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  1. It has to be said FMC, that in our opinion your caches rate as being some of the best in the area. So, please keep hiding them, even if you've given up finding them!
  2. Everyone that registers gets an emailed confirmation sent to the email address they entered on the registration form. This is semi-automated, but does rely on me pressing the button, so it should happen within a day or so of the registration. I'm happy to re-send any. If anyone wants me to check, then please contact me through my profile (after first looking for the email confirmation). Oh, and yes, I've got your registration and coin allocation ok
  3. Just to update everyone. We have now received the geocoins from Landsharkz - these have been limited to only 450, and there's not too many left. We have also sent the Mega Supporter brochure to the printers, these are also in limited numbers. So...if you want a coin and a brochure and haven't already registered as a supporter, then now's the time to do it (even if you have previously only registered as an attendee). Registration and other details can be found here (link), and the GC.com event page listing here (Weston-super-Mega). Many thanks, Weston-super-Mega Committee
  4. Downloaded this and tried it on my MDA Vario 3. It works a treat - thanks for creating this useful bit of software. Does it time-out and exit if it cannot get a GPS signal after a certain length of time? I tried it indoors straight after I installed it and it kept the GPS on permanently - I had to reset it to turn the GPS off. The program does not show in the running programs list, so I couldn't stop it from there.
  5. Just so this isn't wooly; the Trust who own the island have asked us to make it clear about getting to Steep Holm, and I quote: "I should be most grateful if you would stress that no one should consider trying to reach the island under their own steam. There are very few local sailors with sufficient knowledge of the sea conditions and currents that surround the island to attempt a landing and it is not an expedition to be undertaken lightly. The consequences of an accident occurring would be devasting both for those involved and also for the Trust and the future of the island." "Landing on Steep Holm is notoriously difficult which is why we trust our skipper who has been sailing the Bristol Channel since his teens and is very experienced at landing on the island. That said, the operation can still prove a tad hair raising at times! The island is privately owned by the Trust and we do not allow anyone to land there unless accompanied by Trust officials. There have been a couple of occasions this year when people have managed to land and have caused a good deal of damage; one hapless soul became totally stranded and it cost something in the region of £40,000 to rescue him in an operation which involved the search and rescue helicopter from RAF Chivenor and no less than 5 life boats!"
  6. I remember when I placed a puzzle cache it would be found within at least 3 days. My latest puzzle, a 2 difficulty cache, and an ammo box too, still unfound after nearly a week.
  7. Crikey, the world's gone mad! Well England at least. People have been nailing metal into trees for thousands of years. A few firetacks will make not one iota of difference to the tree - ask the Americans - I'm sure their forests are littered with shiny tacks - and does anyone mind (or care)? And what about all those beetles boring little holes in our trees, and woodpeckers making even bigger ones, and caterpillars eating all of the leaves? And that village fete sign I saw on a 700 year old oak tree on the village green- I'm sure they used drawing pins. Our trees are doomed. Fortunately, most of my night cache tacks are either in dead wood or plastic signs! Phew.
  8. You can't charter the ferry! You can book a seat on the boat to go on one of their scheduled sailings (very weather / sea permitting). Last time I went most people were very sea sick. I'll post a link to the 2009 sailing times when they are available - there will also be a link on the Steep Holm cache pages. It's well worth a visit to the island for the history, the peace (v noisy seagulls), and of course the caches. There will be another two caches going live soon on the island - one will be a Wherigo. The trip duration is very tide dependant, so the length of the visit is governed by the tides - there has to be enough water in Weston to leave and the beach on Steep Holm has to be exposed to leave - this area has the second highest tidal range in the world - 47 feet maximum low tide to high tide. Because of this it takes about an hour and a half to get there and about half an hour to get back. The boat trip is an experience in itself given that the waves crash into the side of the boat while it's nosed up onto the beach and you sit on the deck with water up to your ankles while everyone boards. Great fun!
