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  1. GeoLobo, what's wrong with that? We do need rules, don't we? Your interpretations of the guidelines maynot be necessarily right.

    And neither may be their interpretation. But of course it's them who make the rules, so back to square one.

    They made the rules, they decide how to interpret them. The rules just didn't appear out of nowhere.


    Essentially, this is our back-yard, and we welcome you to play in it, but we want you to play by our rules and be nice to the other kids. If you don't, you may get a time-out, we may clean up after you, and in extreme cases you will be asked to leave the playground for good.



    WOW! Now that is extreme, and i am really amazed that a GC.com employee or Lackey would even say these words to the geocaching community. I'm sorry i even clicked on the link and peaked at this topic!


    I agree though, just like Admins reviewing caches. Are they really going by the guidelines, or by how they interpret the guidelines!

    GeoLobo, what's wrong with that? We do need rules, don't we? Your interpretations of the guidelines maynot be necessarily right.


    Sandy, well said. Great example!

  3. I would suggest that you archive the old LPC, so you would have the whole woods at your disposal. Then if you like, you can hide another LPC. It's really up to you. However, if you are moving a cache to a new location quite a distance away, you might as well archive it and make a new one.

  4. At least there were no serious injuries in the crash.


    Could someone give me the coordinates for the derailment?


    We want to drive over there and look for the hundreds of Moun10Bike coins that are scattered all over the place! B)

    Yea totally in for that road trip. Looks like JustMike had something on that train as well.

    +1. Road Trip!


  5. I imagine I can do this in the feedback forum, but I rarely look there, and thought it would be nice to see what feedback folks do here before going there. I frequent these forums more than there anyway.


    Have taken an informal poll of many of my caching friends in the area (none of them are much into forums) and they are in favor. FYI, this includes some who already have the locationless icon, I wanted to ask some in that category too.


    Here is my idea. We all know locationless caches are gone for good for new caches are now effectively dead. They were last seen in early 2007 as far as being able to log them, or if you were lucky, you had that one virtual converted in late 2007 to a locationless. No new ones since 2003 I believe. Thus, its been over 4 years and many many new cachers, like me, who do not have any of these logged or owned. I know we can't make new ones, nor am I asking for that...we have Waymarking and challenges for that, however, for many of us, we see some cool locationless caches now archived that we wish we could do, partly for the icon.


    My idea. Perhaps every other year, Groundspeak could enable a select number of existing locationless caches, say 5 for discussion purposes, for a 24 hour period and folks can use that time to log any they see fit provided they log them proper. COs can delete logs as before. If a cacher does not want to participate, they can forget it. If they do, well, they get the fun of doing it, and getting the icon. I enjoy caching for the sake of caching but I will admit, there is a statistical and data part of me who likes to cache for cool numbers, challenge caches, and icons. Of course any locationless caches brought back for a 24 hour period would have to be in conjunction with those original owners as well to be on board.


    Surely a 24 hour period and 5 selected locationless caches would not cause too much a burden for our servers. I know many here do not give one iota for doing caches based on the icon, whether its the ape cache or a locationless, but there are many, including me, who would love the chance, even if just 1 or a few every couple of years.


    Any thoughts?


    Personally I think this would be a very low effort thing to do on Groundspeak's part to make a lot of cachers happy on a given day, and as Sheryl Crow would say, it can't be that bad can it?

    Great idea! It would be nice to get that icon. I started in 2010, so didn't get a chance to log a locationless.

  6. You are asking for tips or suggestions, so here is a short list to get you started.


    Unless you are only going to attempt urban or city park type caches.... For roadside and parking lot caches I just look at the aerial photo.


    You must be able to read a map and a satellite image.

    You must be able to follow a bearing on a hand held compass for several hundred meters with under a degree of error. This will require either knowing how to add magnetic north lines to the map or adjusting for declination.

    You need be able to pace or otherwise estimate distances in uneven terrain with a minimum or error.. 2% is usually acceptable.


    It also helps to be able to recognize things in the woods that are not natural, like the rock covering that has been placed upside down (the lichens are on the bottom), the dead tree with the wrong species of dead bark near the base, etc.


    Plan your route to each cache based on the map quality and the terrain. Work your way to the closest point on the map that you can identify, hopefully within a few hundred feet; take your bearing and measure the distance using the map scale. Pace in from there to ground zero and start your search.


    There are several Orienteering clubs in your general area. If you want to hone your natural non-electronic navigational skills start spending time Orienteering on a regular basis. I've been doing it for over 35 years and still sometimes make errors that result in lost time or temporary confusion.

    Thanks! Your video was really neat.


    according to our local reviewers, you cant do that anymore, unless you list the final coordinates.

    You should be able to list the final but have it hidden except to you and the reviewers. Try the add waypoint option for the listing and choose final location. The reviewers would need to know the final location so they can assure proximity and other potential issues.


    Oh, I know how to do that, but our Washington reviewers would not allow such letterboxes going forward. Too late for my one publish. It just would be nice to know this answer definitely, but appears different reviewers interpret the way its written differently. Hardly anyone is going to do a letterbox just with the instructions only if they have the final coordinates as an option.

    You could email contact@geocaching.com and see what they say. Just an idea.

  8. Rather odd, and kind of sad. Not a single link posted here had Bison Tubes even remotely associated with them. Just imitations. Mostly "Made in China" imitations, created using a pressing process, as opposed to a milling process, with a poorer quality overall as the end result. Has our hobby become so inundated with crappy copies that "Bison tube" is now a generic term?


    I hear ya. I've been wondering the same thing since this thread started. I've seen some of the cheap imitations where the cap got cross-threaded and the threads turned into nothing more than a spiral of thin wire. I have a friend that swore the newer ones were plastic because they feel so light and cheesy.


    Too fat to hide in a sign post sounds like a great thing to me, though!

    So are the leaky bisons the imitation ones, and the good bisons the genuine ones?

    BTW, how do you like my new avatar?

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