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  1. [it would be useful for archived caches to be included in PQs during the seven-day window after they've been archived. That way people people who run weekly queries can automatically keep their GSAK databases up-to-date.


    Not necessary. WHen they get the PQ's working again, you have weekly downloads. Set up a filter in GSAK to show caches with no GPX in the last 7 days. Then delete everything in the filter.


    If you do your PQ's weekly and keep them below the 500 limit, you are safe in assuming anything without a GPX in the last 7 days is archived.

    Unless the coordinates change and push it just outside your "x miles away" filter. (It's happened, and it took me forever to figure out why an active cache wasn't updating. :laughing:)


    The only problem with the last .gpx date is that it doesn't work if you check "[X] updated in the last 7 days" to eliminate redundant data.

  2. The problem with your suggestion is that many GPS units have a special type/icon for "Geocache" (just like "Airport" or "Trailhead" or whatever), but there is no icon for virtuals, multis, etc.

  3. The first one took about 1.5 seconds to guess what it was, and a further 2 seconds to type the calculation into Google. :laughing: Don't count me as typical though; I think others may have a bit of difficulty figuring it out if they don't use math that much. Don't worry about it being too hard.


    I didn't try the second one since it seemed to require actually visiting the location.

  4. I haven't yet seen people taking trade items without leaving something in return, but it does tick me off when people drop a TB and take a trade item (which is basically the same thing).


    TB's are not regular trading items - it says so in bold letters on the TB info sheet, but some people just don't understand!

  5. I have never seen, or even heard of, reception problems that bad.

    My Cache is located in an area with the worst reception I have ever seen. When I went back to check on it, I found the first stage with my GPSr listing 70' accuracy (and jumping around). The reception was so bad for the second stage I couldn't even find my own cache (placed a few weeks before) for 20 minutes. Standing in one spot, I would watch my GPsr jumping:

    20' N

    80' SW

    60' E

    .13 mi N

    120' E



    Most of the finders have complained about bad accuracy too, altough one was 7' off. I haven't found another location that has such problems.

  6. That's interesting, now both the JavaScripts are gone, but they weren't deleted at the same time. I didn't edit the page, so it wasn't run through HTMLTidy. Apparently a reviewer (or two) removed them (at two different times) without notifying me. I have noticed other listings that still have the JavaScript intact, though.


    Can we get an official notice on whether or not replacing the cache icons like this on our pages is allowed? I know it says "with the exception of JavaScript," but I would have thought HTMLTidy would edit JavaScript out if that were true.


    I can see the potential for abuse, but my images don't remove the cache type icon and the type is still clearly distinguishable. Maybe an overlay could be added to a custom icon?

    powercachingih4.gifPower Caching

    eastereggderbynh5.gifEaster Egg Derby

  7. [,,,]many of the features of a bookmark list including: bookmark list description with html support, individual cache notes with html support, a link on the marked cache page, support (albeit crude) for sorting based on name, etc.GO$Rs
    Just think of the server-side crunching for that to work. Pulling up the page for a cache would have to look for every single dynamic PQ in the area and see if it fit within the boundaries before adding it to the cache page.

    I have no idea how their server actually works, but I can't think of any way this could work dynamically.

  8. Here's a new Idea for the Pcoket Queries. Its like Caches along a route, but would be for a specified area.


    For example, you select that there 4 points, and plug in coordinates of N47 W117, N48 W117, N47 W118, and N48 W118. It will give you everything(up to 500 caches) within that area, with N47 30 W117 30 as the center coordinates.


    If you were to select 3 points, and plug in the coordinates of N48 06.218 W119 46.871, N47 25.679 W119 16.879, and N47 25.514 W120 16.864. It will give tou everything(up tp 500 caches) within the area, with roughly N47 39.515 W119 46.816 being the center point.


    If you were to select 5 points, etc etc etc. I would say alow it up to 8 points. That way, someone could have most of an area selected, but not the rest.


    The Steaks

    Make a rectangular route. It's not elegant, but should work. If it's too big for the center to be close enough to the edges, throw in some extra points in the center.







    (periods are spaces)

  9. You may or may not find the following Q&D hack inspirational. With it in place, I can do "getgpxroute place1,state place2,state > foo.gpx" and squirt foo.gpx to the website and be happy. (well, more on that in a moment.)





    wget -O - "http://maps.google.com/maps?q=$FROM to $TO&output=js" |

    gpsbabel -i google -f - -x simplify,count=250 -o gpx,gpxver=1.1 -F -

    For those who like to copy and paste and hope it works:

    (1)Don't try this on Windows.

    (2)Make sure the shell script is named getgpxroute.sh and you are in the correct folder for executing it.

    (3)You have to have wget and gpsbabel installed properly.


    I can just see somebody trying to use that with notepad...


    @RobertLipe: I'm a newbie to shell scripting and don't know how the upload process works for geocaching,com, but would it be possible to add a line opening a browser on the upload page? (Obviously not a real url down below, but you get the idea)


  10. A stereotypical pirate's treasure chest, viewed sideways. You know, a rectangular box with a half-circle lid, like they show in pirate movies. Apparently it's supposed to be metal, as in a "modern" treasure hunt.


    Even though I can see where it's coming from, I agree it looks odd.

  11. If you're just going to check to see if the area is "open," don't waste the time and space creating a new cache page. You can either

    (1)Go to the spot, with all nearby caches in your GPSr, and make sure none are closer than .10 miles

    (2)Use a map to check for .10 miles from your location.

  12. I have a walking stick (2), but I found a golf club is a great took to move rocks, bushes, ect.

    And... you can use it as a club if needed... :) Nick

    Aha! You're the person who keeps leaving those annoying golf balls around caches! B)


    If you don't have a walking stick, it's not all that difficult to find a long solid stick in the woods....

  13. All your caches are belong to us.
    Heh, heh. Nice. (although some moronic translater somewhere is probably annoyed you misquoted him - "caches" should be singular :laughing:)


    As for the logs, I would have deleted them and e-mailed the loggers to post a DNF, without a second thought.


    First.... why oh why do you all give coordinates to caches in dd.mm.ss.ss?

    We don't. We use HDDD MM.mmm because that's how the site is set up to enter cache coordinates. If the site was set up for degree minute second, everyone would use that.

    I think HDDD MM.MMM is the format most GPS receivers are set to out of the box. Rather than explain to countless newbies how to change formats, geocaching.com just adopted it for simplicity.


    Personally, I have never run across UTM so I'm not exactly sure what it is. Using the other formats is easy understand, and I'm sure UTM would be too, but I never have a need to use UTM.

  15. You are 100% correct in assuming that the finder should log his/her finds on the website and then move the tb or coin to another cache. I just recieved my newest 3 coins today and i'm a bit worried about all of them. In fact one of them i'm not sending out just yet. Can you guess which one i'm not sending out??


    Why not make a color copy of each side and release a laminated, paper coin? People still get to see the design and nab the icon, but there's no chance of losing the actual coin.
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