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  1. Just a quick question - suppose I'm going to place a cache and I have the area picked out. I hide it and it gets published. What if there's a mystery cache (that I haven't done, so I don't know the coordinates) that is almost next to my hide? Does the reviewer know this? What happens in these cases when we are not aware of this? Do we just move it if someone should let us know?


    Ok, that was more than a quick question, sorry :huh:

    yes the reviewer knows this. The cache won't be published. He/She will let us know so we can move it.

  2. That would be a bit better. Instead of green paint, however, you can buy cammo spray paint. I still would reccomend putting it far in the woods. Out there, caches can be in plain sight and not get muggled.


    Edit: Sorry. I wrote my reply while knowschad wrote his.

    I'm thinking about putting it near some local trails,

  3. The tough part, based on my experiences with similar caches, is running the string so that it doesn't snag. I have done caches like that that took longer to get the cache down or back up than it took to spot the danged thing in the first place.


    By the way, by "piece of wood", I assume you mean a stick, not a section of 2x4, right? (my answer is the same, either way... just curious)

    not really either. probaly a natural-looking piece of wood big enough to almost cover the bison.

  4. Hi, I'm TheCacheSeeker. Previously, I have posted and read on the forums as zdeng15014.


    I have an awesome cache idea. Attach a bison on the back of a piece of wood. Tie a string to the wood. Hoist the wood on to a high tree branch. Tie the string somewhere. When a cacher searches for it, he/she will lower the string to retrive the cache. Any feedback on my idea?



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