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  1. Wonder if the servers can handle this one!!! My official first post.
  2. Interesting! Looking over the geocoin budget as we speak...
  3. We had a similar situation, only not at night. Both sets of keys were locked inside, (mine and my wife's) so we improvised and found a long piece of #10 solid copper ground wire from an old power-pole nearby. All those years in prison finally paid off!
  4. Name of Mystery Geocoin: Geocoin Secret Agent Method Obtained: It's a secret... Name of Mystery Geocoin: Geocoin Fairy Method Obtained: Pirate's Garden cache Name of Mystery Geocoin: Geo-Pumkin Method Obtained: In a pumkin patch..somewhere...out there. Name of Mystery Geocoin: Geo-Sasquatch Method Obtained: In the woods. *Deep* in the woods. Name of Mystery Geocoin: Geo-Bandit Method Obtained: The infamous "Black Bubble-Mailer!" I have been VERY fortunate to have a great group of friends who surprise us at times. We have been bitten very hard by the geo-coin bug, won a couple and purchased quite a few, but the best ones of all are the surprises that you never expect. We are thankful for them all!
  5. Or: No additional software needed if you: Open GSAK, imort your PQ, and then go to "File"-"Export"-"Export as HTML" A folder called "Cache" will be created. When it's done it's magic, go to "My Computer" then "GSAK" the drag the folder called "Cache" into either your PDA (if docked) or a memory card that then goes in your PDA. Aftar that, go to File Explorer on your PDA, find and open "Cache" and click on "Index" Ta-da....
  6. Heh...based on our experience, you don't "own" a cat... They choose to own you! This is a great tread...Keep them coming! (Any Samoyeds out there?)
  7. Those are some awesome stories, and GREAT looking puppies! Cointest winner or not, I think that we are ALL winners because we get to share in the love of our four-legged friends!
  8. Here's a few more of the gang: And Ice Cream...after he roll into something AWFUL!!!
  9. Thanks! Barkley is only about 5 months old, and is ALL hound! We got him from fellow cachers (and Basset kennel owners) the "Basset Hounds." He loves to sniff...now if I can just train him to be a cache-selective-sniffer...
  10. Here in all of his cuteness is "Ice-Cream!" and the newest member of the Hick brood, "Barkley Winchester!"
  11. We have three in out area that are toughies... Tube Torcher II Athena's Curse Assasin's Ridge
  12. Eric, Thank you so much for the chance to share a part of our families traditions. In the Christmas spirit, I'd like for you to send my prize to DaFunkyFrogs. While losing a parent is tough enough, I couldn't imagine losing a child. Merry Christmas to all!
  13. My favorite Christmas ornament was one made by my late Mother. She used to make very tiny and delicate manger scenes in "blown" or cleaned out eggs. I was given one before her passing when I was 17. Due to a bitter divorce, my ex destroyed it about 6 years ago. When some of my geocaching friends learned of this a few years ago, they found someone else who also made this type of ornament, and had one made for me and surprised me with it at one of our geo-club meetings. Yeah...I cried. Geocaching has given me some wonderful friendships! Here it is in it's case that my wife made:
  14. I did a little maintenance on one of my more tougher caches, and had an encounter... Thanks to the Wild-One! What a great coin!!!!
  15. Looks like he has been sighted in the Upstate of South Carolina, as well... May have been cohorting around with our Midlands "Lizard-Man!"
  16. After doing THIS CACHE, I must get one of these coins!
  17. What an AWESOME surprise! Even though I'm in the South, (Marshal Tucker Country!) and grew up near where most of Smokey and the Bandit was filmed near Atlanta, my heart has always been a Western one, and treasure my years of living in Idaho and Colorado, thanks to the Air Force. I have been a lonnnnng-time subscriber to one of the best magazines around ("Cowboys and Indians", check it out online!) and am VERY much appreciative of the gift that my family received today! Thanks, Bandit!
  18. Email sent, but not before prayers and well-wishes.
  19. He's been through South Carolina and North Carolina last month. What a putz...
  20. That is a SWEET coin! (and in Copper....my favorite!) That makes me want to get out and find more caches. Hope one travels it's way down here in South carolina
  21. The entire Upstate of South Carolina, with Greenville, Anderson and Spartanburg all meeting the criteria and all along the I-85 corridor. Mountains less than an hour to the North, beaches 3 hours to the South. Plethra of caches galore! An active state group, several smaller active groups throughout the state and two VERY active Upstate groups. USCGA SCSG SCGA
  22. Tanks for the stories and the cointest!!!
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