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  1. Thanks evergreenhiker! & congrats to Pepper! Thanks for all that came to support this event! evergreenhiker!, Pepper, Kfam, Moun10Bike, MountainMule & Beth, and runhills. I had a blast today, but my legs are sore.
  2. Click here for more info
  3. I've met Chester and he's always welcome!...In fact he might come in handy if we meet Ronnie....and yes Criminal GHCM!
  4. My bad..I made an assumption from this post. We'll miss you, was looking forward to finally meeting you.
  5. Roll call: Moun10Bike: Here Evergreenhiker: Here KFam: Here MountainMule & Wife: Here runhills: Here GEM's: Here Stump: Here Criminal: Here Others? See you all at "Circuit RIder" in Graham on Saturday @ 8:30 am. TheGoodStuff can't make it, Maybe RentaKid will come with his horse. MountainMule will have a large passenger van to carpool. Dress for mud.
  6. Plenty of parking it's a my church parking lot. Hope you all can make it!
  7. That didn't prove to be helpful last time...I'm going unarmed The Good Stuff was armed and my guess is that he will be again.
  8. I'm going back! Join us! Dec. 18th 2004 Meet at 8:30am at "Circuit Rider" Cache on the top of Graham Hill. We'll carpool to the Sahara Horse Camp just past Elbe from there. The horse trails will be muddy, wet, and cold. I hope you can make it!
  9. Yes ...I plan on being at Circuit Rider Cache @ 8:30 to car pool. I hope The Good Stuff can make it.
  10. nice collection Facedances...what's in the red case?
  11. My Favorite...and a geocache is located right on site...infact..GeoDiver was the FTF...of course!
  12. Sorry Church on Sunday...I couldn't get started until 1:00 on Sunday and then we'd be flirting with darkness...however we could get started earlier then 8:30 to make sure those interested in heading to Portland for that event could make it by 6:00.
  13. Let's Make it an Event cache: Does Saturday December, 18th work for anyone? If we're lucky we may have snow and ice on the ground to help with the mud. We could meet at Circuit Rider Cache to car pool at 8:30 am. What's a good name for this event?
  14. I'll trade with you too! Cool items!
  15. Sent you some Money hope to get a couple coins.
  16. Mrs. GEM's and I are headed to Lake Chelan for that weekend. Sounds like a blast!
  17. I love finding Miltary Coins! Maybe it's just me but I have always been a collector of stuff (ie. stamps, coins, license plates, rocks, shells).
  18. Current Coins I'm hoping to find or trade for: GeoNap Team FISUR Indy Diver MRCOGEO waypoint 15 HeadLlama blazerfan
  19. Cool! This time let's go in the way runhills did. Now let's pick a date.
  20. The feeling is mutual...God was present ...and I'll definately go back to that cache...although I didn't want to for quite some time, I'm ready now...even thinking about making it my 1000th..anyone want to set a date and join me?
  21. Found some Lifted none Traded many Bought 25 Washington Geocoins Bred.....interesting idea.
  22. I never keep TB's except the M10B coins with his permission. However, this is an uncirculated Jeep that is waiting for a special place.
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