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  1. That is just full of WIN and AWESOME!
  2. For me, it depends. I've not done a huge amount of caching, still a newbie, but I love to move those TBs around. First thing it depends on is if I know I'm going to be doing any unique caches in the near future. If I'm going to one far away, or otherwise very unique, I'll move the TB to that one (assuming its within the TB's travel goals, of course). Oftentimes, if I have a full day of hunting planned, I'll hit the TB-carrying caches FIRST, and then somewhere along the way, put it into a TB-less cache later in the day. If I stumble across a TB and it insists on following me home (unplanned, kinda like a puppy), I'll put it in the next available cache as quickly as possible. Of course, that backfired on me once... I got a TB from a cache, dropped it off at my next cache, and when entering the details that night discovered that it had been at that second cache just one geocacher ago.. in essence, i'd dropped it right back from where it recently came from. :::facepalm:::
  3. Exactly - except I underestimated! LOL Oh well...lesson learned.
  4. Gas price increase in just the past day or so has made me very much wish I'd postponed my fabulous All-Day-Kid-Free Caching till another time (as much as I enjoyed it). Now I'm scraping $$ together to make it to work till Friday, LOL (thank God, tomorrow is thursday! LOL!). Didn't quite budget "enough" gas money for this week (had gas prices not jumped so high, woulda been ok). That 40 mile (one way) commute of mine really sucks all the fun out of life - LOL! But, what goes up, must come down, eventually, I hope.
  5. I absolutely ADORE Savannah. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd move down there next week, LOL! Any city that is old and historical is right up my alley, but Savannah is, so far, my favorite.
  6. Ditto on those two reasons. Also, if it's a cache that I want to do in the future, but can't yet for whatever reason (time, distance, etc), sometimes I'll watch it just to read of others' adventures... and to keep it in mind so I don't forget about it in my chaotic, ADD world, LOL.
  7. Fun!!!! It's great when you have time to tour the place you are visiting and enjoy the location. I'm usually so time crunched, I don't get to do that often.
  8. Happy Tuesday, y'all! Back to the real world for me... I had yesterday off work for Presidents' Day (US), but the kids were all in school for a make-up day from our recent snowstorm. It was 70 degrees and mostly sunny (or mostly cloudy, depending...it varied thru the day) so I spent the whole day geocaching SOLO and had a blast! If you are in Georgia, or are coming thru Georgia for any reason, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND visiting the town of Madison, GA. There are a BUNCH of caches hidden there (easy, family-friendly...will have to bring my kids back) and it's a gorgeous, historical town...like a page right out of Gone With The Wind. Seriously. It's like stepping back into another century... I positively adored the place! I spent most of the day geocaching there, then eating lunch and taking tours of some of the historic homes. After that, I hopped on over to Stone Mountain (totally in the opposite direction, closer to Atlanta) and did some caching/hiking there...I found one, & had one DNF. I definitely recommend Stone Mountain caches, too... but be ready for a workout on some of them, LOL! Feel free to check out my pics HERE. Anyone else have any fun caching adventures this weekend? Do tell!
  9. No special plans this weekend...yet! Doing lots of laundry! LOL but Monday is a holiday for my firm - yay - and (yay again!) my kids have school that day as a snow makeup day.... so I'm thinking monday is gonna be all caches, all day, and whatever I can sneak in over the weekend.
  10. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Enjoy the weather! it's about the same here (except cloudy...but at least warm)... I have a three-day weekend (I (heart) my job!) Monday is a school snow-day makeup day, so... it's a full-on GEOCACHE FREEDOM day for me. Plus whatever I manage to get into over the weekend. :-) Anyway, congrats and enjoy the warmth!
  11. slight detour from topic, but.... OMG!!!! HOW COOL!!! I am one of those "Ghost Hunter" nerds, LOL, and I love history and allegedly haunted places. Absolutely will be keeping my eyes peeled for this series!!!!! /topic resumes.... Thanks. I'm big into the paranormal as well, and there are a lot of cool places around here that have some interesting tales to tell, some of which come from my own personal experiences. The trick is, finding places to put caches that don't impede on anything else. I know my first four places I want to do, but my next step is to scout out places to actually put out caches for it. Should be fun. Keep me posted! Looking forward to finding these.
  12. slight detour from topic, but.... OMG!!!! HOW COOL!!! I am one of those "Ghost Hunter" nerds, LOL, and I love history and allegedly haunted places. Absolutely will be keeping my eyes peeled for this series!!!!! /topic resumes....
  13. Great find, Harry Dolphin! We searched for four this weekend, and found three...including the one I was so excited about, the bamboo forest! Can read about our adventures HERE (Saturday) and HERE (Sunday's Bamboo Forest hunt). Finally got a camera, so my "photojournal blog" really is a photojournal blog now, LOL! Hope everyone had a great caching weekend and found all you sought!
  14. LOL - gotta giggle... all these "My XXXXXX-THOUSANDTH" cache is this weekend!" posts... I'll be all excited to find my 20th this weekend, hehe. Happy hunting, everyone!
  15. I just might be jealous -that looks awesome!
  16. I had no idea, either. I have to be up that way on Sunday afternoon, and figured I may as well find a cache or two while I was up in that neck of the woods... I haven't been out that way in eons, LOL! I was so excited when I saw that bamboo forrest... how freakin' cool is that???? When my son comes home, I'm definitely dragging him over there to see it, too. Have fun with your creative caches!
  17. Woot! We made it to FRIDAY! After a two-week lapse with no geocaching, I'm excited to get out there to find some caches this weekend! While plotting my geocache targets for the weekend, I found THIS ONE - and am super, super excited about getting out there to find it. This is definitely a very unique location for a cache. It's almost one of my favorites and I haven't been there yet. Soooo...anyone else have any unique caches you are going after this weekend?
  18. OK, this isn't as extreme as someplace with REAL winter, but a few weeks back, when GA was clobbered by the ice/snow storms and we got "several inches" (like, maybe, almost FOUR!) of snow... the kids and I did our first-ever winter caching. Found a cache in the woods of a local park where there was still quite a bit of snow...everything looked absolutely the same, and GPS reception was spotty as heck. Pure luck, that one was. Having only been caching since January, that's all I've got so far. But very memorable to me, as my first official "snow cache."
  19. Dang! You win! (or she does, rather) Glad she is OK.
  20. Nothing more than thorn scratches and bruises from tripping & falling so far here. However, my 17 yo did step into a hole up to her thigh and twisted her ankle once. My motorcycle accident story is MUCH cooler, albeit, much more humiliating. LOL!
  21. Oh, I'll help answer your questions, if you still need!
  22. What a fun story! Welcome to the obsession!
  23. We have a small backpack (Like, purse-sized) that we keep everything in. The swag is in the main compartment, wallet & keys in another, and there's a pocket for GPS & cords & such. Pens, extra batteries, and CITO bags are in the very front pocket. While in use, my GPS in on a lanyard (that I got from a cache, incidently, LOL) around my neck. Everything we need, all in one place.
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