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  1. What's that place that has had a coal seam burning under it since the sixties? Pardon my poor geography skills, but is it Centralia? I bet that place would be terrifying to cache in. Old abandoned town with steam coming up through cracks in the earth. *shudders at the thought*

    I think so. Centralia, PA, I believe.

  2. I guess this post is mostly for my own amusement but also to say hello again.... (and to get a few opinions)


    I had to upgrade my hardware recently cause my trusty Garmin IIIx bit the dust. I lives somewhere in a swamp now. When I got it it was the top of the line, and served its purpose for many many many years. It has been all over the globe with me and honestly it will be missed. :(


    Anyway picked up a new sexy Garmin GPSmap 62st. (Ever since Garmin started making handheld GPS units I have really liked them.) While granted when I started using them ummm there was them and Magellan and not a lot else.


    I have to say, there is a lot of wow in the current technology. While I have not reached the ripe old description of ancient, I will say I am getting to the point I am older then some. :P With that I will say I am pretty amazed these days on the technology that has been integrated into GPS. TOPO and SATIMG maps, well beyond what I had ever been used to. My first GPS, someoene else had to tell me exactly where I was, and my first handheld gave me some cords. and that was about it. It would show my track if I left it on as a dotted line with no reference information that I hadn't already put into it. (for that you had to use a real map, and a UTM grid reader, most likely a ruler, and an actual compass while in the field) LOL :)


    Anyway, I really wanted to say hello to the community, and after looking at the new capabilities recently on my new unit I had to make a WOW post. I'm looking forward to going and hitting a few caches in my area, but way more interested in putting a few new ones together. Which brings me to my few requests. I have been reading threads about puzzle caches, whose was hardest, and what the new rules are.


    Request 1:


    Is there a new FAQ I haven't found on actual rules for this site on placing caches?


    Second, finding caches was always fun with my old GPSs to keep skills sharp using a topo map and compass. I didn't track a lot of them here but hit several in my old area and at least left a polite message in the log book if one was there. Usually they were a flip notebook. The new fancy ones at REI are kinda cool... Go ahead GC.com! However the bling isn't really the point of this to me, while cool I even picked up some of the trinkets at REI for a new cache I am planning. (still under development)


    Request 2:


    I'm looking for links to threads that have had complex multi-stage puzzle caches (pref. that aren't active) revealed.


    I have been searching and found a few, but am hoping there are some good ones that I can be pointed to that I have missed.


    Anyway GC community, looks like all is well... (Well maybe a bit more drama then when I stopped, but that comes with the internets.) I have kinda missed you, time to get my kid out and teach her some skills!





    Answer to Request 1: Yes, there are guildlines for placing caches. http://www.geocaching.com/about/hiding.aspx is a guide to hiding caches.


    Answer to request 2: It's usually considered bad form to ask for help on puzzle caches in the forum. Try asking the Cache Owner for a hint.


    Hope this helps, and welcome back to geocaching! :)

  3. I just got a used Sprint HTC smartphone. It has/will have no service. I was wondering if there is a way to store cache info (descriptions, hints, etc.) in the phone offline, so I could go paperless while caching.


    Any comments or ideas? Thanks!


    I'm no smartphone expert, and I'm just replying to this as it's slipping off the main page after being moved. But I think the main question is, is this a Droid? HTC also makes Windows phones, and Sprint has them both. Not that I could answer your question after you clarify. :)

    I don't know, but if this helps, its a HTC touch diamond. :)

  4. I'm planning to do a power trail tomorrow in an area which has enough wild animals I figure I should bring someone with me.


    Turns out, the only person I could rope into it is a total newb-never found a cache before-but thinks they want to give it a try.


    It's a long drive to get there and I'm kind of gun-shy at the moment. I'm worried maybe she won't like it and we'll find a few and she'll have had enough.


    Do you have to be totally obsessed to enjoy a power trail or is it possible for a newb to enjoy doing 29 in a row?

    I don't know. But I think that people that are new may or may not want to do a power trail. It more depends on the person themself. ;)

  5. I don't understand the "Web site feedback" forum. I can view lots of ideas. I can filter those ideas. I can vote to support those ideas. But I can find nowhere to make a suggestion. How does one make a suggestion about the website please?

    Enter the title of your idea in the type a idea box. Then click the button, "create a new idea" Then you can make a suggestion.



    What "type an idea" box? I don't see one. The only box I see is "Type a summary" which just filters the display of other folks topics.


    You need to sign in first.

    Yes, but you actually need to type something in the box first. Then the form will come out. ;)

  6. OK, so do you like all bugs or can we put some on the do not like list like tics?


    Second question, do we all agree that GeoBain is now GeoBrain and he needs to edit his name?

    I think that there are some bugs people like, but others no one likes, like ticks, and mosquitoes. :unsure:

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