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  1. I did. I still stand by my right to comment as such.
  2. Stupid question. I don't live and breath because of this website. My premium membership money is well spent, and I have no complaints at all. I am thankful for all that they do to keep us in the woods. It's just a damned hobby, people. It's not life or death.
  3. A Pirates Garden Treasure First find sans GPSr "June 24, 2005 by Hockeyhick Took the little ones on their first excursion. This is a great trek for anyone in the area! We don't have a gps yet...but it looks like we may have to get one soon! Took a foreign bill, bracelet, and a swiss army knife; Left hair bows, a tiny stuffed toy puppy, electronic game, and a silver bell." And the very next day with a brand spankin' new Magellan Meridian Gold: Whitesides Mountain "June 25, 2005 by Hockeyhick Wow! Our first find! My family has been hiking Whitesides for several years, and now we have even more fun. Great hike, with my brother, son, wife, daughter and her friend. Good hide, and I understand some confusion, as there are two twin trunked trees nearby. Took jumping beans, and left a new sharpie pen for future finders, a game of Jacks, and a business card from my brother's office. He has been hiking these hills for a while, as he maintains his website, SCWaterfalls.com. Now onto the next one!" Who knew how much this hobby would change us!
  4. Thanks for taking a stand on this issue! I don't think it is a "twist"...it is lying. Period.
  5. The codes were just late getting in. Great response from them, registered and ready to go. Thanks all!
  6. 1000 bad apples...brings out the creativity in the rest of us. A solution for many has been to create a multi based on info found at virt's. For example, in one of mine, we have folks travel around the county (Spartanburg, SC) at some cool historic and culturally popular features, all the while building up the coords to the final. One stage that get's the most reaction is two pieces of the Berlin Wall on display at a local manufacturer. Many, MANY people have lived here all of their lives and not known that. I am a firm believer that geocachers trump local chambers of commerce when it comes to educating tourists!
  7. The coin I bought is the nano American Flag one, not the dancing bear. (although IMHO I don't think that's as much of a copywrite infringment than the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Prism or the M.C. Escher coins out there.) Anywho, I sent a PM to them and am waiting...
  8. Thanks for emphasizing my point! In this day and age of people expecting and even demanding entitlement, my membership is money well spent! I get WAY more that I pay for, and that shouldn't go un-noticed!
  9. We'll be swinging by with a slew of 12-year-olds and families for the AYSO tournament on Father's Day weekend. Any suggestions for must-do family-style caches? I'm positive we'll introduce a few newbies...
  10. I purchase one of their USA Flag magnetic nano coins at GW7. They list in the insert as using CoinCodes.com as the source for activation, but those good folks emailed and said that they haven't received any inf on those coins yet. Emails to SoCal have been unanswered as of yet. Anyone else have any ideas?
  11. Human nature seems to cause us to quickly complain when things that normally operate without issues suddenly go down. We take so much for granted and tend to forget just how dependent we have become on instant gratification via the internet. I think that we need to remind ourselves at just how fortunate we are to have many good folks working in the background, just to make our geocaching experiences better. I was reminded of such this morning as I managed to re-claim my coin collection from Geowoodstock. As fast as I could click the mouse, each coin was re logged back to me in an amazing display of swiftness. MANY thanks to those who have worked on making the website function with the increased pressure of this past event, as well as each and every spike in daily usage. I would also like to thank the reviewers, moderators and other folks in the background of this organization. We owe much of our pleasure to you!
  12. I also concur with Athena's Curse....but the Athena's Revenge is equally daunting... I'm about ready to hang up the knee pads and waders...AND the brain! WHEW!
  13. We are back from our Spring vacation, so let it be now, please...
  14. For those pesky microbes: Butt Out® Big Geocache Retrieval Tool Proper care of geocaches in the field is essential to having a quality geocache experience. With the Butt Out® Big Geocache Retreival Tool, cachers can quickly and easily remove the anal alimentary canal on deer and deer-sized game. At the start of the field dressing process, the tool should be inserted to the handle into the deer’s anal cavity, then turn it approximately 1-1/2 turns and use the handle to pull out a 10-inch section of the deer’s intestine, which can then be cut off. Then the rest of the retrieval job can be done quickly. The Butt Out® is light and compact; making it easy to carry in the field and it can be easily cleaned and disinfected for re-use.
  15. I'm sure we can find something useful here:
  16. A washer is just a slug with religion...
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