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  1. It was only locked to the non-platinum members. Hamster caching is the best part of the game.

    If it was open to the platinum members and hamster caching is the best part of the game, why was the last post on 4/1/10, the only day that was open to post? :rolleyes:

  2. Always ride carefully.


    There were 2 stops before you saw the motorcycles.

    Is this your answer to question #7 ??

    Sorry, I didn't fully understand the question, I somehow thought it was "How many stops did you do before you saw the motorcycles?"

  3. 1. when, where and what geocoin did you see first?

    The first geocoin I saw in person I remember is a Groundspeak Lackeys 2010 Geocoin. The Lackeys sent it to my house.

    2. when and what geocoin did you first buy?

    I never bought a geocoin. The only one I have the lackeys sent it to me.

    3. when did you make your first personal coin? N/A if you haven't yet, why not?

    N/A I just got started.

    4. when and what did you trade your first geocoin?

    I never traded.

    5. did you find the forums first or a geocoin first?

    I found the forums first


    Thanks for the cointest

    Editing it. Because I can't edit it anymore. :laughing:

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