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  1. Herr Fritz and I were there last night for the drop...it's a Park and Ride with a large field behind it. Although there very well could be a sign, It was dark and we saw no sign posting a closure, nor any warning of such sign on the cache page according to Travis....if we would have, we would have placed it somewhere else.
  2. You could drop a few for me too Criminal. Otherwise just fill em all up a create 20 more night caches...I love those too.
  3. I don't use the f word so I'd probably say...WOW that was fun!...but my favorite weird cache is the 2+ mile one way hike through the Snoqualmie Tunnel..."Mission 9: Tunnel of Light" ...in the dark, especially cool after midnight.
  4. Waiting for the answer to this question...I have a mappoint file and my S& T 2004 doesn't recognize it...or it may be user error.
  5. Sure thing. It's right here (447K .ptm file).
  6. Sure thing. It's right here (447K .ptm file).
  7. Love Wilhelm's quote regarding God's Creation! Great work Jon!
  8. GEM's

    Geo-hot Potato

    Happy Gilmore is Da Man....Kiltsurfer is Great too!...What a Team! King-ons have no chance in this game.
  9. GEM's

    Geo-hot Potato

    I have the potato and will be moving him/her to a strategic location within 5 miles of Seekers Dog Walk & within 48 hours, the log being enter before 3:32 am on Tuesday morning 1/12/04. Hey Pierce email me your strategy ideas, locations, best times, etc. Also we could organize handoffs to allow even better placement. This is a team sport. Let's organize!. & Let's keep this title! Who said Geocaching isn't competitive! ............oh yeah that was Seth!
  10. GEM's

    Geo-hot Potato

    Pierce County Rocks!
  11. If you build it...we will come. & I'm not sticking any stickers anywhere ut in the log book this time.
  12. I found a $100 bill in a cache in Redmond last year!
  13. Whiplash, BlinkStud and I did 39 of the caches the weekend before the Cache Machine because they couldn' t make it for the actual date because they had a planned ski trip with our church Youth Group. I assure you we eventually found all of the actual cahes and I placed my sticker in the log book for each cache. Our intent was to help and encourage cache machiners....here's excerpt from my log on 12/29. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?lu...A-6A8556D86A6D} 12/29 /03 Looks like Moun10Bike & Hazard had the same idea as us…Wasn't sure if we could make it on Saturday. So, I left Graham, WA @ 6:00 am with Whiplash & Blink Stud for Olympia and GEM’s and the Bible Study Boys were off on another Cache Machine. We visited the following 39 caches but not in this order and here is our report. We left a few stickers at a few locations where we were fooled but ended up finding the cache in all but 2 locations, go ahead and remove them when you arrive. Don’t be fooled by our stickered brick you’ll find at one of the caches. I still hope to make it on Saturday to see you all again! This would account for 3 stickers you may have seen on Rocks and bricks at a few of our toughest finds. If this upset anyone ...we apologize.
  14. Move the meetings around to include...South SOund folks...including Olympia, Tacoma, and Puyallup. Matthew 6:33
  15. quote:Originally posted by Renegade Knight: About all you can do is log a find on it. Technically you found it, and the sysem doesn't allow co-wonership yet. Logging a find gives you a credit for it of sorts. Matthew 6:33
  16. I am trying to get access as the co-founder of a cache. My buddy Herr Fritz and I placed a cache together...he logged it and has the editting rights and it shows up opn his "my cache" page... I get nothing... can that be changed? Matthew 6:33
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