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  1. we are using geocaching.com we are going out this weekend to try it out. do you have to be a premium member for it to download the description and all that?

    Yes you do, but I don't think the Etrex Venture supports downloading it. In other words, it won't work on your gps. You could try printing the information or downloading an app on your phone to store info. But you do have to be a premium member to download the file.

  2. 40% of the world population has a FB account. That's close to 3 billion people. Just because you don't use social networking is no reason that we should be deprived of the functionality. It's a very simple thing to do and provides a lot of pleasure for a lot of people. I thank Ambient Skater for showing me that I can actually do this. Posting on FB will also allow many more people to discover and enjoy this great sport. I know my friends well enough to know they will be intrigued and even if they don't set up accounts they will enjoy watching my adventures as I travel the world logging finds.

    What about the other 60 percent? As I said, Facebook isn't part of Groundspeak, so why should they work on something that doesn't pertain to them and is useless for the majority of the world's population?

  3. Back to the OP: Either one of those guys would muggle the cache and use the contents to build some sort of survival gadget. I wouldn't let them anywhere near a cache.


    As a previous poster mentioned, these 2 choices might muggle the cache for stuff. Bear eats ANYTHING maybe even logbooks, so not him. He always eats bugs. Yuck. I'd really prefer someone good at finding caches.

  4. What they really need is to be able to publish across to Google+ and Facebook. Every other outdoor activity site that I use has the ability to publish stats across to social networks sites. The fact that Grounspeak doesn't makes them kind of dark age as far as current useability. Even weirder is the fact that they offer the ability to publish these very comments to social network sites but you can't publish a find or your latest caching update. Very strange!

    Many people don't use Facebook, so it would not be worth the time; and also after all, facebook is not part of geocaching.com! I don't think it's a good idea to spend a lot of time on something for a site not part of geocaching.com.

  5. I mean local events, like a meet and greet, not big events like block party or geowoodstock.

    Doesn't matter, small or large, the purpose of an event is to bring people together that share a common interest. As to how to start the converstion, you don't always need to. Sometimes it's useful just to stand in the midst of others having a conversation like you are a part of it and when someone says something that you have an opinion on or have experience with, just interject a comment. At that point others will engage you in the conversation.


    All of this is of course what you would do in any social situation with a lot of people. Just be yourself and be friendly and if you want to be a part of something, butt in...

    Well, it seems that in large events there are planned activities to do, but the purpose of smaller ones is for meeting the caches in your area.


    Anyhow, thanks for the advice. I've been to three events, a CITO, Block Party, and a regular event. I want to meet and talk to cachers who found my caches, found caches that I found, and whose caches I found, but don't know how to exactly.

  6. Wonder if this means we might be getting an avatar fix? Or is it just wishful thinking?


    Forums.Groundspeak.com will be going offline temporarily for a site update on Tuesday, December 27, 2011 at approximately 5pm PDT (convert to your local time here).


    I assumed it was going to be connected to all the changes posted today on the index page:


    Community Q&A and Discussions Subforums



    Discussions with Groundspeak Subforums


    I don't see these on the main page, and the links don't work. Are these for premium members only, like Off topic?

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