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  1. This person has been doing this since September of 2010 and shows no signs of stopping. We have lost a large # of caches to this person. And we are otherwise ignoring him and not saying anything - just quietly replacing caches... and caches keep getting stolen and replaced with that "geotrash" sticker.


    Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Giving it the right kind of attention, however, will.

    I agree. :grin:

  2. I thought about that but I could imagine the laminated cards floating out of the cache container and going through the water.

    My luck there would be a jelly fish hiding in the container.

    If you put all the laminated cards into one baggie, you probaly won't have this problem. :grin:

    edit: spelling

  3. Okay, we've decided. We're calling it "The Blue Bayou".


    Of course, I hope she realizes that when we get lost and forget to set it as a waypoint, I'm spending the entire hike back singing


    o/`I'm going back someday, come what may, to Blue Bayou o/`


    Hope for her sake her duct tape is still in her caching bag... :anitongue:

    Nice name. :grin:

  4. Those of you familiar with various books on geocaching please advise on which books are good and which to not bother with. Thanks.

    The book that the Lackeys (people that work at Groundspeak) wrote: The complete idiots guide to geocaching 2nd edition is a great book.

  5. I would love to do a scuba one someday.. Although how does one sign the log underwater?


    The two options I've seen so far: Either it's a waterproof, air-filled container that you have to take to the surface to open and sign the log, and then make a second dive to replace it, or it's a water-filled container that can be opened under water and the log is a dive slate or something similar. Not sure how either of them hold up in the long term, or if there's any other options.

    I have another idea. Sign your name on a sheet of paper. Laminate it. Then leave it in the cache in a baggie. I can see why this wouldn't be a good idea if lots of people did it, though. :grin:

  6. Never found or attempted a nano. :grin:


    you often don't know til you get there. You have found micros after all, some I have found in fact...a nano is listed as a micro in most cases.

    The thing is that I remember every geocache I have found. I started last year in March, and only found 27 caches. So I remember each individual geocache. :grin:

  7. MonteCache80.pngMonteCache32.png

    Shuffle Cache (Three Cache Monte)

    This variation of a traditional cache is typically found during numbers runs (geocaching trips with extremely high find counts). Unlike other physical caches (which should be returned to their original locations), shuffle caches are completely interchangeable with other shuffle caches. Finders are encouraged to save time by replacing a shuffle cache with an equivalent container (typically a 35mm film canister) that contains a pre-signed log sheet. While driving to another shuffle cache, finders can sign the log sheet in the original container so it is ready to be left in exchange for another shuffle cache.

    I think it would be a good idea to make this type of cache. Personally, I don't think shuffling containers is a good idea, but it would be nice to have a special cache type in which people could shuffle if they liked, so no need for people to argue against shuffling traditionals.(Then traditionals shouldn't be shuffled.) :grin:

  8. Yes, this is a problem.

    Please don't make a huge fuss about it, move along.


    Unfortunately ignoring it does not, and has not made it go away.


    I wish I had a solution.

    Maybe talking about it will help us find one.


    Putting up motion detection cameras around caches in the area of this guy and catch him at it?

    Talk to local police and ask them for ideas and assistance if we catch the guy?


    What else?

    Yes, talking about it will help us find a solution.

  9. I'm going to create a physical cache that's located at a telephone pole that overlooks a rock outcropping. That way, people can find the physical cache, tell whether the rock is sedimentary or not(earthcache), and then send me the number on the telephone pole. That way they can get 3 finds in one spot.


    Hey, wait a minute, I could create a geotrail of them. A 1000 in a row of the triplets. And then there could be new records made. 3000 in one day! That would be so awesome!

    Congragulations! You gave me a super good idea for an earthcache!!!! :laughing::grin:

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