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  1. As some of you know, our community recently lost both members of Puppers (Bob Newell and Cristy Johnson). :(


    I am working with Cristy's sister, Debbie, on disposition of their caches (16 in WA, 11 in CA). If you are interested in adopting any of their caches, please let me know. Thanks!

    That's really sad. I would be happy to adopt some caches in Washington. Is there a list to be adopted?

  2. I recently walked the Eagle Creek trail outside of Cascade Locks (across from Stevenson, WA). This was one beautiful and interesting trail, one of the nicest I have been on. It may be a bit more than you are looking for if you have a pup, I took my creature with me but she is an adult. Distance to the tunnel through the falls is listed as 6 miles and there is no elevation gain to speak of. I should mention this may not be for those with height issues.


    This cache has the info on how to find the trailhead:



    This website has other info as well:



    I can also recommend the shorter walk in the area as a nice place to visit, the trail starts here:


    Looks like a nice place from the link. Sounds a bit too hard for the pup, though. Might end up carrying her or finding a easier hike.

  3. Geocaching maps aren't working properly. When I zoom in or zoom out, instead of showing the map zoom the map is either magnified or shrinked. When this happens the caches show fine, but I can't click on the caches. Also I can't zoom in or out anymore.

  4. Ok I'm new to the geocaching idea, so I realise this will seem a little premature but I'm thinking of hiding caches (not quite yet, pre-planning!).


    Anyway, have a couple of questions as the title says.


    1) I've seen there's a little bit of... dislike of those of us using smartphones, is it considered bad practise to hide using one? Mine is an S2 and is well within the 15-25 feet average problem radius Ive seen mentioned, most it's getting me within a couple of metres (obviously those being ones with good signal!). I'd plan on hiding with that and double checking the coords on google maps, and in person with my sat nav.


    2) Trees - one of the hiding places I'd love to use (actually, 2 of them) signal is obstructed somewhat by tree cover, is it a case of taking the coordinates a couple of times until fairly accurate, and posting that they may be out due to trees (which I have seen posted) or is there a better way?


    3) Is it considered bad etiquette to hide a couple fairly closely (maybe 700-800 feet apart)? 1 place I'd like to do 1, basically Id like to do 1 accessible on the path, but the other is one of the wooded ones that depending how I hid it would be a 2, maybe 2.5 terrain. Plus the wooded one I could do a small or possibly regular container, the other would likely have to be micro/nano/the smallest possible end of small if I wanted to make it accessible to disabled etc.


    Sorry for the 3 in 1 go, just would like to be able to plan a couple to maybe do end of this or probably next month (by the time I bought/decided the things I wanted to use!).


    Thankyou :)

    Hi, welcome to the game! I will try to answer your questions the best I can. Before you hide a cache be sure to read the guidelines: http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx

    And the hiding guide: http://www.geocaching.com/about/hiding.aspx


    1. It is stated in the guidelines for hiding a cache that:

    Listings must contain accurate GPS coordinates. You must visit the geocache site and obtain all the coordinates with a GPS device.

    It says that when you click on "Technical Requirements" in the 2nd section of the guidelines.


    2. Averaging the coordinates is a good thing to do, so is the notice that the coords may be off.


    3. No, you can hide as close as .1 mile or 528 feet from other caches including your own. Make sure it isn't to close or it won't be published.

  5. Dogs on leashes are allowed throughout the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area. They're also okay in most urban parks. Portland has a few wildlife sanctuaries where dogs are not permitted.

    Thanks! Where is the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area? Does it have any good caches?


    Pretty much the whole gorge is the scenic area. Both sides of the river, Washington and Oregon. B)


    My link

    Thank you!

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