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    blank page

    Could be a cookie issue indeed. In my case the entire page refuses to load...
  2. wouterdb

    blank page

    Mac OS BigSur - Safari 14.01 Hi, when clicking on the icons on the map I only get a blank page in stead of the cache page. This is happening since a few days. When I refresh the page -> message = "Safari can't reach the server". Firefox works fine. Bug or cookie problem? I saw a topic with the same issue (message center)
  3. I loaded a pocket query to my Garmin Oregon 450. But when I turn my GPS on, only the parking coordinates and waypoints show up. No caches.... very annoying especially when I'm far away from home.... Any ideas?
  4. Als ANB kaarten heeft dan zijn ze verplicht die vrij te geven op eenvoudig verzoek (decreet op de openbaarheid van bestuur) Blijkbaar zijn onze reviewers in het bezit van zulke kaarten, maar mogen ze die niet vrijgeven. Waarom ze die niet mogen vrijgeven, weet ik niet. Al zie ik er geen graten in waarom het niet zou mogen. Het zou inderdaad veel makkelijker zijn voor iedereen (geocachers) om te weten welke gebieden worden beheert door welke beheerders.
  5. I am facing the same problem. I live in a urban, almost saturated region. I tried to hide a traditional cache but it is 'mission impossible' There are two problems: - a lot of caches are extremely difficult mystery caches with a lot of protected waypoints. I'm not able to solve them. Only a few can. So, putting all waypoints in GSAK doesn't solve the problem (and besides that, I have a Mac... ;-) ) - most caches are placed years ago by a limited number of people, mostly very experienced users. This means that - hiding caches is something for the 'happy few', monopolizing the region - newbies aren't very motivated to hide new caches So I support the idea to show colored spots.
  6. I just bought me a Garmin eTrex20. Now I'm trying to send a gpx file (premium member) to it by using geocaching.com (the map). I installed the plug-in for Safari. It recognizes the eTrex and after 'write', no error. But...the file wasn't written to the eTrex. Does anyone has this problem too?
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