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  1. If I trade swag from a cache, do I need to mention it in the logs? Should I say (for example) "took 2 buttons left 4 buttons*," naming the specific items I took and left, or just "took swag, left swag," or is it okay to say nothing at all about swag?


    I know you can say TNLN if you didn't trade anything, and I would always mention travel bugs or travelling geocoins.


    *My first and only successful cache was a button-trading cache, so I thought I'd use it as my example.

    A button trading cache sounds fun. It would be fun to make

  2. JBnW:

    Thanks! I get it now, and yes, that alone does seem very worthwhile! not in my budget at the immediate moment (ahh first of the month blues...)


    OT: fond my first micro today :happy dance:

    Welcome to the forums! Pocket Queries aren't the only Premium Member Benefits. Here's a list of all Premium Member Benefits:


    Pocket Query Generator

    The Pocket Query Generator allows you to create custom geocache queries and have them emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis. You can also run these queries on the "seek a cache" page as a customized search query. Check the supported software applications page for updates on new and existing software that can take advantage of Pocket Queries.


    Geocaching Favorites

    The Geocaching Favorites feature calls attention to exceptional geocaches—helping you select which geocaches to search for and rewarding cache owners for great hides. You can favorite 1 cache for every 10 caches that you have found.

    The Favorite Points accumulated by a cache are displayed in search results and on the cache page so that all members can see which caches stand above the rest. Premium Members can sort search results by most Favorited caches.

    When you award a Favorite point to a cache, it will automatically be added to your Favorites list, allowing you to easily track which caches you have Favorited.

    Please visit Your Profile page to see how many Favorite Points you have accumulated and used to date.


    Download Individual Listings to GPX

    You have the ability to click on a link to download a cache page directly to GPX format. GPX files contain all the information on the cache page which can be read by applications that support this file format.


    Create and Share Geocaching Lists

    Geocaching Lists lets you manage geocache listings in a variety of ways. You can organize caches into lists to keep track of Favorites, watch cache activity, ignore caches so that they do not appear in your search results, or Bookmark caches into groupings such as "the best caches for out-of-town guests."

    When you award a Favorite point to a cache, it will automatically be added to your Favorites list.

    You can add an unlimited number of cache listings and Trackables to your watch list. When a listing that you are watching is logged, you will receive an email with a copy of the log.

    You can have up to 40 Bookmark Lists with up to 1000 caches per list. Bookmark Lists can be shared with others or kept private. Any cache listings that you choose to ignore will be added to a Bookmark List titled "Ignore List."


    Instant Log Notification Feature

    The Instant-Notify feature allows you to easily monitor the logs of geocaches within a particular area. Geocachers most often use this feature to receive notifications when new geocaches in their area are published, though you can use it to monitor any type of log.


    Premium Member Only Caches

    Some caches are only available to Premium Members. As the cache owner, you can make any of your caches "Premium Member Only." (Note: member-only caches may not be any better than public geocaches. Each cache is managed by the cache owner.)


    Geocaching Statistics

    Geocaching Statistics lets you visualize your geocaching activity in different ways, and serves as a checklist of challenges to tackle in the process of becoming a well-rounded geocacher.


    Sort Search Results

    Sort search results by the most Favorited caches, D/T levels, date placed or date last found.


    Filter Geocaching Maps

    Premium filters allow you to choose which cache types to display on the map. You also have the option to hide caches that you own or have found.


    Caches Along a Route

    Caches Along a Route helps you find caches along a predefined route, within a specified distance from that route, anywhere in the world. Search for routes created by other geocachers or create your own route. You can receive all results as a GPX file or set up a Pocket Query of the route.


    Also, there is the benifit of reading and posting in the Off-Topic forum.


    Hope this helps. :grin:

  3. I wonder if this could ever be a hot topic?



    As you well know, a topic need angst, controversy, nudity, hamsters, borderline personal attacks without crossing the line, or a long run of inside jokes in order to reach "hot".


    Tough to pull off without getting shut down or moved to Off Topic.

    Wait, you said a topic needs 50 posts to make it hot. And then you said something different. Which one is right? :lostsignal::grin:

  4. Dear Geocaching Friends,


    Today begins my 10th year of geocaching, and I can honestly say that I am having every bit as much fun today, as when I found my first geocache on 2-24-2002. I just wanted to make you aware of a little contest that I am having to celebrate. I am going to award a special prize package to the first geocacher who finds and logs all of my active geocaches. That’s active caches, so it doesn’t matter whether or not you have done any of my past archived caches. At this moment, there are 83 active caches, but you will need to have logged all of my active caches up to the date that you complete them all. In other words, I may or may not have new caches in the future before someone completes this challenge. My promise to you is that if I do publish any new caches between now and then, it will be purely random, and not an attempt to put anyone off from finishing the challenge. If you check my profile, you will find a chart that shows a kind of leader board of the finders of my caches that I will update at least once a week until the contest is over.


    The prize? You ask??? Begins with a brand new, never opened GEOMATE JR. Many of you know that I won this nice prize, which normally sells for $69.99 at the Going Coastal event back in November, and I have struggled with what I would do with it ever since. I hope this is the great idea I’ve been looking for. Also included in the prize package will be a numbered set of my personal geocoins, along with one of each of my pathtags. There is already one unactivated geocoin that has been added to the bag, and maybe, just maybe, I will think of something else neat that I can put in there.


    What about rules? I want this to be fun, and rules aren’t always considered to be fun. They do however keep us from anarchy! Don’t they? The one really important rule that I’ve seen the need for so far is that the prize here is intended for a geocacher who has found and logged ALL of my active geocaches. It does not mean a team of 83 geocachers who have all done one of my geocaches. Nor does it mean two geocachers who work as a team and sign each other in on 40+ of my geocaches. PLEASE, be honest and win the contest fairly. I know that if you are working as a family, or a couple, there are going to be certain caches where everyone was not present, and that is not a problem. BUT it is NOT fair for two people to go in different directions and visit different caches, and sign each other in as a team just to log them all. OK, enough said.


    I just want to close by saying that geocaching has become a very good and important part of my life, and many of you are the reason why, and this is my humble attempt to give a little back, and hopefully have some fun in the process!


    Martin, from Franklin, GA

    Unfortunately, I live far away from Georgia, so I won't be participating. But: Congratulations on 10 years of geocaching!!!! :grin:

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