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  1. The new dual core computers from Apple offer the possibility of dual boot. The user can boot in either Mac OSX or Windows XP. Of course, under Windows XP one can load any Windows program and run it as from a regular PC (or so says Apple). Since Garmin doesn't have anything (well... almost) that works under Mac OSX I was wondering if anyone tried to install Mapsource and run it under the XP environment on an Apple. Does it work? Any problems with it? Is your GPS recognized by the system when you plug it in? Can you upload maps? This is also important from another point of view. Assuming that Garmin comes tomorrow with a new Mapsource version for OSX this means that I would still have to invest money in new maps, which are not that cheap anyway (the Windows versions that we all have now won't work on a MacIntosh). That's why I would prefer to install Mapsource along with the existing maps under XP and transfer them onto my GPS. Thanks, Lawrence
  2. I know that. My problem is that when I try to add one more map to my GPS using Img2gps, all other maps are deleted. I was trying to find a way to add maps without erasing the existing ones. How can I do that?
  3. Thanks, Red. Yet, is there a way to see what maps I have uploaded on my GPS using Sendmap or Img2gps?
  4. Anyone experienced this? I launch Sendmap, then I click Sync GPS, I get that warning message and after that the program freezes. Am I doing something wrong here? How does this work? Thanks, Laurentiu
  5. I managed to identify three maps in my region and edited them as per Red's instructions. I uploaded them onto my GPS and, so far they look good. I'll see more tonight, on my way home.
  6. Thanks, Red, Well.... is there another way of checking this? To go and open each map one by one is possible, in theory, at least. Topo Canada has 7,317 img files. I can't see myself opening every single one until I find what I need. What about selecting a few maps in Mapsource, saving the file into a format then checking with another program to see which img files are there? Is there a way of doing this? Then I can go and change the files, as you suggested. Thanks again, Laurentiu
  7. Another question: When I select a map in Mapsource, it usually cames up with a name. How can I determine which file I selected? I mean... if I look in the Garmin folder each map has a different name than the one that appears in Mapsource. Any idea? Thanks, Laurentiu
  8. I know, I have them both. But I would like to show contour lines on top of MG.
  9. I was wondering if there is a way to transform an existing *.img file and make it transparent. I have MetroGuide Canada as well as Topo Canada. I want to make the img files from Topo Canada transparent and upload them together with MetroGuide. This way I could see the topo map while using the MetroGuide, without switching back and forth. Has anyone tried this? Thanks, Laurentiu
  10. No problem, man. We are all stressed sometimes and I understand your frustration. But... as I said, life is too short.
  11. Well. Crap, I'll never ask a question like this on this forum again. It seems that those who have no useful answer still need to chime in with their 2 cents. Their response to my email instructed me to contact Amazon.ca. I already knew this was useless as they dont carry gps's on their website. They did not tell me whether or not paypal was accepted, whether or not i could apply for the amazon.com credit card, and no useful information other than contact Amazon.ca, which was pointless. Therefore I posted here. And why would anyone need to know their reply in order to answer my question. I'm sure you're no further ahead for knowing it. Thanks to the few of you who did give a useful, positive response. 1. relax, man. Life is short, no need to worry to much 2. I guess you spent too much energy answering my question. For future, if you don't like something it is better to ignore that post, don'tcha think?! 3. I was curios to see what they said, even for the fact that one day I or somebody else might want to buy something from them. Another couple of cents (Canadian... of course)
  12. Well, you said you contacted them; what did they answer?
  13. I'm not sure I understood this right. Your Garmin was crushed by a truck - in which case, I would say it was your fault or, at least, no manufacturing defect, right? And, yet, Garmin sent you another unit FOR FREE?! What did you tell them? Wanted to know just in case it happens to me too.
  14. I don't see why not! From what I heard you would be able to run any windows program thanks to the dual boot capability.
  15. So, it seems that the unit cannot see the difference when using MG Canada. I e-mailed Garmin again and I am waiting to see what they have to say about it. I'm afraid, though, they won't do anything since MG is no longer supported and they try to push CN instead. We'll see... Thanks everyone for their answers. At least I know nothing is wrong with my unit. Regards, Laurentiu
  16. Thanks, Derek. I'll keep pushing Garmin and hopefully they will get this corrected, somehow.
  17. Well, that's exactly what I mean. When I zoom in I can see I'm in the collectors/express, so, the unit 'sees' the lanes. However, if I stay in Express it prompts me to exit not to collector first, then to exit but let me stay in express until about 1km before the exit. Of course, most of the time there is to transfer between express and collector and, unless I jump over the concrete divider I have to miss the exit.
  18. go here: http://maps.nrcan.gc.ca/topo_metadata/index_e.php then go to 'clickable map of Canada' and search for your region The whole GTA region can be found here: http://maps.nrcan.gc.ca/cgi-bin/kira_lin.c...m_type=CTI-FORM Use the numbers from teh table to select your maps in geobase.ca hope this helps. Laurentiu
  19. I tried it and, when exporting to img I get an error message saying 'Error E032: Layer 0 of the map cannot be empty.' What am I doing wrong here?!
  20. I downloaded a mapset from geobase.ca and, when I unzipped the file I noticed there were two *.dem files, one having an 'e' at the end (before extention), the second with a 'w'. What is the difference between the two files?
  21. This is five pages long but sooooo gooood with looots of details! Thanks a lot for it!
  22. Hello, I recently purchased a GPSMAP 60 Cx and I noticed that this unit cannot differentiate between collector and expres lanes on Hwy 401. I used before an Etrex Vista C and I was pleased to see that, for longer trips, the unit prompted me to keep left and enter express and then, approaching to the exit, to keep right and exit towards collector. I use Metroguide Canada. Also, if I use nRoute+MG Canada and simulate a GPS, I get the same result as for the Vista. Unfortunately this new unit, for whatever reason, can't do it. Anyone having the same experience? I was wondering if ther eis something wrong with my unit or if all are the same. I asked Garmin the same question and, after a couple of e-mails back and forth they said they need to look into it and will get back to me (which hasn't happened yet). Thanks, Laurentiu
  23. Why don't you create your route as I mentioned before, using the route tool? You could add via points at each intersection, this way your GPSr will be forced to follow your route since you won't give him the chance to stray from course. This might be a bit cumbersome but will work. Until Garmin finds a solution to fix this. By the way... anyone tried to contact Garmin about this? did they provided an explanation?
  24. I also hate the differences in routing between Mapsource and GPSr. You can do something else: click on the route tool (the three points connected together with a line) and click where you want to start your route, then keep going, adding points along your route, where you think the GPSr would change it. Pretty cumbersome but possible.
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