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  1. I've been to that cemetary and it's tiny. If the article was correct, who in the world at Dr Pepper thought that would be a good site to hide a coin worth money? That idiot should be out of a job. That being said, is there a cache there?
  2. Ha, my first ever cache WAS in a palmetto I was FTF on it, too. As for my comment about the caches in Mississippi, they were fine. The Katrina Memorial cache was really cool and the two I found in the park was fine as well. Well, one of them has since been moved, and that's the one you commented about.
  3. I don't know but the ones here seem much like the ones in Biloxi that I did
  4. Wow! I can't imagine having 100 hides. Especially if most are inspired cache hides. Congratulations!
  5. That was a very amusing thread...exc ept that those people really truly believed what they were typing.
  6. Let's see... Hide a few caches that I have been considering for over a year. Find more caches instead of taking a five month break (but having a new born will do that to you, just didn't feel right leaving the Mom at home) Break 150 finds. Cache in hmmmmm, two other states. (packs bags to go on trip to Mississippi) Should be able to make the last resolution this weekend!
  7. I can understand the environmental worries, but aren't there a million things we all do every day that are worse for the environment? Driving to the cache site comes to mind.... Is an ammo box hidden at the back of a tree really going to damage the environment? sure, 20-40 people a year might walk on a well defined path, take a few steps off the path to find the cache. How exactly does that damage the environment more than driving a car to the cache?
  8. As a long suffering Dolphins fan, you can have Saban! Heck, I'm also now a long suffering Seminoles fan, too! Maybe I shouldn't root for teams anymore
  9. Here are two in the Tallahassee, Florida area, although one is now archived. Monticello Haunting Haunted Hospital, now archived.
  10. My account will be tagged? For what? And how exactly do they know exactly how long you have had to diabetes bug?
  11. Or get one of those stupid talking fish
  12. Uhh, ok. By the way, did you get my question I emailed to you?
  13. Ummm, I would even say a 20 year old wouldn't be clueless if he stumbled on this cache
  14. I just got a call from my stepdaughter, who was out shopping with her Mom today. While at the grocery store, they picked up a set of lock and lock containers (these things are amazing, I have one that's been out over a year and still completely dry inside!) and a fake rock hide a key. I'm hiding some caches tonight when I get home! I already have the spots picked out!
  15. A flute or a recorder? My stepdaughter had one of those and had to perform at her school so there were months of practicing..... I hate that thing
  16. Oh, wow, I did not know there was such a thing.... For those that use a Sony Clie, what programs do you use with it?
  17. I got a nice hiking pole but it will be used as a 'pokey stick' as my stepdaughter calls it.
  18. I've got an Explorist 100, no pc connection possible. I have an older Sony Clie and am getting a premium membership so I can get the PQ and all that neat stuff. What programs will I need to be able to use my Clie to go caching? What programs do you guys use? Is there a good map program available for an old Clie SJ20? Thanks for the help.
  19. I bet there is a cache in that wall of voodoo.
  20. Food fights, chasing the wait staff, stealing the silverware may not be allowed...... then again, with this crowd, it may be expected.
  21. Maybe as you log each cache you should say when you found it and that you are just now getting to logging it. Otherwise, it looks as if you logged it on the date you entered the log into the site, so cache owners may be suspicious of the log.
  22. Wait a second...you make a cache that is supposed to be lame, but then make it a members only cache? How lame, but not good lame, just lame. How else are the unwashed masses supposed to know what a lame cache looks like so they can change?
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