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  1. Markwell's idea sounds cool, and I like the overall idea too. Of course it will be abused, but who cares? It's a better implementation than personal Geocoins, which are abused, but not that big of a problem.


    The codeword sounds like the best idea, and it slightly dampens the "pass around the codewords" idea: you actually have to know to whom the word belongs. You couldn't look it up, because people might have the same code.


    Oh, and even though I'm a premium member I agree that this should include non-premium members too. Maybe they get an alphanumeric, non-customizable code or a default icon or whatever, but they should at least be able to participate.

  2. Can't someone just edit the stylesheet? I don't see anything in the comments that says "no editing allowed," unless "all rights reserved" means that you can't change font size? I'm no expert on copyright law.

    <style type="text/css">


    * Cascading Style Sheet(CSS 467), for Invision Power Board 2.1.0

    * Author: James A. Mathias, admin@leihu.com, http://www.1lotus.com

    * Copyright: 2005 Invision Power Services, all rights reserved

  3. Sarcasm detector anyone?


    If nothing else, multiple "attended" logs are extremely irritating when trying to see who actually attended - both online and in offline databases with the 5-log PQ limit.


    I'd rather an individual GPX file from an event page gave me 20 user's attended logs than one user's copy+pasted "found cache x" logs.

  4. If you are going to place a cache, it's good etiquette to put crisp $100's in it. B)


    I'm a fan of interesting items that aren't so common. For instance I put a Linux Penguin pin in my first cache that I hid, knowing some other computer geek will find it and get a kick out of it.

    Cool, but LiveCD's are one step cooler. B)


    I've found some pretty good stuff for $1 - a pocket calculator, pair of gloves, etc. However, I can't afford to leave them at every cache I vist so I frequently leave nothing or something cheaper but hopefully not junk - sticky balls, batteries, squirt guns, etc.

  5. Not if it simply replied that there was a stage or actual cache "too close" without revealing the distance or bearing. I know many problems with that too but better than nothing.

    "Too close" = 528 feet or less. For puzzles with bogus coordinates, that's a huge reduction. Also, with a few trials, you could narrow it down pretty well.


    For the number of times it would be used, I'm not so sure it would be worth the negative effects. Reviewers can already check anyway.

  6. I was walking through the woods with a friend when I noticed something metal in a hollow log. We took off the wood covering it and checked it out. It didn't make much sense at the time, but sounded cool and had a geocaching.com sticker so I went to the website.


    After browsing a bit, I figured out how to get caches near me for a picnic in a local forest perserve. I plotted them in USAPhotoMaps, took screenshots, edited them, and sent them to my camera. Then I left the picnic and struck off to find one. Through dead reckoning, a 1x3" camera screen, and sheer luck I found it and showed it to my friends who came along.


    For a few months we searched for caches without GPS (got to be quite good, even in the middle of forests, if I may add), until I got an eTrex Legend for Christmas. I think you can fill in the rest.

  7. The event sizes could have easily been broken up into sizes. Micro less than 20, small less than 50, regular less than 200, large over 200. You can easily find all of the events via a PQ--even across state lines.


    I don't see a bit of difference in mega and the regular in actual operation.

    Seconded. The size attribute would be better for events, with varying alert radiuses.
  8. Try taking several readings (with WAAS and/or waypoint averaging if you have it): turn the GPS around as you said, walk away and come back, come back a different day, etc. Then average them together for a composite reading.

  9. I may have a solution. It would be an addition similar to the way benchmarks are an addition--these aren't caches. They are challenges. I was thinking about the DeLorme Challenges and similar. These challenges are actually shoehorned into a geocache because there is no other mechanism for them to fit. It would fit better as a different line item on personal stat pages. "Challenges Met" [...]


    I personally like this idea - there are some things which really have nothing to do with finding a physical cache but are fun to complete anyway.


    I'm not going to express my other opinions on the other fine points mentioned in this thread because I don't particularly like personal attacks by capital letters.



    Does anyone want to create a list of caches with additional logging requirements? It would be great for those of use who would like to just Ignore them now.

  10. There's a cache near me that is right near a sundial. Here is a quote from the description:

    Back in the day, Before sextants, Before octants, and before Astrolabes people used to navigate by the sun. Imagine geocaching back then. "Ok guys its somewhere over here in this 25 mile radius" Have fun.


    I propose truncating all coordiantes to degrees only (N 42° W 087°) and posting sundial coordinates instead. All finds using GPS without sun naviagation will be deleted, and any users bragging finding a cache with GPS will be banned.

  11. I find that WAAS doesn't help much when I'm moving with any cover at all - it just wastes battery power searching for the signal. However, when I'm placing a cache or want as accurate a waypoint as possible I'll turn it on and let the unit sit in an open field for a bit to pick up the signal.


    You have the exact same unit I have: a regular eTrex Legend. Fantastic unit for its price.

  12. I think it's 36*35*34*33,whatever that is in exponential

    The pattern you have described is known as the factorial function and is denoted by "!". So in this instance the pattern would be denoted 36! and would be equal to 371,993,326,789,901,217,467,999,448,150,835,200,000,000, unfortunately this is not the correct method for listing all possible outcomes.

    Although we aren't using factorials for the correct answer, 36! is wrong too. 36*35*34*33 = (36!)/(32!).


    The correct mathematical formula for a 4 digit code with 36 possibilities is 36^4. I ignored the fact that O is removed, since _ appears to have been used for the earliest caches. This of course ignores the codes were never used.

  13. The practical problem with an attribute like this is that it depends on the searcher. The first cache I ever looked for I used a satellite map on my camera and my reckoning was dead on. It was in the middle of the woods and I doubt I could do it again for a similar cache. Later I got better and could navigate pretty well by noting landmarks from the air. However, I'm sure that there are people that are much better than me and also some that are much worse. It would be difficult for a hider to determine whether or not a GPS is needed; the finder needs to figure that out.

  14. Just tell cachers that they have the opportunity to fly a kite when they get there, and that several will be included. Those that are interested will do so. If there's no wind/it's raining/they don't care, then you are just going to annoy finders. I wouldn't make it a requirement, but an opportunity.

  15. Another suggestion from left field, maybe it could help for people like me.


    I use the my account page frequently, often just to look at the page of caches close to my home. Every time I do this, the servers have to pull up every single cache I've found in the past month, my log for that cache, it's current status, and my stats sig. I really don't care. If there were an option somewhere to limit the caches shown to 10 or something, and another one to deactivate my stats sig, the page could be loaded much faster.


    Being able to turn off the (xxx found) after member's names would probably help, too. Or maybe update it daily, instead of constantly?

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