  9. You won't be allowed to land a private craft on Steep Holm - you have to go on the scheduled boat. The 2009 sailing times have not been published yet - I can make them available when I receive them.
  10. This cacher very kindly looks after my cache in Gibraltar and does a very good job at it too!
  11. Berrow Cachers and I were thinking of placing some Ammo boxes (remember them?) in the woods and calling the series "An Ammo box In The Woods - ......" Do you think it'll catch on?
  12. When I raised it with Groundspeak a while ago I was told that it was a Google problem......
  13. And just to up the ante we got permission to hide another cache on the island. This new one will definitely be found soon - unless the SE cachers trip gets cancelled due to bad weather! Perhaps we should have hidden it really well, or posted co-ords quarter of mile out like the first cache!!
  14. How about people that log a DNF when they either didn't bother looking (eg due to muggles, or didn't have time!), or tried to find a puzzle cache after brute-forcing / second-guessing where it would be? Perhaps we could have a new cache log type - DNB : Did Not Bother
  15. We couldn't believe this when Popuppirate and The Cache Hoppers weren't aware the DS could do this! We tried it on little Berrow Cachers DS a while ago while I was testing my Wherigo cartridge. It takes a while to get a signal but it's perfectly usable. The accuracy was a bit suspect, but the kids are chuffed they've got "GPS" enabled maps on the DS!
  16. Yep, it definitely works with Wherigo, however I do find that the GPS signal "appears" to drop out a lot in the player and the bars go red - but when I tried it, it was heavily overcast and raining. Although Memory-Map doesn't show the same problem. I tend to pair mine with a bluetooth GPS when I'm out caching. It's an excellent device - Google Maps is brilliant when you've got a good data connection - it'll attempt to triangulate your position from the mobile phone system while it's initialising the GPS connection. All the software I had on my old Ipaq 6915 works a treat - and faster. I've had no issues with battery life - I was out for a couple of hours dry running my Wherigo cartridge and the battery hadn't gone down at all.
  17. We too were a teeny bit disappointed to find a micro (in a spot we'd been standing on earlier!). However, it's a really excellent cache to do, albeit sometimes spoilt by the frailness of the DOGTAG system. We actually remade and replaced one of the stages to keep it going. I notice that Berrow Cachers and I were the last to find it over a year ago. This cache would really benefit from a makeover with Wherigo - it's perfectly suited and would make an excellent cartridge, so I've asked the cache owner if he's interested in creating a Wherigo cartridge for it.
  18. The distance to a zone, for example, is shown in 0.1 mile increments when you're more than 0.1 miles away. Could we have it shown to two decimal places? It's reassuring to see a distance counter moving as you walk!!
  19. Thank you That now works perfectly.
  20. I'm working on a cartridge with a number of zones. When the player enters the zone he is presented with a message box containing the next instructions. Once the player clicks OK, a script to show the detail screen of the next zone is run. However, this zone screen is only shown if it is less than about 0.1 miles from the zone in which the player currently is. I have a two zones that are 0.6 miles apart, but cannot get the detail screen of the second zone to show when the user activates a script in the first zone. Is this distance limitation a bug? Or am I missing something?
  21. Try the bluetooth. My experience with the Tilt and the built in GPS is that it is pretty weak. You could also download some other gps software that shows the details of the signal (number of satellites and other detail info). David. Thanks. I tried my bluetooth GPS and it works fine - full signal strength and no drop-outs at all. The Player is so much better now the GPS settings can be manually entered. Memory-map satellite info does show the signal dropping in and out on the internal GPS.
  22. Just had a quick play and ran the cartridge I'm working on through the new builder and it fell over on an input event that still existed despite previously having deleted the input. I recreated the input (the error message identified it) and deleted the event, rebuilt the cartridge and all was well. The new player works better too on my MDA Vario 3. I manually set my GPS com and baud rate and I got a consistent 3 bars "indoors" in my (polycarbonate) conservatory, so should be even better outdoors. Thanks for the fixes!
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