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  1. I must be doing SOMETHING wrong somewhere, but my signature isn't showing up on my posts. I also tried to change my forum status to say "Perpetually lost" (since I am, LOL) but that's not sticking, either. I'm very familiar with internet forums, and haven't had a problem ever getting my siggy to "stick" before, LOL. Where am I messing up?
  2. Using that criterion baseball and rugby are not sports, yet synchronized swimming and curling are. I thought there was an olympic baseball competition though? Or was that softball? I totally don't do sports, LOL>
  3. Yep, I agree with this. It's also a sneaky way to get the GeoKids (and sometimes, with some motherly 'persuasion' (a/k/a threats of grounding, but let's not be nit-picky here, hehe) one or more of the GeoTeens) unglued from the TV (gasp!) and go spend time doing something definitely different and interesting. There are a number of caches within no more than six miles of us - I mean, OODLES of them - so we don't even have to wander very far (with gas prices and all, that's a GOOD thing! ) - or, in the alternative, we can go way far if we want to. ;-)
  4. Welcome to the obsession! I'm a new cacher, too, with all of five finds to my name, LOL. I'm directionally-challenged and technologically impaired - this is probably the last hobby anyone who knows me would think I'd latch onto. But, I'm having a blast and obsess over which caches I'm going to hunt once the weekend finally hits. ;-) I've heard there is no cure for this, which is fine, because I don't wanna be cured. Enjoy!
  5. cool...when do I get my Nimbus 2000?????? ;-) Geocaching Quidditch would be extremely fun. ;-) (all Harry Potter references, for the four people in the world who may not have read the series, hehe. )
  6. Oooh, neat idea. My biker vest needs some new patches.
  7. Ditto to what CindyJ said... the term muggles doesn't bother me (after all, I was one for 37 years, hehe) and my kids adore the Harry Potter-esque connotation of the term, hehe. I've never had a muggle encounter yet, but then again, I've only found five, so i'm just getting started. I don't see it as being a problem though. Some good points raised elsewhere were that someone not familiar with what you are doing could possible (a) report the cache as a possible bomb or ( find it themselves and outright steal it. Hence the need for "stealth" or discretion.
  8. Ditto... my kids go NUTS when we find a cache with stuff in it. A trip to the local Dollar General got us nicely stocked up for many future outings.
  9. Yep... I do that juggling act all the time, hehe.
  10. THANX! All good stuff to keep in mind for this weekend. :-)
  11. Yep, I did that several times on our last cache of the day Sunday, LOL. Good advice. Once we were "somewhere around it," the kids started looking all over the place and my nine-year-old located it. I'm still standing there trying to figure out my GPS, and they are off actually finding the darn thing, hehe! ;-) Practice makes perfect.
  12. Yep, that does sound right. For example, I KNOW I was headed in the right direction yesterday, but the path was very curvey (and there was a creek/deep ditch between me and where it WANTED me to go, so barrelling on thru wasn't do-able, LOL). I just kept following in the general direction, and once we rounded that curve, it started behaving more.
  13. It varies how close i am to when it jumps around. sometimes its somewhere in the middle of the trek; and yes, often it is when we are closing in. It will say I'm six feet away from it, then jump and say 30 feet if I turn wrong, LOL.
  14. Be sure to recalibrate the compass when first starting out. May help with some of that. thanks! Um.... how do I do that? ;0
  15. THANX! I will check that out. :D
  16. One thing I'm trying to get used to is learning how to correctly read & follow the GPS (I have a Magellan GC). I will head off towards where the cache is located on my GPS, and then suddenly, it will jump to the right (or left, whichever way I'm NOT going). Then, when I change course and head in THAT direction, it jumps again somewhere else. Definitely doing a LOT of zig-zagging back & forth & all around. Is that the nature of the beast, or do I need to be doing anything differently?
  17. OK, I'm happy... another day of taking my GeoKids and my Magellan out to hunt for caches, and we were successful five out of six times. They were all 1/1 or 1.5 level (but seemed challenging to me, yikes! LOL!) but the kids had such a good time this weekend! We found five caches, and saw three bunnies and one frog. I've been motivated to start a Geocaching blog to chronicle our adventures (http://geocachingadventures.wordpress.com/). Feel free to follow along if you wish. Hopefully will add pics soon if I ever get a camera. G'night everyone - hope your Monday goes smoothly.
  18. I agree. Me and one (or two) of my GeoTeens are planning on going to the Georgia Geocaching Association meeting next Saturday (assuming that Life does not derail the best-laid plans, LOL). Definitely wanna connect with folks who have been doing this longer than me, LOL.
  19. Yep... I plan on going back there after church for sure to hunt for that one. I caught that hint in the description...only problem is, there are several of those things around...never know which one is actually it. The search continues! On the bright side - me and the GeoKids went out today and found TWO! One in Loganville Plaza, and another elsewhere. Kids were elated (and so was I). Yay! About durn time!
  20. OK, I've searched and found four more "regular" size with a difficulty level of 1 or 1.5, within a 1.5-mile radius from my home. i'm so totally finding SOMETHING tomorrow! New year's resolution #1!!! roflol. Nite, y'all. be safe and see ya later!
  21. whoops, my bad - that was a typo - meant to say "largeR" - it's a regular, not a small. Wish it was a large cache, LOL - with neon lights and an arrow pointing down with the aforementioned cache elf saying, "HERE IT IS!" haha. Sorry about that - off to fix typo now. Happy to email you code if you are still interested, though it's just a regular old, well, REGULAR size.
  22. oooh, what a deliciously evil idea!!!! hahaha! I'll have to make a mental note of some of these great ideas. hehe.
  23. Hopefully it doesn't rain TOO much tomorrow, so I can go back out and try this again with more than 30 minutes of daylight, LOL! Then again, we are having family over for the traditional southern new year's day dinner (collards and black-eyed peas, anyone?) so I may not be able to escape. Then again, we're having family over for the traditional new year's day dinner, so...it might be the BEST time to escape! Oh, wait, did I say that with my out-loud voice? oops. hehe. Just kiddin. Honest. Worst-case scenario, there's always sunday afternoon after church. But I'm impatient and don't wanna wait THAT long! LOL!
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