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  1. Actually, I'm not that great at Halo2, too much twitch and shoot...Ghost Recon is more to my liking. Jeremy played some MMORPG didn't he?
  2. Let's see: I'm a 35 year old Realtor, with a 10 year old step daughter who is good at finding micros, and a 21 month old who isn't (but has gone on a few hunts wth me). Before the new fmily, I spent way too much time playing online computer games (Ultima Online, to be specific) but quit so I could spend more time with my family and career. Got into geocaching after reading some posts on the kayaking site paddling.net. Now I'm hiking 3 miles a day for exercise (found a really great hike in a local park thanks to going after two geocaches on the trail) and geocaching as much as I can. Oh, and who was it that said they were great at Halo2? I'm not too bad We ought to have a Geocaching.com Halo2 night
  3. I was thinking of getting a GPSr because I want to kayak the Suwannee River and there are a lot of good free campsites on the river and they can be found by GPS coordinates. That way, you'd know if the camp was 2 miles down the river or six I was an avid reader of the Paddling.net forums and someone posted about geocaching. Before it turned into a big fuss about how some people didn't get it, I posted asking for info. Briansnat answered a couple of question for me in n email and here I am.
  4. Ummm, in my area, most caches are dog friendly. Many of them are in public parks where dogs are allowed on a leash. If you are caching locally, check the map and cache listing to see if you know where the cache is.
  5. Ummm, because I don't like it? I'm selfish that way Seriously, though, the yellow is very hard for me to read. But do exactly as you want but you might want to look at your sig line
  6. Welcome to the hobby, have fun and for the love of Pete, leave the font size and color alone!
  7. My kayak and geocaching page is listed below and I also have my Stepdad Blog.
  8. Nome Alaska isn't that great Lots of bars though, and standing on the ocean was cool
  9. This is my ride for most caches. Mileage is terrible and it's hard to park, but it's all I have.
  10. Is it me or is something wrong with this picture?? The cache is in plain sight?
  11. That's all well and true but the bug bites......!
  12. I have a small container wrapped in camo duct tape about 4 feet off the path and people spend a long time finding it. I think it's great!
  13. I'm confused...if, as he claims, paper money is worth less than it used to be and is going to be worth even less tomorrow (which I'm not really disputing, everyone understands inflation), then why would he sell his silver for paper money?
  14. Wooo, so one guy placing silver coins is going to make Geocaching the biggest hobby in the world and sales of GPS units are going to skyrocket? Ok. Sounds reasonable to me
  15. I highly doubt they will go back out and return the hide to its original spot. They don't seem to really take others considerations into their enjoyment of the sport (of course, I am completely judging this on one log entry, where they say they did not log DNF's, moved the cache and say they won't tell the owner of the cache where, and leave a pocketknife)
  16. Neutral flag sounds very, very cool, but how would you 'kill' the other people playing? Flag football like, you grab their flag, they have to sit out for X minutes? That is a very cool idea.....
  17. How in the heckl would you use Halo2 to do a cache? That sounds very cool...but I'm not sure how many geocachers play Halo2
  18. Tossedsalad, I like your idea but if it isn't approved, would it be possible to place it nearthat coffee shop with an invitation in the log to go inside and play a game, of course mentioning how absolutely no purchase is necessary? I know I'm not answering your question but your idea seems to neat to not place becasue you may not be able to place the cache inside the building.
  19. Anyone want to bet he'll look for more than just one? Have fun!
  20. Ahhh, thanks! I'll change it tomorrow at work
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