have to duck in some shade somewhere to be able to see anything on the screen.
  8. You're not the only one who is glad she made it back ok, although she certainly has her share of scrapes and bruises to show for it. PP, many, many congratulations to you on #3000!!!!! And please try something a little more tame for your next milestone.
  9. Congratulations to Prying Pandora for her 2500th find today in Steilacoom!
  10. We DID see you on the road! Oops, Prying Pandora was logged on as Plaidguy!
  11. While we were busy following the wrong "trail" on the way back, Prying Pandora was starting to wonder what was taking us so long. She called and asked if we had gotten lost or eaten. Wanting to prepare her for what was to come, I replied, "A litte of both."
  12. That's mighty nice of you to offer. If you still have extras, could I use one as well? I'm a size 9, so it sounds like it'll fit.
  13. Well, my legs and feet are telling me a story right now. Something about getting a mondo workout today and not wanting to cooperate when the brain issues them commands. Had a great time today, even if those legs and feet think otherwise.
  14. Sure, we can carpool. You wanna drive? I'll pony up for gas, too. Why don't we meet at Shhh! ? What time? Would 7:45 give us enough time?
  15. Yep, I'm in. It's either that or mow the lawn and rake some leaves. But I figure if I do that by next weekend no one will be able to tell anyway. Of course, I'd probably be a lot less tired if I just stuck to mowing and raking, but what the heck. No Prying Pandora, though - she has to work.
  16. Oops, Plaidguy accidentally got the cookies this time.
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