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  1. Wonder if that cache is ever going to get muggled?
  2. Hey, I'm from Tallahassee as well and also use an Explorist 100 and it's actually fine for caching in the Tallahassee area. Using the gps is pretty easy, set the goto with the coordinates to the cache and when you get to around 30 feet or so, start looking for obvious cache hiding spots. I'll be glad to help you with any other questions and go find some more caches. Tallahassee has some really good ones. ScottFla
  3. Kabuthunk, if those are your first hides, you twentieth hide might might as well be invisible
  4. Oh, wow, it does look like a body.....
  5. I think you are confusing two seperate things. The traditional cache doesn't mean size but type of cache, as in traditional caches, puzzle caches, multicaches, virtual caches, etc.
  6. The tag I got today wants to make it to Quickborn, Germany. There are a ton of caches there. How cool. Guess I need to go buy some tags for my own use
  7. The only thing that bugs me is a cache hidden in an area covered in trash, with no other redeeming qualities and not even a note to advise CITO. I recently went after one in Warner Robbins, Ga that a long time poster here said was one of his favorites..... it was in the same area as a homeless person. That was a little disappointing.
  8. You know, I read the whole thread except for that one line. Thanks for not adding the 'dumb arse' part
  9. What an awesome thread. Where is the SOO(Spirit of Ozzie) TB now?
  10. I like to put useful items in instead of toys. The front of Target stores have neat itemsfor a dollar: ponchos, flashlight keychains, mosquito wipes, bracelets, etc. My kids like placing (and taking) Hot Wheels cars, those rubber bracelets, stickers, etc. You can buy neat stuff for a dollar or less.
  11. *head explodes* Not again! Just kidding, Your event made me want to get all those neat gadgets.
  12. I didn't take this picture but I was FTF for the cache called Piney Z Lake here in Tallahassee.
  13. Help out a relatively new Cacher, liar caches? What's the charm in them? If you aren't in the know and you went on this hide, what would be the appeal?
  14. Ok, seriously, a cache in Antartica was muggled?! Go read the logs for it. That's crazy!
  15. Difficulty 5? What specialized knowledge, skills, or equipment is needed to locate the cache once you get to the waypoint? Well from your post it sound to me like your quoting me Difficulty setting requirements/guidelines or maybe rules who knows, but one thing I do know Is I dont see them posted up there.. I would love to know them..... Now im going to search in the forums to see, but really if the community has come up with such standards they should post them.... In my posting, I listed it difficulty 5 and even posted my reasoning for this as, due to the amount of stages, and lenght of hike that would be required I set it at a level 5. And that was clearly posted on the page. I would have definaltly adjusted it, according to the logs. When you type in the information for your cache and it asks for difficulty and terrain ratings, there is a link to find out what your cache rates. A 5 rating means specail equipment or other hard core expertise is needed, not just a long hike.
  16. I got a GPSr for kayaking and on the kayaing forums there was a thread about geocaching. I Pm'ed one of the posters (Briansnat, I think) and he sent me here. I looked up my area, was amazed at how many caches were in my immediate area, and set off on Father's Day for my first three caches, got FTF on two of them
  17. I've done some of their caches. Very nice and very interesting areas.
  18. Someone should eat the muggle that sent that letter
  19. Hmmm, I'd drive up from Florida for that! Any good vacation type things to do in the area that my wife would like?
  20. A high rise parking garage, in Saint Augustine? That's depressing.
  21. Wait a second, scaring people is a multimillion dollar industry. The difference is you make a choice to be scared when you go to an amusement park or scary movie. So, a scary cache would be ok if you properly warned seekers that your cache might be different from the norm. So, those of you that wouldn't want to be scared, or those of you that wouldn't mind it if you had some sort of idea it was a different cache, what type of message could someone put on their cache to let you know that it may be a 'unique' experience without totally ruining the suprise? I'd like to place some 'unique' micros and caches but don't want to really upset people. I also don't want a cacher to trash my cache because it suprised them, nor do I want to spoil the suprise. Ideas?
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