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  1. You mean their inconsistency isn't consistent enough for you?
  2. I totally agree. Rectangular bounding boxes are sooo much harder to calculate than circles.
  3. I'd say the longest standing site bug is the one that controls the minds of many forum posters to reply to any bug reports with appropriate replies. "It's not a bug - you're using the site wrong! What gives *you* the right to expect things to make sense? Groundspeak can't make everything work properly because people like you abuse the site."
  4. If you think about this a little bit, it's working exactly as designed. If you never want the log seen again, delete it. So-called encryption on geocaching.com is really rot13, which is not encryption at all. It just swaps letters so that someone reading the page won't immediately read a spoiler. It's still there for people who want it, but won't be read accidentally. The "decrypt" button on the website is a convenience so you don't have to manually change the letters. Congrats to Michael for posting twice before double-thinking.
  5. Don't hold your breath. It's been "in the works" for years.
  6. Interesting. That certainly is a very odd bug that was introduced. I will make sure this is addressed soon. Thank you for pointing it out!
  7. Have you tried Miragee's advice? The forums are on a different machine, and do not know about your new account until you use the Forum Registration link. If you are going directly to forums.Groundspeak.com this will not take place.
  8. The stated intention for keeping inactive caches on the map is to encourage peer pressure to prompt cache owners to repair / re-enable them.
  9. It's not as if fixing one problem prevents them from fixing the other...
  10. At first I thought this was going to be some sort of joke, but these bugfixes are even better!
  11. Check out this announcement by Jeremy in the announcements forum.
  12. GPX files are a different file format from KML, so renaming it will not work. However, you can use gpsbabel to convert them. I would highly suggest looking into going this route because the odds of Groundspeak implementing the GeoRSS format are approximately 1000:1
  13. Try editing your profile. Look for a heading called Preferences.
  14. Please reconsider what you are saying. Are you suggesting that people who currently try to update their stats weekly would start requesting their PQ based on Schedule #1 below because it's technically possible? I think #2 is more likely #1 Week 1: 12PM Sat Week 2: 12AM Sat Week 3: 12PM Fri Week 4: 12AM Fri ... #2 Week 1: 12PM Sat Week 2: 3PM Sat Week 3: 9AM Sat Week 4: 1PM Sat I think you're arguing for the best solution (make the PQ requestable weekly without worrying about creep). The irony is that you fail to realize that everyone else is too, and accuse them of limited sight and comprehension.
  15. For one thing, you can't copy and paste coordinates with an asterisk directly into Google Earth. Mostly minor things like that.
  16. I never thought I would see the day when Keystone, of all people, would post a lolcatz. Maybe we do need new mods!
  17. I'm fairly sure a moderator ought to review this thread's organization!
  18. Copy them to new queries, which should throw them to the top of the heap for a bit. That's pretty much the only answer that's been given for as long as I can remember.
  19. Yeah, everyone knows the .mp3s are out to get you, but Wherigo cartridges are magically innocent! Signal approves each one by hand.
  20. It is technically feasible to rearrange the order how you want it with a custom greasemonkey script. That's tricky though, so you can try Platypus for point-and-click. Note that I have never used Platypus and it hasn't been updated in over a year, so YMMV - your mileage may vary.
  21. The good thing about GPX is that software should just ignore anything it doesn't recognize. Normal GPS units and general purpose GPS software have no idea about the Groundspeak namespace, but it doesn't break anything for them. Adding more attributes wouldn't cause a problen.
  22. Techically, you can if you have logged the cache more than 5 times. Somehow I don't think that's what you meant, but it is the only way.
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