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  1. G6DUI Sittingbourne, Kent 73's
  2. Really depends on how much you want to spend, we have just purchased the Oregon 450 with the OS UK Discoverer maps bundle, not cheap but if you look on line there are good deals about. It is a fantastic piece of kit, well made, built to last, if you dropped it it would be ok and it is water proof (1Metre for 30 mins). Still getting to grips with the unit but, so far I am very impressed, has all your requirements, and is touch screen. Battery life is a claimed 16 hours I have re-chargables in it and with all the playing since father christmas delivered it I have not had to re-charge them! It interfaces well with Geocache.com to download all the data for cache locations, descriptions, hints etc (if you are a premium member [PS as a garmin owner you can get a 30 day free trial of full membership free]). I did look at the Dakota20 with maps but decided I wanted the bigger screen. GPS62s/st is popular unit similar design to my old GPS60 which is still going strong. Hope that helps
  3. Which browser are you using? For some reason it works better with Firefox than IE. I am using IE; my husband tried on his Apple too using Safari. None of them worked. I may be asking the obvious, but are you logged into Geocaching.com when you try to get the 30 day freebie? This caught me out, as I was using my work pc, which was set NOT to log me on automatically, unlike my home pc. As soon as I logged in, connected my 2 Garmin gpsr's, all was good to go. I think the plugin is useable only by the browser that installed it, so if you have FF and IE, you'll need to install it on both! Thanks for trying to help. Yes I was logged in when I went through the process with my own GPS. Then I logged out to verify and the membership had not been extended. Then my husband did the same on his Apple, with both our GPS'. He logged off too, and no change. We did it so many times, we are getting dizzy. I e-mailed support about it, we will see what happens. If you install Firefox then you will be able to register for the free 30 days per Garmin GPS device, I couldn't get IE or Opera to work on either 2000,XP,or Win7, so I put a copy of FF on the 2000 machine and Roberts your Father's Brother as they say! All 3 of my Garmin devices were excepted. You can always take FF off once you have got you extra days. I know that it should work with IE or Safari but at the end of the day life's to short for that! Regards
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