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  1. It could also be the case that there are certain ideas being worked on that will ultimately fail, and they don't want to get people excited over something that won't work.


    There are plenty of reasons why they wouldn't disclose "what's in the works."

  2. That's like taking a helicopter up to Mount Everest. A helicopter that litters every ten feet.


    HTML is easy enough to learn; by using an editor you produce bad code and don't learn the right way to do it.


    EDIT: As to the OP, I don't think you can do much more within the framework of a cache page.

  3. In any case except for the cache being on private property and/or dangerous, nothing's stopping you.


    Do some maintenence while you're there and give the cache owner a report of its condition. I've had a couple caches where the owner re-enabled them after I reported they were OK (new owner from adoption).

  4. After your logbook entry you duly inject

    And some travel bugs, photos and swag you collect

    And you've closed the cache -- do show some common respect

    And remember the proper concealment's re-checked

    If the cache, a muggle can still detect

    Then admit that your re-hiding skills are suspect

    Lest the geocache next be found missing (or wrecked)

    Please make real dadgum sure the cammo is correct!

    Great rhymes there - but it's about 7 lines longer than most people who don't recover as found would read. :)
  5. Lots of nooks and crannies, but this isn't a hint. Aren't you mad that you took the time to decode this hint?

    It's really a lot of typing for no reason at all, but you actually took the time to decode this while your GPS'r was losing the signal. I could go on like this for a while longer, but I'll let you get back to finding the cache. Thanks for looking! Have fun. p

    You got it right - so why post such a stupid hint??
  6. I think's there's some way around this, but I don't remember exactly. What happens if you include a blank line between the lines?

    this hint is ridiculously long and


    belongs in the cache description where


    hunters don't have to waste time decrypting it

  7. thegoldminer found Power Caching: Reach in There! (Traditional Cache) at 10/14/2006


    Log Date: 10/14/2006

    Note: This log was Rot13 encrypted on the web site. Because you are the owner we have converted it for you.


    [Congratulations on making it to my Favorites of NE IL list! This one, like Jurassic Cache, scared the s### out of me. It really shouldn't have. Really.] Using my mirror and flashlight I easilly found the cache but the dadgum spider on top looked so real because of the way the cache was put back in last time. With it's legs perfectly up like a real spider would if it were being defensive. And I convinced myself that I saw a big spider nest towards the rear!


    [i saw it long before I actually got it (took me about half an hour of talking myself into it). Never seen a tree hole like this before but I am dubbing this tree "Squirrel Tree" because of all the squirrels that were on it and popping into a dozen other holes further up. Thanks for the cache! Left signature items]

    When I set up the cache, I kept imagining people's surprises to a large plastic spider on the lid in a dark hole. Most people have indicated a little surprise, but this was the best yet!
  8. Changing an ALR to a request would be the equivalent of making any of those other challenges optional.


    "Note: The 'hunt' for this cache is optional. The ammo can is sitting in a clearing next to a large day-glo orange 'HERE IT IS' sign. If you prefer something more challenging, please make a few circles around the ammo can first while pretending not to see it yet."

    Nobody is required to take on any of those challenges. It's all voluntary.

    You do understand the differences between these two challenges, right?

    * those inherent in geocaching - for instance, finding the actual cache

    * those made up that have nothing to do with geocaching besides (ab)using the website to list them


    BTW, ALRs have been in play for several years now. Doing away with them would remold the game.

    Big deal. How long were virtuals/moving/locationless/etc around?
  9. If there's a location you think might be problematic, leave the empty cache container there with a dollar bill or quarter for a while before actually placing it. If it's gone, you don't have to go through the disappointment of placing an entire cache, listing it, and archiving it.


    I did this on my cache that's literally one foot away from Muggles' view in a well-used park, and it turned out to be a great spot. On the other hand, I just placed a new cache in an out-of-the-way underused unlisted forest preserve with camouflague to match the surroundings, and it was muggled (contents thrown about) within a week. Go figure.

  10. I just got this

    <several pages of information snipped>

    Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:1.1.4322.2300; ASP.NET Version:1.1.4322.2300

    That's an awful lot of information about the site's inner workings than you shouldn't be letting the user see.
  11. Thanks for your reply.


    I tried many caches, but it keep going wrong for me. It tries to open geocaching[1].loc, where i think it should be geocaching.loc. Very weird.



    Have you already downloaded (or tried to download) another geocaching.loc file? The [1] means that IE is saving the new file and renaming it to avoid replacing an existing file.


    Maybe clearing your temporary internet files/cache will help.

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