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  1. It would probably cheaper for them to double the amount of caches allowed in a PQ rather to implement all of the esoteric suggestions which appear in here (at least rectangular tiles are less surreal than doughnuts) [snip]


    I totally agree. Rectangular bounding boxes are sooo much harder to calculate than circles. <_<

  2. I'd say the longest standing site bug is the one that controls the minds of many forum posters to reply to any bug reports with appropriate replies.

    "It's not a bug - you're using the site wrong! What gives *you* the right to expect things to make sense? Groundspeak can't make everything work properly because people like you abuse the site."

  3. If you think about this a little bit, it's working exactly as designed.


    If you never want the log seen again, delete it. So-called encryption on geocaching.com is really rot13, which is not encryption at all. It just swaps letters so that someone reading the page won't immediately read a spoiler. It's still there for people who want it, but won't be read accidentally. The "decrypt" button on the website is a convenience so you don't have to manually change the letters.


    Congrats to Michael for posting twice before double-thinking. :rolleyes:

  4. ...


    They did say that a public API for getting at the data was in the works. If I had to guess it won't be in a month or two, but it's on their list of things to do. So that is some good news ...

    Don't hold your breath. It's been "in the works" for years.
  5. Found an interesting bug.

    Go to a cache page, any cache page that has an encrypted log in the found column. If you decrypt a encrypted log, the encrypted hints disappear and are replaced with a duplicate of the Long Description.

    The description, pictures, and links are all doubled on the page.

    Go ahead give it a try... I've never seen anything like it.


    Interesting. That certainly is a very odd bug that was introduced. I will make sure this is addressed soon. Thank you for pointing it out!

  6. It's a bandaid fix to push back to 6.5 days with the current setup. Once people know it has been pushed back, they will take advantage of the push back and then the creep will be a problem yet again. You are missing the grasp of that entire issue. That's what you get for staying inisde the box and not look outside to understand the long term issues. It needs to stay on a seven day schedule, but with a different approach to the programming so that the entire seventh day is not affected by the creep.
    Please reconsider what you are saying. Are you suggesting that people who currently try to update their stats weekly would start requesting their PQ based on Schedule #1 below because it's technically possible? I think #2 is more likely



    Week 1: 12PM Sat

    Week 2: 12AM Sat

    Week 3: 12PM Fri

    Week 4: 12AM Fri




    Week 1: 12PM Sat

    Week 2: 3PM Sat

    Week 3: 9AM Sat

    Week 4: 1PM Sat


    I think you're arguing for the best solution (make the PQ requestable weekly without worrying about creep). The irony is that you fail to realize that everyone else is too, and accuse them of limited sight and comprehension.

  7. Yes, but Groundspeak is confident that all the Wherigo files are harmless to your computer. :D
    Yeah, everyone knows the .mp3s are out to get you, but Wherigo cartridges are magically innocent! Signal approves each one by hand.
  8. It is technically feasible to rearrange the order how you want it with a custom greasemonkey script. That's tricky though, so you can try Platypus for point-and-click.


    Note that I have never used Platypus and it hasn't been updated in over a year, so YMMV - your mileage may vary.

  9. I'd like to see no changes to Pocket Queries that involve changing the format thereof. It would (possibly) negate some dated & no longer supported software such as those for Pocket PC like GPXSonar and GPXview (and perhaps some others).


    That's *IF* there is not already built into gpx files and/or software the capacity to ignore such additional data fields.


    The good thing about GPX is that software should just ignore anything it doesn't recognize. Normal GPS units and general purpose GPS software have no idea about the Groundspeak namespace, but it doesn't break anything for them. Adding more attributes wouldn't cause a problen.
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