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  1. When Favorites first came out, and for a while afterward, I would always earn a new favorite at intervals of 10. 700, 710, 720, etc. Then something happened, and I started getting it at 1's, 731, 741. Then at 2's. I just entered 4 new caches today, and it went to 3's right in the middle of it! (when I was at 830, it said I had two more caches before I earn another point, then I logged another cache (#831), and it said I have two more caches before I earn another point! I checked (via GSAK), and I don't have ANY caches that I logged more than once. I didn't log any of my own caches. Any suggestions as to what might have happened here?


    (hope this is the right place, I couldn't think of where else this might fit).



    I don't think it's supposed to be this way. Probaly a bug. :sad:

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