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  1. I Agree with you Cincol, Erik has done a great job, But there are specific areas in the UAE and middle east which can be classed as sensitive and caches should not be placed near them (ie oil pipelines). And thus this is where local knowledge is vital.
  2. Hello reply might be a little late but here is some info anyway. There a quite a few to do by taxi/bus. There a three is Safa park GC37JMX, GC37JM2 and GC37V21. There is a Multi Cache by the Mall of the Emirates, 2 by Dubai mall and 1 by Ibn Batta mall. Lastly there is one called Dubai Promenade GC1BXPY which is worth a visit. these all are quite easy to get to by taxi/Metro or Bus. And you can get a Taxi easily back. Most of these a sadly nanos and mircos (Which sadly comes with urban caching). There are some bigger ones like the old rocker of Dubai GC30RAZ but are a little harder to get a taxi back from. Do some research as there are some nice larger caches in some great beach locations. Good luck
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