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  1. How about automatically changing subsequent "Found It" logs to "Revisited it," and not adding to find count?

    Why would you want the site to do that?

    How about automatically changing subsequent "Found It" logs to "Revisited it," and not adding to find count?

    Because there are valid reasons to 'find' one twice.

    Personal preference - I can ask for a feature I would want and support, right? I realize, however, that some people will never give up the ability to post multiple Found It's, so it was stirring the pot a little. :huh:


    It's too unpopular, don't do it automatically. Either way, I think "revisited it" is much better than "discovered it."

  2. Heh, you just gave me a great idea!


    "Count the letters in the fourth name on the sign... add 156... multiply by the # of Jupiters Moons...

    Take the inverse... square root... multiply by pi... double that... add to that the # of pimples on my butt...

    These are the coordinates... after you reverse the numbers...

    go there and take the #of letters in the second name on the new sign, etc. etc. etc.

    Multiply the answer by zero and add 42 12.345 88 12.345"


    Despite assurances above, you can in fact get undetected spyware from any file, not just executables!

    What am I going to do, open it with WINE?


    (another Linux user that has no problem with USB drives and would love to find one in the wild)

  4. By analogy, when I recently set up a DeLorme Challenge cache, I asked about the propriety of having finders send their "All Finds" pocket query file to the cache owner for the purpose of verifying their eligible finds. I was told that this was not permitted. How is this file transfer and analysis any different?

    That's ridiculous. I hope this doesn't get shut down too because of some legal crap.
  5. [*]Automatic weekly/monthly job to scour the database for any caches owned by users who haven't logged onto the site for X time (say 6 months).

    [*]Automatically post note to cache page asking for response to verify the owner is still around, still interested in geocaching, and still interested in owning/maintaining their cache(s). Maybe email them a simple link to click on that would just verify they are still around.

    [*]If no response in X time (say 1 month), put the cache up for adoption (which might mean another reviewer log type).

    I don't like this idea. I think cachers logging "needs maintenance" or SBA works just fine for abandoned caches. Owners can place caches that will easily last for months or years without maintenance. There's no need to automatically adopt caches.
  6. Hmm - easy way to find the coordinates by checking the source of the script. I'm sure you didn't intend that.


    Why not have some mathematical way to convert the # into coordinates and then use a coordinate checker as confirmation if they want it?


    Frontpage??? Don't even get me started on that...

  7. I'm thinking of doing something special on my cache (GCVAGZ) that already has finders reaching into a dark hole for a scary surprise. The only two ideas I had were webbing inside the hole, and a flashing light, but I fear the flashing light might attract muggles.


    Would anyone bother going to a cache on Halloween anyway?

  8. What is this: ? For me it comes out as a wierd box, but I'm guessing it's a smart quote or something. Change it to a regular apostrophe and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, all that needs to be done is to remove it from the TB description.

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