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  1. I have a Garmin 60 Cx and I've been using it on a daily basis mainly for car navigation without any problems. Today, glancing at the screen I noticed that the location shown was totally different than where I actually was. According to the GPS I was driving on a parallel street, about 200 meter (650 feet) away. I switched to the Satellite screen and the error was +/- 4 meters. This happened quite a few times on my way to work; sometimes, looking at the screen it appearead that I wasn’t even driving on a road but somehow parallel with it. I shut it off a few times, then restarted it. A couple of times the satellite page showed an error of +/- 60 meters, however the location showed on the map page showed was correct. Sometimes, even though the error was +/- 5 meters, the location was off by 100-200 meters. Anyone experienced this before? Any idea about what I should do before calling Garmin? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Laurentiu
  2. I have a 60 Cx (and love it!!) and I recently discovered this feature - projecting a waypoint. I was wondering if anyone is using this feature. The only thing I can use it fore would be in conjunction with a topo map, when I know my position and I calculate the bearing to my next point - say, I am here, I want to go to point A, I can see on my map that point A is about 1000 meters away from here and the bearing is 264 degrees. This way I can project the waypoint A starting from my current position. I would find this useful especially when hiking at night or in whiteout/fog conditions when I cannot use the compass to take a bearing because of lower visibility. Any other thoughts? Anyone using this feature? Any comments are appreciated. Laurentiu
  3. Some of them are pretty loud. You have to trythem and see which one is more ... annoying. I found one I can hear no matter what
  4. On a second thought... you are right. But I can swear, the same set of maps takes longer at home (on a USB 1.0) than at work (where my computer has a USB 2.0 port)
  5. That might be your problem Find a computer with a USB 2.0 port. It will run faster
  6. TRAKMAPS - a company located in Quebec. They have wonderful topo maps for Ontario and Quebec - much more detailed that Topo Canada. However, this comes at a price. The entire Ontario cost 299.00 CAD. But, as I said, there is a huge difference between this maps and those from Garmin.
  7. At least this is good, although, in the morning it almost threw me out of my car, when I approached a speedtrap. But, the good new is that now the tone for POI alarms can be customized.
  8. There is an easier way around this - see this link. Used them both, however, the second solution is better since you only need to apply the patch once, then you can upload your maps using Mapsource as for any other product. If you adopt the first solution you need to go step by step whenever you want to upload maps onto your receiver. It works but is a little bit more complicated. I prefer the second solution.
  9. Glad I could help you (and add one more person to the converted group). Wait until you get used to it and you'll love it more and more. Well... I don't sell it...if I had to sell Mozilla I would put more effort into this. Anyway, bottom line is I hate Windoze and everything that bears the name Microsoft (too much trouble, too painful, life is too short for this).
  10. Very easy and you will be very happy. Once downloaded and installed it will import all your settings and bookmarks from IE. I was also reluctant at the beginning then I said, what the heck! And I have never went back to IE since I switched. Sorry, I can't help you with IE7; I only know that our IT people at work told us not to upgrade because of the problems they encountered.
  11. It's not that complicated, Here are some instructions and I found them very straight forward.
  12. Track up most of the time (especially when driving). after all, I have the small arrow that shows me which way is north, in case I am confused.
  13. Just because you created some waypoints in CN/Mapsource and then you uploaded to your GPSr doesn't mean you also uploaded the MAPS. You need to select some map tiles too, otherwise you are still on basemap. And, when you choose 'Send to device' in Mapsource you need to check the Maps box under 'What to send'. If this is greyed out that means there are no maps selected. Again, when you upload waypoints you don't automatically send the map tiles too. Check this when you have a chance and let us know. As someone said before, it seems that you only have the basemap installed.
  14. The compass calibration has nothing to do with autorouting (other units without compass do autoroute). Probably your CN map is hidden. Go Setup ->Map -> Map Setup Information and see if your CN appears there. Even with same settings on your computer and GPS (no U-turns, avoid toll roads, etc. - as PrimeSuspect said) the unit might suggest a different route than the one calculated by MapSource.
  15. All my caches are in a GPX file; all have the closed treasure chest assigned. If I load them as individual waypoints then I can see them in the Geocaching screen. If I load them as custom POIs they don't show up.
  16. Is there a way to do this using the custom POIs instead of regular waypoints?
  17. There a re a lot of waypoint icons in Mapsource that are not recognized by the GPSr. Instead of using the assigned icon, the GPSr replaces it by a push pin. Is there a way to transfer these from Mapsource to the GPSr? I hate to see that I assign an icon and there I see a pushpin. Any idea how to do this or whether is possible? Thanks a lot, Laurentiu
  18. Hello, How can one setup the geocaching options? I have a whole bunch of caches loaded as Custom POIs, but my GPSr keeps saying 'None Found' under 'Geocache Near Current Location'. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks, Laurentiu
  19. Laurontario

    Metro Wiz?

    No, I don't. Living in Canada, MG Canada work perfectly for me and it does autoroute. Assuming that I need to travel to US, I would use Metro Wiz to upload MG North America. But, for my travels to Europe the patch works perfectly with MG Europe and I don't need to complicate my life using Metro Wiz - I just apply the patch once and I'm good to go. On the other hand, I don't understand why the author of those patches doesn't want to provide one for MG North America too...
  20. Laurontario

    Metro Wiz?

    It is, trust me. However, the best way to make MetroGuide routable is to modify the tdb file - details here
  21. Laurontario

    Windows Vista

    When I buy a new... uh.. computer it will be a Mac. No more Windows crap! Vista... three-dimensional windows (who the heck needs those ) Just launched and people started discovering bugs in it!
  22. be easy on them... they don't have ten fingers It's a lot easier to think in 1/32 and 1/8 of an inch instead of using the metric system. After all, c'mon... after a few drinks of warm beer (remember... the roots of this 'wonderful' system are in UK) you can figure it out: one foot = 12 inches; three feet = one yard. easy huh?! I_Forgot_How_Many_Yards = one mile. And, to keep it 'simple', there is a nautical mile as well as the terrestrial mile! Let's try this in metric: TEN millimeter = one centimeter TEN centimeter = one decimeter TEN decimeters = one meter Same think for lb, oz, gallons. Wake up, people: your imperial system is obsolete! How many people of this earth use the metric system and how many use yours? And, about the Euro, hahahaha... if you haven't heard yet, there have been some discussions for introducing the AMERO, as an unique currency for US, Canada and Mexico. Better go geocaching...
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