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  1. Hi all Can anyone please help i have a new Garmin gps ( Montana ) and re installed geocaching .com after doing a re install of windows on my pc. However I can t right click caches and save to gps ?There is no option . Can any one please tell me what to install or how to correct this . Also as I have cleaned pc have I lost my routes i had in basecamp ? Thanks Dave
  2. HI I have previously purchased full android geocaching app for my cell phone . However i have formatted my phone and want to reinstall the app from the market . It is asking me to pay again !!! I have redone other apps without being asked to pay . What is going on ???
  3. Davon2

    Pockey q

    Hi all I have got 3 regular PQ that I recieve every week . Can anyone tell me please how to delete them ?? When I go to PQ page it only seems to allow you to create a new one . I want to delete them all Thanks Davon
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    Why? Do you think there's more than one answer? It's a "yes or no" question and "No" answered it. Because just cos first person says no do you realise someone else might know that there is ! So NO first answer did NOT answer it all....
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    Thought this was a reasonable question and would generate more than ONE reply !!!
  6. Davon2


    Hello I have the full geocaching app on android phone and wondered if it has the facility to set up where you can get an alert if you are close to a cache (ie 500m)? This would be good David
  7. Thank you very much A Team , thats good news and helpful davon
  8. Hi all Can anyone please advise on two items a, can i transfer a pocket querie to a garmin fenix watch b, How can i transfer "found geocaches " from watch to geocaching .com or do they all have to be manually updated as found caches many thanks Davon
  9. Davon2


    Hi Can anyone help. When i download and unzip a pocket query , should i store it on dakota or memory card . Also do i just drfop folder in or open folder and put all in seperate . Do i delete existing or will they not duplicate themselves Many thanks David
  10. Davon2


    Hi Can anyone help. When i download and unzip a pocket query , should i store it on dakota or memory card . Also do i just drfop folder in or open folder and put all in seperate . Do i delete existing or will they not duplicate themselves Many thanks David
  11. Hi Can anyone please explain how when i carry out a PQ with a radius of 50 miles , I am getting results from 200 miles !!! Many thanks
  12. HI I have a garmin dakota 20 and when in geo profile looking for a cache , if i try to read logs from this site I only get first 5 or 6 , wheras site may have 10 or 20 etc . is this normal on the dakota ?/ Thanks
  13. hi I was trying to set up a new cache on a coastal path . I averaged the waypoints and according to moderator located the cache in the sea !!. I have returned and re done them twice more and are identical and still in the sea. . Someone else done them with a different gps r and they seem to be spot on . Question i am asking is , is there any reason they could be off ??( 3 times done all similar but locating wrong ) Thanks Davon
  14. Davon2

    How long

    hi How long does it take for a cache to be reviewed and published . How can i confirm it is enabled for review Thanks Davon
  15. Dont know if i am missing something or whether people just dont tend to answer, but i have sent a couple of questions via peoples profiles and had not had any replies . I assume replies will just come to my normal email address or is there another section on this site for replys Thanks
  16. Can this be done with mapqest on a dakota 20 . Or do you just download to desktop a zip file , unzip it and drag it to the folder
  17. Hi I have run one pocket querie and had a return of 1000 caches in a 100mile radius. However i found some missing that were only 10 miles away . So last night i went onto this web site and SENT them to my Gps . It stated they had installed on my reciever ok. When i went to location today they were not show on my reciever ! Should i run a pq again with same parameters ,if so do i delete the first pq to stop double entrys ( How do most folk run their pqs ?) Thanks Dave
  18. no they should be covered no problem with parameters
  19. Hi Can anyone help please I am doing my first pocket qeuries , and results are missing certain caches that are in the area and covered by my requests I put a distance of 50 mile and these caches are about 5 miles away . it seems to have recognised ones around them but is not logging alot of them . Been in a country park today and there was 6 caches supposed to be there according to my gps . When i cam home to log them and look at map on this site there was 10 caches available !!! Thanks Dave
  20. Hi just starting , but getting a bit annoyed with myself because i find i need the hint to find the cache . Just wondering as you get better at this , do most of you explore without the hint and only use as a very last resort Thanks Davon 2
  21. Hi if you discover a remove a TB , is it ok if a relative/friend is travelling somewhere for them to place it for you and sign log as you . Have not done this but scenario could happen , and would not want to play outside the rules !
  22. Thank you Arndtwe , I have managed to do that , thank you for explaining
  23. Hi Can any one please explain how to check how much space is used or available on the internal memory and micro sd card of a Garmin dakota 20 Thanks Dave
  24. Yesterday i was looking for a cache near a sports field and everywhere i looked there were CCTV cameras. I thought i should look in the dark using a torch , but then i would be arrested . Interesting to know how many people have been questioned by oficials for caching
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