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  1. On our Adventure Lab, only one local friend has logged the entire group.

    Prior to his visit, over 500 acknowledgments were logged by foreign accounts.

    After he did, this account logged it: 


    Interesting thing is that of the 10 locations, the information for two of them is/was definitely not searchable online. (I am surprised that the rest were found, but the power of the Google is strong.)
    Part of me believes that they google stuff, but then there is a part of me that thinks that they have figured out a back-door to the geocaching website.

    If this is the case, then my concern goes beyond a fake log, and more into website security, especially as it pertains to financial records.

    Please enlighten me...

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  2. Please update the files for Spartanburg County in South Carolina:


    This notification officially brings an end to the "Geocaching The Pacolet" Geocoin trail.

    Thank you VERY much for letting us share this area, and for visiting the town of Pacolet. 
    This was a product of a partnership between the USCGA and the support of a very personable Mayor Elaine Harris, for without whom none of this would have been possible. Sadly, she passed away, but not before she saw this project bloom. For those of you who received her personal notes and letters, we are sure that you will agree that she loved what geocaching and  geocachers brought to the community.

    Some caches are destined to be archived, but most of these will remain as stand-alone geocaches for others to continue to find.

    Geocoins are no longer available at the Pacolet Town Hall, nor the Pacolet branch of the library. For those of you who may still be working on the trail, please contact us at the GeoPacole profile page, as we have very, very few geocoins left.


    Thanks again for everyone who has visited our little corner of the world!

  3. One more for Spartanburg, SC needs to be added. (I should have added it at the launch...sorry)

    Spartanburg County Parks:


    And the Passport:


    That makes SIX active trails in our county! 

    And now, just for a little while, we are taking a break!

  4. Rock Chalk,


    We need to do a couple edits to the file. The Spartanburg County Heritage Geotrail in Spartanburg, SC has been a dead trail for well over a year, with 250 coins given out. All active geocaches related to the trail have long-ago been edited or archived. We still have folks coming through that insist on receiving a coin (even logging archived caches that no longer exist!)


    Also, we need to remove the Hub City Spartanburg geotrail for the same reasons. Thanks to all for participating in them!


    In their place, we have the City of Spartanburg Hub Love Geotrail. The reward is a trackable geocoin. Info can be found here:




    Also, we will be having a new county parks trail in late Spring of 2017.

  5. We actually have 4 separate Geotrails in Spartanburg, SC. Three reward you with geocoins:

    This was the first series that we put out in conjunction with the Spartanburg Parks and Rec. Takes about a day to complete:




    This one is in the small mill ton of Pacolet. It only takes about half a day:




    This is the one that you have listed already, also should take about half a day:




    The fourth Geotrail is the result of a local Girl Scout project and rewards you with a pathtag:




    Also should be adding three more to our area by the end of the year! ;)

  6. My wife, Cache-n-Kerry and I have been caching since '06. Up until recently, she only logged a few caches over the years, but has decided to go back and log those that we found together. However, when she back-dates the find, it doesn't show up as such in the stats grid of her profile.


    This even happened today, as we found two caches yesterday. I logged mine last night, but she logged hers this morning and backdated to yesterday, but the grid showed it as today.


    Does the grid update periodically, or instantly?

  7. I have been very fortunate to have been given a few along the way, and have payed it forward myself. It is an awesome feeling to find a hidden gift in the mailbox, and it seems that when someone sends you one it brings with it a most unexpected lift in your day!


    Thank you to each and every mysterious coiner for your sacrifice and contributions!

  8. Clearly, you don't know me...I don't roll that way.


    I don't believe in handing out a list to anyone who hasn't seen our collection.


    I was just wondering if there was an easier way to compile the list of coin and TB names and numbers.

  9. Is it possible to download ,with minimal effort, a list of all user-owned trackables (Travel-bugs and geocoins)?


    As our collection has grown it would be nice if we could have a simple list of trackables including tracking numbers for printing purposes.

  10. Is it possible to download ,with minimal effort, a list of all user-owned trackables (Travel-bugs and geocoins)?


    As our collection has grown it would be nice if we could have a simple list of trackables including tracking numbers for printing purposes.

  11. Great service project for you!


    Username: Hockeyhick

    Colors: Purple and Green

    Items: Opus the penguin (From Bloom County) maybe in his Heavy Metal band, DeathTounge outfit, and our local geocaching group logo found here: http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c227/hockeyhick/USCGALogo.jpg

    Other: Perhaps a hockey stick or a puck to the head...


    Just look at my profile and use your imagination...

  12. Who am I to say whether or not a challenge is worthy unless I have actually done it?


    Let's keep this thread positive.


    If you don't like them, or the way that the system currently is right now, there are a plethora of other threads that you could contribute to.

  13. I enjoy the fact that we can use the challenge idea to create those virtual caches that were SO abused in the past.


    As has already been proven, you just can't please everyone, and anus apartus abound.


    However, that won't stop me from sharing those cool cache-less sites to visitors in my home-town!

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