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  1. How can you change the measurement default?
  2. The Wall One of the more unique sites in our area.
  3. Wow...only three, huh? Can't do it... I'll let y'all pick: Our very first cache placed: Heads Up, Lavern! You never know what you'll find when geocaching, especially surprising to merge another hobby: The Competitive $pirit of Man We love for kids to smile and have fun with their parents...and vice-versa! Ah...RATS! Fun placement and easy to check on, too! Liftin' our LEG! Knowing is half the battle! N-O-A Once again, just to give a kid a grin... The Big Red Puzzle Let the little ones lend a hand! Carolina Cootie Cacher Amazing flow! Cedar Springs Earthcache and Chillin' Spot Left? Right? Up? Down? Yes to all of the above! I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque... Just because I have a passion for the stuff! Legend of "Cat-Daddy" Hick Proud that this one is currently the number one regular cache in the state, according to the favorites! Fission around the bend
  4. Oops...I see that it was already in Scarecrowe's list. Thanks!!!
  5. Here in the Upstate of South Carolina, we have a joint venture with the Spartanburg County Parks and Recreation Department in which completion of the geocaching requirements net each cacher a shiny new geocoin. Our plan is a four coin-four year project with a bonus at the end! Details ---> HERE! <---
  6. As do I. The pictures are buried somewhere deep within this thread...
  7. We would LOVE to jump on board! PM me an address and I'll send you a sampling of the Hick Collection!
  8. I have an Earth cache that requires a little creative math: N.O.A. and a regular puzzle that requires a little deeper thought: I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque...
  9. With out a doubt, one of the nicest coins I have seen! Hopefully that "Bird" might fly over South Carolina soon!
  10. We drove four hours from Spartanburg, SC to witness the launch and had a blast! (pardon the pun...) The initial images are awesome!
  11. Now that the torches have been extinguished, here is one of ours: GC1JX1T
  12. Sent a pm to your account. I'll be glad to give it a look-see!
  13. I have several pocket pc's and a couple Ipod Touches, and the battery life on the Touch is MUCH better.
  14. Since I get a little local flak about my puzzles, I tried to put an easy one out... The Big Red Puzzle This one is home to one of my favorite "DNF" logs by MSWAHOO...
  15. Great job! We were scurrying around to find a suitable substitute for my own live macaw (I mean, whilst is is a coveted Compass Rose, it ain't worth watching Skittles, my blue and gold, fly away...) GREAT cointest!
  16. Hmph... My wife sent me (and my geocoin budget) into Geocoin Detox, and I think, well, she *IS* at work, so I'll slip around here and log myself back in to find this coin out there...somewhere. Great looking coin!
  17. It could be someone like this: Bless their heart...
  18. Added to the group and also here: 10 Years! - Upstate South Carolina and Beyond!
  19. Better that the Pit of Eternal Stench... Besides, I wanna be a Plastic Member.
  20. That is exactly what I hike with! Now for the best wood: White Waxwood... Available at Amazon and other martial arts dealers such as: Karate Depot
  21. Good luck on your latest swag! I can't let the opportunity pass, though...
  22. From *Sunny* Spartanburg, SC! May Santa fill your stockings with coins galore!
  23. One stage of one of our multi has this waiting for you. It is fastened in place, and as secure as it is supposed to be! About an hour with a few shop tools and a good plan...
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