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  1. With over seven pages of comments, did we miss any comment like ours that suggests some Challenge caches would not need to have a physical cache someplace that would limit participation? We remember when Groundspeak made a specific tab available for Challenges - although most of those challenges got really crazy and had no relationship with geocaching. We've seen (and offered) some Challenges that take more effort to meet the criteria than to find the cache. And not having them location bound, means that geo-players from anywhere on the globe could participate - in meeting the requirements of the Challenge. To wit, one of our Challenges requires Finds using the letters of a deck of cards (GC4P3NR) in order. That in itself took us forever! But you can only play if you find it in California. Why not make it universal? Another of our hides (GC3G7AD) requires BINGO-style geo-related participation. If it were locationless, anyone could qualify. We fully support all the other requirements. Just sayin'
  2. Well, we installed 2.15 onto our team's four ExGC units yesterday. Today we went caching and found that our ExGC looks and feels completely different. There are some screen data we don't understand. (We'll try to post screen shot.) Additionally, we couldn't get tracking to stay OFF. Too, once we 'stepped into' the cache details, the route mode (joystick to the left), the new 2.15 doesn't seem to decrement the distance as we closed in on the cache. In fact, we were within 29 feet and the ExGC still showed the original .01 miles - even though the track and arrow had closed in on the cache. We looked at the posted manual, and it hasn't caught up with all the features. We've got a few other issues, but I'm so mad I can't type. Anyone else having issues?
  3. Groundspeak now carries them! <http://shop.geocaching.com/default/stickers-and-trade/swag/geocaching-flag.html>
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